Overlord of Sin
70 The Decision Pt.2
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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70 The Decision Pt.2

The White Dragons bloodthirsty ruby eyes were flickering brighter than ever with a primal draconian glow. Her eyes were so fiery and filled with rage that steam puffs out of them!

"ROOOOOOARRRRRGH!!!" She aggressively strikes first and it was very obvious whose rank and strength was higher, even as a young Primordial Demon he couldn't doge her fierce slashes and kicks, more or less she was on a whole other level than Drakos, though he did hold his ground. He was never the person to be pushed around by anyone even by a woman like the beastly beauty know as the White Dragon. Yet here he was being slightly pushed back by this fierce beauty, 'Damn she really is strong! No one wonder everyone is afraid of her!' He gritted his teeth as his crossed his elbows and hardens them with Seron's Steel Phantasm steel hardening abilities, the skin on his knuckles and forearms start to form steel-scales to protect Drakos from the powerful impact punches from the White Dragon.

"Arrrrrrgh! Calm down!" Drakos he shouts to the White Dragon as slides back as he holds back her powerful dragon claws as she violently and wildly slashes away. She went full-on primal mode.

The white dragon keeps thrashing and slashing as Drakos slides even back more, a trek of snow was seen behind him from how much he was moving back, her strikes really were powerful. She was now the strongest woman he had battled. The Phoenix Queen can't even compare to the White Dragon's brutal raw power and strength. Her muscles were all well-defined and toned even her tummy was sporting a defined slim-toned ab-look, the body of a warrior goddess, but with the features of a wild dragon beast.

Drakos keeps on trying to calm her down by talking some sense into her, "Do you know who you are attacking?! I am the one who saved you! Come on snap out of it! You are stronger than this!" He yells out as he stares her deep in the eyes. He knew she wasn't 'herself' right now, she was acting like a wild dragon in rage mode just like the beastkin assassins from before. Dragon Rage if you want to say. Drakos thinks about his past with the White Dragon, but all of his memories with her is shattered, meaning nothing made sense, it was almost like he had forgotten everything about her.

'This doesn't make sense how is she able to leave my Void Eye? Actually even the Elf Assassins left as well, dammit,' Drakos begins to think why his void eye power was backfiring? How can others escape from his infinite void realm inside his left eye, was it due to having it in only in one eye?(Akuma Eye on Right side). Or perhaps it was because he was running low on mana and qi, he was also slightly injured but not much, blood leak down cheeks and eyes, he was regenerating slower due to his many battles with the four assassins who attacked him and now the White Dragon who must have awoken inside his Void Eye and is now mad as hell for whatever reason.

"Shit my regeneration abilities is getting slower by the second, I have to fight her the with something else!" Drakos pushes off the White Dragon razor sharp claws. She then goes to bite off Drakos's head, he now quickly takes out a oynx-colored dagger from his waist and blocks her powerful bite. Friction sparks sparked out of her powerful jaws as she chomps down on the steel of Drakos's combat dagger which was forged with a very dense and strong metal that he didn't even know about, also the dagger itself was blessed by someone very powerful, a being in which he was fated to meet one day, if he knew this he could have unleashed the true power of the dagger he held in his very hands.

"Grrrrrrrh!" The White Dragon growled as she bites down harder on his dagger's blade, her sharp dragon teeth somehow couldn't break his dagger.

"Get away from him! I swear if you as much as a finger on him I am going to kill you!" Amethyst snarls as she spreads out her hands and begins to form a succubus dark magic glyph. She was going to summon one of her most powerful dark magic spells[Domination] she slowly whispers, it was a spell that draws power from lust and greed, all in which Amethyst had plenty of. For all the years she lived she kept a dark secret from everyone including Drakos, one that was full of sin and betrayal. She wasn't someone to trust.

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"No stop!" Drakos quickly uses his Void Eye again, but it couldn't activate, he wanted to capture and tame the White Dragon rather than kill her.

"MASTER! WATCH OUT!" Amethyst screams out as the White Dragon slashes Drakos face with her long dragon nails.

Drakos grunted as his right eye and upper part of his cheek was cut, blood splattered all the White Dragon's face and onto the snowy ground below. She licked her lips with her long dragon tounge and enjoyed the taste of Drakos's blood.

"THAT DOES IT!" Amethyst swiftly prepares to activate her dark magic glyphs which started to appear right below the White Dragon's bare feet. A reddish glowing circle with thousands of black arrows started to swirl below the White Dragon in a matter of seconds the Succubus was going to suck out the soul of the White Dragon!

Drakos spins around his dagger and sheathes it on the side of his waist, he remembers that this dagger was the one his father had given him back when the Order had met him and his father at his house.

'Why am I even remembering this? Right now I have to stop this crazy dragon girl from eating me alive and also stop that nut-job succubus from killing the dragon girl, fuck I need to summon my phantasms right now, but I don't think I have enough mana to summon anything,' Drakos held up his bloody eye and trys to summon his Phantasm Gun, but nothing happens, 'Fuck', He cursed more. Things were going to get bad quickly.

'Can't I have a fucking break already?' He gritted his teeth, too many long battles made him pissed off, especially ones in which he cannot control and let's be honest no can control the White Dragon. Before Drakos can think of a plan Amethyst unleashed her spell [Domination!] She chants out as puts both her little hands forward, demonic succbus horns sporut out from the top of her head and demon wings appeared out from behind her back, her long dark purple hair flowed with the wind and around her tiny loli body, for someone so little she was packing some serious dark power, enough power to take down the White Dragon, her dark magic was on a whole other level than Drakos. This must have had been her succubus form. The dark magic glyphs below the White Dragon started to shock her with powerful black-lighting and a blaze of shadow fire.

"GRAWWWWWWWRGH!" The White Dragon roars out in pain as she was being shocked and burned by the Domination spell.

"STOP!" Drakos orders Amethyst as angrily grabs her by her slender shoulders, "No! She hurt her you and now it's time for her to pay with her life!!!" She keeps on shocking the White Dragon with her dark lighting which paralyzed the White Dragon. "BAHAHA! TAKE THIS YOU BITCH!" She was slowly becoming corrupted by her own greed and jealousy, she wanted Drakos all for herself and no other girl should be with him! Only her!

Drakos looks above to sky and sees the greyish storm clouds form from above. 'This power strangely feels like my own...' He looks at Amethyst with a confused face. Could she be related to him? Is she from the Demon Clan?

"I am just getting started with you! Now let me show you what real power looks like!" Amethyst lifts up one hand with a dark devilish wide grin, one that was full of jealousy and hate for the White Dragon, she wanted no one to hurt her 'master', anyone who does shall pay with their lives.

Drakos angrily clenched his fist, he now had a decision to make, it always seemed that way. 'There is no other choice…' His eyes started to glow a dark red.

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    《Overlord of Sin》