Overlord of Sin
80 Intermission
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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80 Intermission

A/N: Wrote this tired as fuck. Yeah... This needs to be edited.


"My Queen I am here to report that the White Dragon has been slain," Said an old bald male messenger as he bows down before the Phoenix Queen.

"By who exactly?" Cerri spins around her glass of lavish vine.

"A mere boy...They call him...The Demon Overlord" The messenger trembles as he speaks those very words. He almost soils himself. Poor old fool. If only he knew the extent of Drakos's true demonic origin and powers.

Cerri angrily clenches her wine glass and bites her lips, it had felt like years since the last time she had felt any kind of pleasure after being brutally fucked and tossed around by the young Drakos. Her cuck of a husband could never provide her with any remote kind of pleasure, in fact, she didn't even want to sleep with the Phoenix King anymore after getting railed by Drakos's massive meat dragon. She holds her slim stomach and thinks about the child she was about to have, the warmth of new life fills her belly. The child of Drakos, the young Demon Overlord. Having a kid with someone who was younger than her! It was wrong and fucked up in so many ways. But maybe love was always fucked up and not some philosophical fairy tale bullshit. 'My first 'real' born child. If Drakos joins me as the new king and father of my newborn child, the Phoenix Kingdom will become stronger than ever!' The Phoenix Queen stands up and looks out the window of her throne room. The sun shines over her gorgeous mature face, her long fiery crimson dangles over her ruby eyes. 'I swear if I see any woman with Drakos I will slit their throats with my fingers, dig them inside their whore necks and tear them apart limb from limb! I will even slaughter that whore mother of his!' She slams her fist down on the side of the brick foyer window.

"My lady. Your mother wants to talk to you. It is about the Clan Battle against the Hell Wolf Clan." The messenger gulps and stands aside for Cerri's father to enter the throne room. There was only one person more feared in this kingdom than Cerri, it was her own mother. A pureblood phoenix goddess...


Elanah the dark elf and Ryui the forest elf hide amongst the forest trees and see Katarina, Kara, and Reza all being held down by a group of assassins. "So it has come to this. The Eleven Kingdom has made its move and so will we. Sorry young master..." Ryui bites down on her shiny pink lips and puts up her black scarf over her mouth and grips her katana ever so tightly.


"Life really is suffering. The weak die...and the strong thrive. That is a mortal's life. Always fearing death, but that is not me. I am not a mortal any longer. Nor am I human. I now accept what I am," Drakos looks at his hands, his blackish demonic tattoo seals were glowing around his entire body, he knew Reza, Katarina, and Kara were in danger, he was going to change his whole life today, throw away his humanity. His two sisters and mother were about to be slaughtered, he can sense their crys and screams for help. Drakos sees the leader of The Order in front of him...He still was frozen in time. The Time Manipulation spell was too powerful to break out of... Or was it. Drakos waits to hear what this unknown hooded shadow figure will say. The Time had come to become a true Overlord. The decision to join The Order begins. Will he join them?...

'All this shit happening at once. It's about time I end it all,' Drakos angrily clenched his fist. He was going to destroy it all.


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This chapter needs to be edited.


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