Overlord of Sin
82 Overlord Finale
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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82 Overlord Finale

'That can't be? The leader of The Order...Kind of looks like me? What the fuck? Is he a clone of me? My future self?' Drakos thinks to himself as he floats in the mind-scape of darkness he was inside.

The Leader of the Order reads his mind and thoughts, "Baha! You are wrong on all of those ideals. But we do have something in common. However, that is something I cannot tell you," The leader of The Order said as he sits down on a throne made of dark matter and human skulls. "Ah, The Throne of the Fallen. Why is it that humans always seek power?" The shadow figure which had longer white hair than Drakos and a more mature face picks up a human skull and looks into its hollow eyes. The Leader of the Order looked like a more older version of Drakos, with white grayish storm eyes instead of Drakos's golden-red eyes.

"Because power is everything in this world? In any world..." Drakos crosses his arms and sighs with an annoyed look on his young face, "Look I already told you my conditions. It's about time I leave. There is somewhere I need to be. And you are wasting my time."

"You don't want to hear my story?" Says the shadow-man as he leans closer to Drakos.

"Not really."

"Ha you really remind me of the most powerful being that I have ever met. So ignorant even before my presence. You are an interesting one,"

"What am I suppose to be afraid of you? Tch. Good luck with that. I am out of here," Drakos creates a portal with his Dimensional Ring.

"Wait. Listen." The shadow-man slams his fist down on the throne and Drakos actually is frozen still.

"WHAT NOW!?" Drakos's face is now full of rage and his eyes are glowing a dark demonic red color with black flames flickering out of them.


"Know this. Your mother and father are not who they say they are. Know that all Kingdoms will be after you. Do you really think you are just a demon? No, you are more than that. I will be waiting to work with you. Together with our power, the world of Zareth will be ours! We will end this corrupt world! But I want you to abandon your family to join me."

"No." Drakos quickly denies the offer. He wouldn't betray his family. Mostly his mother and sisters.

"You do know what you will face? I know you are hiding someone very powerful within you. But that woman is a beast. A monster who eats children and the elderly, every being in existence is food for her. She is a ravenous black hole who has no mercy for anyone. " The Leader of the Order says as he crushes the human skull in his palms.

"I don't know what you are talking about," Drakos snarls as he goes to unleash his most powerful skill. He wanted to hide the White Dragon from everyone. Especially from the Order.

The shadow being sighed and stands up from his skull throne, his long moon-white hair flows with the pressure of mana inside his own void realm. "Drakos get ready for what will happen after you leave my realm will change your life forever. Going against the Order is not a good idea." He calmly says with a sharp dark tone.

"Tch. You know nothing about me. I already put up the offer. I will not join you. Rather instead I will do missions with the Order my own way. I don't follow anyone's orders. Not anymore. Not ever. I do things my own way from now on," Drakos said as he remembers his past life in the army. He was always taking orders from his commander. He was always fighting and using military strategies to kill others for his country. But he never fought for himself or his family, he never had anyone to protect in his past life, but now he had a family. That and as a Super Weapon, he was used for... There was a lot of mystery surrounding Drakos. Soon it will come to light. But for now darkness reign over him. For he would do whatever it takes to become the most powerful being in Zareth.

Drakos uses his Void Eyes to teleport out of the realm the leader of the order froze him in. A dimensional portal forms above Drakos and he quickly teleports away.

"You really are the 'one' who change our fate. The Demon Clan will be reborn...If only you know who you are up against..." The shadow figure darkly grins. He was up to something that was for sure.

Drakos appears in front of Aeros and Steelarm.

"We won't let you get away! I will kill you!" Aeros screams out as he goes slash Drakos with his golden Great Sword.

Steelarm also attacks Drakos with his Trident Phantasm, "Tell us where the White Dragon really is!" He roars out.

"ENOUGH!" Drakos forms his Storm Slayer Sytche and slashes down Aeros and Steelarm. He uses his Dark Lighting power and completely wrecks them both!
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"GAAAAAH!" Both Steelarm and Aeros cough out blood and fall down onto the snow. Both weren't fully defeated however they were clearly outmatched by Drakos sheer dark demonic power. With his new Overlord System Drakos was now more powerful than ever. He was also more rageful than before. Plus all of his Mana and Qi was back at its Apex Form. Drakos was now wearing black sunglasses to was formed from his Overlord System. These sunglasses boosted the abilities of his Akuma Eyes and Void Eyes, it was also made so that he could regen his Void Eyes which were damaged from being used so many times. He didn't want to wear a useless eyepatch.

"MY SON!" Gilda screams out with horror in her golden eyes.

"I will deal with you weaklings later." Drakos darkly said with a demonic tone.

"You will soon be mine," Drakos glares over Aeros gorgeous voluptuous mom. 'You will pay for trying to go against me. The whole Phoneix Kingdom will feel my wraith," Drakos teleports away.

Deep within the outskirts of the Phoneix Kingdom forest... Nightfall...

Assassins aimed their daggers at Reza's, Kara's, and Katarina's necks.

"Let us go!" Reza angrily screams out.

The assassins had used a magic spell called Anti-Mana to erase all of Reza's, Kara's, and Katarina's mana. They couldn't summon their Phantasms without any mana. As stated before Phantasms are mainly summoned by one's mana-power. Logan was nowhere to be seen.

"Don't touch my children!" Roars out Katarina with rageful firey red eyes. She wouldn't go down with a fight, she head-butted one Assassin knocking them out. She was trashing everywhere like a wild wolf, but she was quickly held down by 5 more assassins.

"Get away from me feinds!" Reza also fought back and bit off one of the assassin's fingers!

"Gaaaah! You fucking bitch!"

The assassins had enough of these wild wolfs.

One assasin goes to slit Katarina with his dagger.

"MOTHER!" Screams out Reza and Kara.

*BANG!* A loud gunshot echoes hard against the snowy skies.

The assassin's head was completely blown off! Blood and skull fragments exploded up to the cold air and onto Reza's sexy young face.

"What the hell was that!?" The 7 other assassins yell out as they turn around to see their fallen comrades head blast off.

Drakos cooly lands in front of Reza, Kara, and Katarina in a badass fist down stance, he was wearing a black and silver combat jacket with his black sunglasses on. His Storm Slayer Scythe Phantasm was on one hand and on the other was Phantasm Gun. "Get your fucking hands off them,"

*BANG! BANG!* More gunshots were heard. Drakos easily headshots 4 assassins with complete Gunmanship accuracy that he gained from the military.

"GAAAAH!" The assassins scream out as they all fall down the snowy ground with their skulls pierced by the phantasm bullets that went through skulls and brains. Red dyes the white snow.

The 3 other assassins charge towards Drakos and use fire magic. Fireballs blast out from their palms.

Drakos slashes two of the assassins in half with his Sychhe Phantasm and then shots the other in the chest.

Blood is spattered all over the snow.

Only one assassin was kept alive. The assasin tries to escape by using teleportation magic, but Drakos quickly uses his Akuma Eyes on the assassin and controls their mind. He was going to interrogate the assassin, but not now.

"BROTHER! YOU SAVED US!" Reza and Kara said with wide eyes as they go over to hug Drakos. Reza and Kara both embrace him with a huge hug. Their buxom breasts pressed up Drakos's buff chest.

"Thank God you are here! We worried about you! I was worried about you!" Katarina tackles her son on to the ground and gives him a strong embracing motherly huge. Her massive milkjugs press up against Drakos's young godly face.

"Where is Logan?" Drakos asked as he doesn't mind being embraced by his extremely beautiful mother.

"Those bastards have taken him hostage! We have to find them!" Reza shouts with an angry face as she gritted her teeth.

"That was amazing brother! How did you kill them fast!?" Kara looks over at the dead assassins and then turns over at Drakos with wonder in her emerald eyes, her eyes were sparkling for interest in Drakos's powers. She had no remorse for the assassins that tried to kill them. Kara, Reza, and Katarina were all cold-hearted warriors from the Hell Wolf Clan. They only cared about the members in their clans and no one else.

Drakos quickly hides his Phantasm Gun. He doesn't want anyone finding out his hidden weapons and powerful abilities. His sisters and mother would freak out. Eventually, he would tell them. But he would never tell them the truth of being reborn into this world. He was a Reincarnator.

*ROOOOAAAAR!* The White Dragon thunders out inside his Void Eyes. She was angry as ever.

'Shit. She has awakened. I have to get out of here quick. Before The Order and the Phoniex Kingdom finds out that I am hiding the White Dragon. Drakos quickly creates a dimensional portal to teleport away.

"My son, what are you doing?" Said Katarina as sees the portal floating over Drakos's head.

"We are going home,"

It was time for Drakos to cultivate and train for the Clan Battle against the Phoenix Kingdom. Also, it was time for him to check out his current stats and fix his problems. Which were many indeed? He had decided what do with the White Dragon, he had to decide what to do with the Phoenix Queen being pregnant, and most of all he was awaiting what first mission The Order will give him and plan how he will take over the Phoenix Kingdom. That and he was still perplexed about the things The Leader of the Order had told him and who really was the Leader of the Order. He was also going to cultivate his new Overlord System and become more powerful than ever. He wanted to modify his Phantasm as well! Drakos was also wondering who kidnaped his father!

'I guess I have my sisters and mother all to myself,' Drakos darkly grinned. Dual Cultivation was near.

Drakos, Reza, Kara all teleport back to the Hell Wolf Clan house.


IMPORTANT: Read author's note.


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