Overlord of Sin
73 The Decision Pt.3
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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73 The Decision Pt.3

Drakos didn't want to kill any girls in his harem, it would be a waste, he needed to think quick on how to end this deadly situation swiftly. The fastest way to do this is kill one of them with a quick-draw of his Phantasm Gun and a headshot. As a soldier in his past world that would be too easy for him. His accuracy with firearms was the first true skill he learned at a young age on planet Earth.

'Do I really want to this? There has to be another way," He was second thinking what he was about to do as he lifts one hand and points his trigger finger towards Amethyst who was now torturing The White Dragon by shocking her voluptuous sexy thick body with her domination spell. Her corrupt dark magic was shocking the White Dragon and filling her entire body with extreme pain and suffering. The White Dragon was too injured to fight back off such a high-level spell from a cunning and powerful succubus like Amethyst. She was succubus whole study all types of magic, but mostly dark magic and sacrificial magic.

"YES! SCREAM LOUDER FOR ME! GAHAHAHAHA!" Amethyst laughs aloud like a psycho-loli as she keeps on shocking the White Dragon with her domination spell. "Feel all your sin and chaos within you now corrupting your soul! Fufu! Yes! Let my darkness fill your every orifice in your tainted body! I shall devour your soul!" Her eyes turn even more demonic and wider than before, she was in ecstasy hearing the White Dragons roars of pain, the shrills of pain and suffering from the dragon girl being shocked was getting Amethyst's pussy dripping wet and her nipples perky. Her long glossy amethyst hair and eyes started to glow as bright as the moon rays above. A sinful reddish aura was now swirling her entire tiny seductive. Her eyes and hair glimmered as a reddish demonic aura swirled around her tiny body, she was turning more demonic by the second, a tiny black and purple devil tail slowly protrudes from the lower section on her back above her butt. "TIME TO END THIS!" Amethyst has a sick disturbing grin planted on her young pale face. Thunderclouds form from above

"I TOLD YOU TO STOP!" Drakos goes to summon his Phantasm Gun to stop Amethyst from hurting the White Dragon anymore, he was infuriated by Amethyst behavior and current actions, she was acting like a spoiled brat who wanted to kill anyone who harmed her master. Flickers of phantasmal energy spun around Drakos's fingers tip and only half of his Phantasm Gun was formed. (Vertical slice)

Amethyst goes for the kill and goes to kiss the White Dragon in the mouth to suck her soul, she licks her glossy lips and starts touching herself in a lust way, rubbing her perky breasts and slender thighs and even the top of her clit and pussy lips, "Time to suck you dry, She grins as she touches the White Dragon's pale cheeks.

Drakos swiftly uses his Akuma Eyes and Sinful Aura to try and seduce the insane succubus-loli. "I already know your weakness," He runs fast and tackles Amethyst on to the snow and steals a kiss from her. "What are you doing!? Mwwwuah! Mmmmmhph!" Amethyst starts making out with Drakos in the snow and embraces his lips, he uses his Akuma Eye to control her mind and she is quickly tamed by Drakos powerful sinful charm and dark aura of his Akuma Eye geass.

"Oh Drakos! I love you! Ayyaaaah! Please taint me more! I went to feel you inside me! Ravage all of my sinful holes!" Amethyst hornily cries out as she counties to kiss Drakos and uses her tongue while wrapping her slender white legs around his back. Drakos fiercely punches her in the stomach and she faints, "You really don't know how to control yourself. I always attract the crazy girls," Drakos cracked his knuckles and neck and looks ahead at the White Dragon, "Let's see if I can tame this beast as well," He points his half-formed Phantasm Gun

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and then puts the knocked-out Amethyst inside his Dimensional Ring which can hold someone in a void realm formed by darkness for a period of time enough for her to wake back to 'normal'. The Dimensional Ring he bough in his Harem System was much like the Akuma Eye, but it can only be used three times, unlike his Akuma Eyes which can be used infinite times depending how much mana he had.

"Raven keep an eye on Amethyst and give me some more Dark Mana and Qi," Drakos says with a calm and collected face as he sees the enraged White Dragon start to blast out blue and red dragon flames from her mouth at Drakos.

"ROOOOOOOARRRRGH!" Thunders out the White Dragon as dragon flames escape out of her mouth and it travels towards Drakos at a insanely fast speed smoldering nearby forest trees.

The Dark Fairy nods and transfers all of her dark mana and qi into Drako's young body by just touching his shoulder. Her mana and qi are all absorbed by Drakos's dark aura.

This gave enough time for Drakos to now fully form his [Stormslayer] Scythe and Phantasm Gun at the same time!

Drakos accurately shoots through the dragon flame blast with his phantasm gun, a phantasmal energy bullet easily blast through the White Dragon's powerful flame blast and the pierces her shoulder and she screams to the top of her lungs.

Drakos then skillfully spins around his scythe and he goes to slash her, not to kill her, but rather to get her out of her berserker state by inflicting pain like no other. It is known that anyone who experiences an extreme form of pain like stabbing will wake up for a quick second and snap out of any trance.

"This was my last choice! But I can't go back now!" Drakos slashes down on the White Dragons shoulder. She was beyond outrage and had endured enough pain from Amethyst, she wasn't going to it anymore.

She actually slapped away his battle scythe and it quickly vanishes away.

"FUCK! How strong are you! Just go down!" Drakos uses all the strength in his 16-year-old body to stab his dagger deep into the White Dragon's shoulder blade.

Blackish blood splatters all on to his face and the White Dragon lets out a loud dragon-screech.

"RAWWWWRRRRRGHHHH!" She roars out with thundering dragon-fire ruby eyes and flames expelling out from her jaws.

"This should wake you the fuck up!" Drakos hardens his knuckles like brass-knuckles with his phantasm steel hardening abilities and punches the White Dragon hard as fuck in the face.

Her ruby eyes widen and for a brief second so regains her conciseness and stops being on rage on mode. She starts huffing and puffing, she was trying to regain composure of her real self.

"It's me, just calm down already!" Drakos slowly walks over to the White Dragon and then takes a huge risk, he quickly pats her head/dragon horns to calm her down.

Her arms rise up into the skies and she gives Drakos one huge slash on his face. A powerful formation of Dark Ice and Dark Fire mana swirls around her dragon claws

Drakos tried to doge her vicious attack but half his face is slashed, "Ahhhhh!" His body falls down the ground and blood splatters out of his left eye. A huge wake of destruction was seen behind him, blacken forest trees and crushed mountains were seen behind him. A massive 50-meter titan sized dragon mark was seen behind Drakos.

Drakos gripped at his bloody right eye, a huge scar mark was seen on his right eye and it wasn't regenerating! This scar would stick with him forever, but it didn't matter to him, what mattered was taming the beast that stood before him.

He knew that with her power by his side, that he could easily take over the Phoenix Kingdom, but right now he was running low on everything, mana and qi. The vision on his right eye was slowly fading, "No it can't be! My fuck right eye!" Blood leaks down his eyes as he places hands over his eyes.

The White Dragon finally snaps out of her rampage mode and sees what she has done to Drakos, "OH NO! What have I done!?" She gasped and tears slightly form from her draconic ruby eyes. The last thing she ever wanted to do was harem the one person who has ever treated her as a human rather than a beast. The only person she loved!

Drakos gripped his right eye and looks at the White Dragon with his left eye. He knew this was the only chance to capture her for good since she had lost a lot of her dragon powers and was weakened by Drakos's attacks.

'I have to do this now I have no other choice!' Drakos goes to use his Void Eye and ends this once and for all. A huge influx of Demonic Qi and Dark Mana swirls around his body, he was betting everything on his Void Eye and Dimensional Ring, his Phantasms had already wound her enough to be captured. Yet seeing her now sad and almost in tears made him almost hesitate, but if he didn't do this he would surely be killed by her. He had to show mercy, 'Mercy is for the weak,' He gripped his injured eye.

"Stay away from me! I will only hurt you!" The White Dragon screams out with a worried face that was beyond beautiful.

"I won't abandon you ever again. I will always be with you. No matter what," Drakos gritted his teeth. The lies escaped from his teeth. His next move would decide his life.

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    《Overlord of Sin》