Overlord of Sin
81 Overlord Pt.2
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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81 Overlord Pt.2

You fighting off and capturing those assassins was part of our test. No, we did not send them. However, you can say I gave away your location and your demonic aura was also akin to this. And you truly have past your test, I have never seen such power dwell inside a young one as yourself. I was the one watching you this whole time. I had my eyes in the sky and ever since seeing you awaken your Demon Aura during the Knight Tournament and then seeing you summon your Demon Form at the Phoenix Academy Trial Ceremony. With my All-Seeing Eye, I could see your every action and all of the sins you have committed. You have taken the Phoenix Queens virginity and also I sense that you may have Impregnate her. Such a sinful crime for you a mortal has procreated with a goddess. If they found it was you, the Phoenix Kingdom will rain hell upon you like no other. You also killed Seron a young prodigy Witcher and many of the Phoenix Imperial Guard. You know your crimes will not go unpunished. Do you really think you have a chance to win the Clan Battle against Cerri and her high ranking knights and legends? Steelarm the legendary Slayer of Zareth, Aeros the young and mighty Harem Lord of the Phoenix Kingdom whose powers dwell with the many people he deceives and tortures, and many more challenges ahead await you. But... You can join me. Join the Order and all of your crimes and troubles will be erased!" Thunders out the shadow man who was in black hooded robe as he floats closer to Drakos who was compteltey frozen in time.

"You think you can blackmail and bribe me with such futile information. Such a foolish being you are to think you can go against me," Drakos snarled as he tries to break out of the Time-Stop spell, his demonic firey blood-red eyes begin to glow. Drakos did not fear this man. He also did not trust him. All of his words felt empty and chilling like he had no emotions whatsoever. An unknown shadow being which should not be trusted. But Drakos felt the surge of insane and earth-shattering Qi that was emitting out from this shadow figure in front of him.

'Am I inside this strange being's mindscape or something? Is he really the leader of The Order? Tch. I already made my decision since the very day I was reborn into this new world,' Drakos gritted his teeth, his next words and actions would decide his fate and future.

"I also suspect you hiding the White Dragon from Steelarm and the Phoenix Kingdom. You really have gotten yourself into quite the mess. I am sure everyone now wants you dead. And I am not threatening you. Just telling you how things look for you. And it doesn't look good. Oh and also remember it was not the heroes or legends who eradicated the Demon Clan," The robbed shadow figure darkly girns, its teeth were strangely human fused with fangs, kind of like vampire fangs.

'What is this being talking about? Nevermind that. It's Time I end it all," Drakos snaps his finger. He realized that he could actually move his fingers if he focused all of his Qi into his fingertips. And that he did, once his hands were free to move he swiftly summoned his Phantasm. [StormSlayer!] Drakos chants out, his Battle-Axe Sytche is formed on his palms and he slashes away time itself! He could see that this was the figure's mindscape and most likely an Eye Power ability similar to his Akuma Eye and the same weak illusion eye power that Aeros used on him.

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"Impressive you have broken out of my 'Eye-Spell' and my 'Mindscape Realm'. But that is not enough to break through my Infinite Time Control. So have you made your decision?" Asked the shadow figure.

"Yeah, I have," Drakos points his Phantasm right behind the shadow figure's neck. He had tricked the leader of The Order! Drakos had used his Necromancer magic to form a clone of himself! Drakos didn't form his Phantasm Gun because he wanted to keep his most powerful power hidden from The Order and everyone else including his family and enemies, however, it looked like The Order knew a lot about him. They were truly a tough opponent and organization.

"I will join The Order under one condition," Drakos has a devilish smirk on his now demonic-looking face as he grips the handle of his StormSlayer Phantasm and the scythe-blade touches the neck of the shadow being. He would kill the leader of The Order if he 'tried' anything on him.

"Very well... What is your condition," The leader of the Order said in a grim tone with lifeless white-empty eyes?

"I want you to never interfere with my family or my 'plans'. I will only do some of your missions for a huge sum of money, weapons, relics, armor, and information detail on all the kingdoms of Zareth. But know this. I will not follow all of your commands. I listen to no one. I act on my own. Is that a deal?" Drakos said with serious demonic glowing red eyes. He looked beyond serious and composed when talking to someone of such high power! The leader of The Order was never seen by anyone nor talked about! If one did see him or even dare utter his name they would be instantly killed.

"You know... You do remind me... Of myself. May I tell you a little story? Don't you want to know the truth of why you were reborn? The Truth of Zareth and its Kingdoms. After I tell you. I will answer your request," The leader of the order talks off the hood from his head to show his face to Drakos.

Drakos's red eyes widened. For the first time in a while, he was shocked and in disbelief. His long white hair flows with the dark wind current of the mindscape world he was in. Everything around was once again frozen still. He touches the regenerating wound on his right eye, which now had an eyepatch made from a black cloth torn off from his leather jacket.

He could see Steelarm, Bell, Aeros, and Gilda not moving at all. All frozen in time even the falling snow was frozen in time.

The face that Drakos now sees in front of him is one that made his blood boil... One so familiar...


This chapter needs to be edited. More chapters coming. Its been awhile. Things are about to speed up. So a few things. Just throw your mind out of the window and enjoy the story lol the plot is going to be fucking insane. Also, R-18 coming in three more chapters. It is about time the Overlord of Sin dual cultivates again. New chapters will be posted on pa treon today and tomorrow about 5 chapters ahead. Just $5 to read 5 advanced chapters ahead.

I will aim for daily chapters on webnovel. Also check out Netori System- Daily updates.


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