Overlord of Sin
74 The Decision Pt.4
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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74 The Decision Pt.4

"I-I don't deserve you! Get away from me! I will only hurt you!" The White Dragon bites down her tongue and gritted her teeth at disgust for herself, for she hurt the only person who cared about her. She was thinking that someone like her would never find happiness in this world, she knew she had sinned many times before by devouring all the Phoenix Soldiers and taking so many lives by eating them, she was a ravenous untameable beast. So much blood was spilled by her hands, she was no more a human, just a beast devouring anyone in her path. A demonic Ice Dragon that leaves a wake of destruction wherever she goes.

"That's not true. You can trust me," Drakos extends out his hands for the White Dragon to take. 'Now,' He activates his [Dimensional Ring] and forced his [Void Eye] to activate as well, he was taking a huge risk. This was his Ace in the hole moment, his all or nothing. After battling Amethyst and Drakos the White Dragon was now a weakened state.

The White Dragon slowly grabs Drakos's hands and starts to tear up a little more. Her berserker mode was slowly rising back up, her draconic ruby eyes start to glow once more, it was clear she couldn't control her emotions and extremely powerful powers.

"I-I Lo-" The White Dragon was about to say something important.

"Ahhhh!" Drakos takes his chance and fiercely punches the White Dragon right in the face with his metallic gauntlet fist(Seron's Steel Phantasm)to completely knock her out, "What are you doing?-" The White Dragon's eyes widened with shock.

*WHAM!* She was knocked out cold by Drakos extremely powerful punch with his steel-fist.

Drakos then fuses part of the mana stone inside his Dimensional Ring into his Void Eye, he also uses his Time Core time-freezing abilities to freeze time. He couldn't use it before because it would be a waste to use since the White Dragon was a higher rank and level than Drakos, she could have broken through the time-stopping abilities of his Dimensional Ring. The higher the level and rank of any being the more powerful they are compared to others, even though Drakos was wrecking and defeating many opponents with higher than his rank/level like Amethyst and now The White Dragon everything had its limits.

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A huge blackish tornado vortex made of Dark Mana swirls out of Drakos Void Eye, his eye had now evolved and was becoming stronger by the second, it was glowing and veins popped out of them, he had to sacrifice all of his mana and qi reserve as well as some power of his Dimensional Ring.

The Void Vortex quickly sucks in the White Dragon into his Void Eye as well as forest trees, fragments of shattered mountains, and everything to was nearby in a 5-mile radius was completed suck into Drakos Void Eye which was at its Apex Form(Highest Form for his rank and level). He endured the pain and gritted his teeth as more blood leaked down from his eyes. It was the blood of a human and demon, black and red drip down his eyes. In a matter of seconds, the White Dragon was gone inside of his Void Eye. He had successfully captured her, yet he did not fully tame her. Amethyst was put away into his Void Ring where the Darky Fairy was keeping a close eye on her.

"So this is the power of the one who will resurrect the Demon Clan… I can't wait until we meet… Come find me…Awaken me from my abyss…" Echoes a young girls voice, her voice was angelic and stern at the same time, the voice of someone who was beyond wise for age.

'Who was that? And how was she talking into my mind?' Drakos let out a big breath of cool air and finally takes a quick rest and sits down on a tree stump, one that was blown to bits by his insane battle with the White Dragon. He really has become a powerful Demon not to be reckoned with.

'There are so many problems I need to fix right now, but right now I need to calm down and focus on my meeting with The Order. Now that I have captured my most powerful weapon the White Dragon I know that everyone is going to be looking for her, so basically I have her captive, but that is only because I am protecting her. Dammit, why the fuck is everything happening so fast!? As much as I enjoy fighting and killing and by the most dominant in ever battle sometimes I need a fucking break!' Drakos punches the ground below him, he knows that his young body was slowing him down and that he needed to cultivate more. For some reason, his stats weren't showing up after battling the White Dragon. His stats did change when he fought with the elf and beastkin assassins, but not now? Was something wrong with his system? Drakos thought about changing his system name and customizing, 'Harem System sounds kind of too generic how about…Overlord System?' Drakos thinks to himself as sat in the stomp and started to heal his wounds by banging up himself.

'Finally, have time for myself. Girls really can be fucking annoying to deal with,' He tapped up his wrist and spits out blood onto the snow below, he then thinks if he should put an eyepatch over his Akuma Eye, the one that was slashed by the White Dragon so he stop it from being infected, 'I just have to speed up my regeneration, there is no need for a fucking useless eyepatch, but for now whatever," He tapes up his eye by tearing off a part of his leather black combat jacket and puts it over his right eye and ties it tightly. Drakos is quickly alerted and his demon instincts rise up, 'Now time to change my plans. The Order is nearby and I can sense someone else as well," He looks at both of his bloody hands, 'It's going to 5mins top to be at top shape again, I have to be sharp and on focused right now,' Drakos starts focusing all his Qi into his chest and spread out evenly so that he could replenish his mana, there he stood in the stomp with eyes closed and his mind was completely empty from all the crazy things that just happened. His mind was only focused on one thing [regeneration]. So he stood there and waited, but he was still armed to teeth with his dagger and Phantasm Gun strapped to his waist belt-buckle no one would surprise attack him. 'It feels like I have been in this new world for a week, but it has only been three fucking days…' Drakos hears footsteps closing in. He was ready for the fated meeting. The Order had finally arrived.



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