Overlord of Sin
77 The Decision Finale
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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77 The Decision Finale

>Warning< Explicit Content


"That blast has to be the White Dragon. Everyone gather up your strongest attacks and approach slowly," Steelarm the slayer slowly commands his white horse to slowly trot towards the blast area.

Bell, Aeros, Gilda(Aeros Mother), and Steelarm's soldiers all follow right behind Steelarm. In a matter of minutes after silently trotting across the snow with their horses, they spot a large carter full of blood and shattered trees around it.

'Who the fuck are these people?' Drakos was fast enough to hide on top of trees. Not because he was scared of anyone, but rather because he was still injured after his battle with the White Dragon. He was waiting 5mins to regenerate his injuries, '3 to go,' He cough out and gripped his broken rib cage. He also tightened the bandage on his injured right eye, the one the White Dragon slashed while in her berserker mode. A long X-shaped scar was around his right eye, he had to admit to himself that it hurt like fucking hell and it was the first time he felt pain in this new world. The White Dragon really was a powerful beast who could not be easily be tamed or slain.

'Whoever these people are doesn't matter to me, they are not from The Order so it doesn't concern me. But what the fuck is this immense power I am sensing? Its on the same level of the White Dragon...Whatever whoever is below won't be able to sense me since I have hidden all of my Qi and Mana," Drakos was in the middle of thinking until Steelarm flew up into in the air at insanely fast speed and grabs Drakos by the neck.

'WHAT THE FUCK!? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!?' Drakos is shocked that Steelarm had found his location even when he had hidden his Qi and Mana. Drakos focused the rest of his Qi and Mana into healing his wounds faster, as it would boost up the regenerate speed of his Primordial Demon bloodline. Drakos was not an immortal. Not yet, he was still young and still needed to cultivation more and gain a higher level/rank in order to unlock my powers and gain immortality. Only the goddess and gods in this world were immortal, but not entirely, that is for enough time, for now, Drakos was captured by Steelarm.

Steelarm tightly gripped Drakos's necked and pinned down against a nearby oak tree.

A loud *THUD!* echoed across the midnight skies. A pile of snow falls down on Drakos's face and body.

"And who may you exactly be? And where is the White Dragon?" Steelarm's manly mustache twitched a bit when he saw that the White Dragon wasn't captured, rather it was a young boy with long white hair and dark golden eyes. His eyes only turned a dark blood red color when in his demonic form or when he was in rage mode.

"..." Drakos doesn't answer Steelarm. He wasn't afraid of the bastard in front of him. Yet he was confused about how this old man had so much power and raw strength to pin him down. His rank was clearly higher than his own rank [Silver Rank]. 'Maybe he is a Gold Rank around the same as the White Dragon's? That high? Shit, I need to heal fast before-" Steelarm punches Drakos right in the stomach. "Gaaaaah!" Drakos coughs out blood and almost loses consciousness.

"You know I really hate when someone doesn't answer my question!" Steelarm chokes Drakos even more and gives him a piercing glare of his merciless shadowy silver eyes. He had the eyes of an alpha predator, everyone to Steelarm was just feeble prey. Including Drakos. However, he didn't know Drakos's true demonic power.

"Stop! That is enough!" Bell shouts, he implores that Steelarm is going too far by beating up Drakos.

"Shut your fucking mouth! And get out of my way weakling!" Steelarm bitchslaps Bell in the face and his body falls back in a pile of snow.

"Hacck!" Blood spurts out of Bell's mouth as his face slams hard against the rocky ground below from how hard Steelarm's slap was. His whole face was numb after such a brutal slap.

Steelarm quickly turns his attention back to Drakos, "I am only going to ask this once more. WHERE IS THE DRAGON WOMAN WITH WHITE HAIR AND RED EYES. THE WHITE DRAGON," He squeezes Drakos neck so hard that he almost crushes Drakos's windpipe, an array of building veins can be seen popping out of Steelarm's burly forearms, he was probably the most muscle man Drakos had ever seen in this world, even more, muscular and powerful than his own father!

However, even after seeing how powerful and strong Steelarm was, Drakos was fazed in the slightest, his face remained calm and collected. Sharp and focused. He was thinking what to say to the brute in front of him, 'This bastard is fucking annoying. I am about to kill him, but I have to keep it hidden that I am hiding the White Dragon and now I am fugitive/ wanted-man by holding the White Dragon as my own captive in my Void eyes. Drakos keeps on thinking that everyone in the Phoenix Kingdom wants the White Dragon captured or killed, mostly the Phoniex Queen herself, Cerri probably wanted to torture the White Dragon to her core and have her way with her entire body. He knows that he would be protecting a powerful Dragonborn that had destroyed half the army forces of the Phoenix Kingdom and was on the loose causing her own rebellion. Drakos had overhead some royal Phoenix Knights say that the White Dragon was plotting to assassinate the Phoenix Queen and the take the throne of the Phoenix Kingdom for herself and the last remaining Dragons of Zareth. Drakos had learned about all the corruption of the Phoenix Kingdom first hand as he saw his own clan(Hellwolf Clan) being controlled and abused by the Phoenix Kingdom. Drakos made a vow to himself, that he would protect the White Dragon, his family, and every girl in his harem no matter. The White Dragon to him was a valuable asset to taking down the Phoenix Kingdom, with them fighting together he would have this entire world on its knees. He could finally discover the truth of origins and put an end to the Phoenix Kingdom's tyranny. There was only one way to completely cover himself and to hide the White Dragon for a very long time. But this was a huge calculated risk.

Drakos just smirks at Steelarm's angered attitude and question to where the White Dragon was, "I killed her," He lifts up his bloody hands and stares down Steelarm without any fear in his flickering gold eyes. He goes to form Phantasm Gun but decides to hide power for now.

"YOU WHAT!? THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE!?" Steelarm who was now extremely angered at such words Drakos uttered goes to punch fiercely punch Drakos with all of the Qi in his body but Drakos finally blocks it by. His wounds are almost done regenerating. Drakos actually grabbed Steelarm's punch with one hand.

"Your punches are weak. I killed the White Dragon to get over it. You will be next if you don't put me down," Drakos darkly says as his demonic Qi starts rising back to peak levels.

"Ara!Ara! Such power! You are able to block one of Steelarm's punches how interesting! It would be a shame to kill someone so powerful and handsome," Aeros's mother seductively walks over to Drakos who was being pinned down against a forest tree by Steelarm. Her shiny black high heels glimmer in the snowy night, her heel taps made dust of snow puff in the air. Gilda slowly touches Drakos's bloody cheeks, her hands felt warm and soft, even on this very cold night, her hands were warm and comforting. Drakos looks up and sees a woman more beautiful than the White Dragon, Phoenix Queen, his own mother combined! A true Golden Goddess with long flowing perfect gold blonde hair and bright mesmerizing gold eyes. Everything about Gilda screamed perfection! Drakos is blown away by her beauty for a brief second, 'How does a woman this beautiful exist?' His sin and lust were slowly rising up. But he had to control himself or he would lose focus, a warrior should never lose focus, Drakos held back his lust for now as sees her giant watermelon-sized breast bounce and jiggle right in front of his face. Her boobs were just too huge and perfect for words to describe, just purely big boobs, the biggest he has ever seen next to the White Dragon.

Gilda rubs Drakos's chin and licks his cheek, "You look and taste so good. I want you all for myself," She seductively whispers into Drakos's ear without anyone but him listening to her sexy words. Her steamy words made Drakos sweat with lust yet he pushed it back once more.

Aeros is beyond jealous of his own mother flirting with Drakos. He had seen enough of Drakos taking the eyes of his women, the Phoenix Queen and now his own mother."ENOUGH OF THIS!" Aeros summons his Unbreakable Chains and traps Drakos in golden chains.

"I had enough of you. I know what you did with the Phoenix Queen and it is time to atone for your sins! How dare she be touched by such vile and corrupt hands! As a True Harem Lord I will be taking everything from you! Starting first with the ones you love most!" Aeros thunders with a dark smirk as he looks over to Steelarm.

Steelarm nods his head and snaps his finger. Out from the darkness, three hooded figures come out holding Drakos's mother and two sisters. Reza, Kara, and Katarina all had their mouths tied shut with a black wool cloth. All three of their slender arms were tied up by Aeros's golden indestructible chains.

Drakos's gold eyes instantly widened, "Let them go! I will fucking kill you!" He thunders out to the top of his lungs as he kicks his legs back in forth, but he was chained up Aero's powerful chain magic. His eyes quickly were turning a demonic red and glowing brighter than ever, he was beyond enraged.

"So this is the power of a young demon lord! I thought it was just a myth! But demons still do exist! You were the one the Phoenix King and Queen were talking about. The one who single handily defeated the most powerful young mage Harry and young knight prodigy Seron! Oh hahaha! I am going to have so much fun with your mother!" Steelarm tightly gripes Katarina's cheeks and then starts to lick her cheeks and fondle her huge succulent breasts. His hands then glided down to her thick milky thighs which were shinning by the moonlight rays above.

"You taste so fucking good. I wonder else taste good? HAHAHAHA!I have been waiting my whole life to touch the legendary Scarlet Blade!" Steelarm places his strong hands over Katarina's red lingerie panties and goes to pull them off right in front of Drakos.

Drakos could do nothing but watch his mother being violated. He angrily gritted his teeth, he couldn't unleash his demon form, he had used up too mana and qi battling the White Dragon and Assassins that tried to kill him.

Aeros's has a sick grin of face, "I think will have some fun as well. I will show what a true Harem lord looks like. All your woman belongs to me and I will start first with your sisters," He grabs Drakos's older sister first in by her neck(Reza) and takes off her the cloth from her mouth and kisses her right in front of Drakos! His tongue swirls around Reza's sweet mouth as he kisses her harder and harder as he now starts to fondle her perfect young buxom breasts which were now sexily popping out her knight armor!

"Mmmmmmmph! Stop at once! Brother! Please help me!" Reza screams out as tears streak down her ruby eyes.

"No one will help you," Aeros puts a knife at her neck.

"Get off me!" Drakos's mother yells out as she thrashes about and bites Steelarm's hand.

Steelarm's blood splatters all over her pale face.

"YOU FUCKING BITCH!" Steelarm fiercely jams his firey Trident Phantasm right through Katarina's chest. Viens were popping out Steelarm's biceps and forearms.

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"GAAAAAAH!" Katarina yells out in pain as she vomits out blood.

"NOOOOOOO!!!" Drakos screams out, veins were popping out of his eyes.

Steelarm's trident spearhead goes pierces Katarina's heart and he instantly kills her. Her blood splatters all over Drakos's shocked and rageful face. Bloody chunks of her breasts and heart cover Drakos's face, tears form in his eyes as he watches his mother slaughtered right before his very eyes.

Aeros smiles, "Watch closely to what I am about to do to your sisters," He rips off Reza's knight armor and unzips his combat pants to pull out of his cock. "So who will you choose to live? Your older sister? Or your younger one? You better choose now. Or I might just kill before of them after I am done using their beautiful bodies," He holds a combat knife at one hand at Kara's neck and his other hand he gripes at his now erect cock.

Drakos's whole world was about to be shattered in this very defining moment. He was about to lose everything he loved. Drakos just smirks at all of this madness and chaos.



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