Overlord of Sin
83 AMA, Discord, Pa treon
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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83 AMA, Discord, Pa treon

So I don't talk much about myself but yeah... I being forced to move out of my house .So yeah I am planning to write and grind out as many chapters as possible starting today with something called 'Fast Acess' you will not only be getting daily advanced chapters but also discord rewards, request for new novels/fanfics/R-18 content, and you will get [Ranks]. For this month alone you will get 30 or more advanced chapters for this novel! The VIP and MVP tiers will get advanced chapters first and the then cultivator tier[Check Tiers on pa treon]. You will also get advanced chapters for my other Ero Novel Netori System! Which is also on Webnovel. I also will be posting new content such as a sneak peek chapters for new novels like Ero Cultivation, Primodirial Demon King, and Carnal Magus[Biggest Ero Novel].

My new Fanfic will come out today it is called, Fate/Gods X Heroes. Hope you enjoy it. Link will be posted

IMPORTANT: LINK https://ww w.pa treon.com/ghostybones

Just $5 to join and read advanced chapters. There is already 2 adavacned chapters up and about 2 more chapters coming out on pa treon today.

MY GOAL to reach on my pa treon: 1,000$ monthly on my pa treon and you will get a huge increase on chapters of Overlord of Sin. The novel will not go premium and you will 3 chapters daily on Webnovel if I accomplish this Pa treon Goal so I can finally move out and who knows probably move on to bigger and better things like you giving you way more Raw Uncensored R-18 content that will push the limits of Ero Novels! Remember to message me that you want more chapters of Overlord of Sin! If you join today you get read on to the finish the first arc![15 advanced chapters in total this week!] Pa treon will get the most chapters of Overlord of Sin

$5= 3/5 daily advanced chapters

$10= 7/10 daily chapters

$20= 20 advanced chapters
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If you have any questions ask away and I will ask them. Ask me anything. This chapter will stay up so you can keep on asking questions about this novel.

IMPORTANT: What do you want to see more of? How much R-18 chapters do you want? Ask any question you want.



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