Overlord of Sin
85 New Era Dawns
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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85 New Era Dawns

Drakos teleports fast. His beautiful sisters and his gorgeous mature busty mother all hold on to Drakos's buff chest and muscular arms as they are being teleported, Drakos had the body of a Demon God. They all travel faster than supersonic speed(Faster than a Jet)

"WOAH! WE ARE MOVING SO FAST!" Kara excitedly shouts with a cute-kitten smile. Her bright smile really lightened up Drakos's never-ending darkness.

"How did you get this powerful brother!? What is this power!?" Reza yells out with a shocked face and crimson eyes full of interest for her younger brother.

"My son you have become so strong! You were able to kill seven highly skill assassins so easily! And now you can teleport! Where did you get this power!?" Katarina says with eyes full of wonder as holds closely to her son with her bosoms pressing up against his face.

All of thier hair moves everywhere and his sisters and mother's busty boobs wildly jiggle everywhere against his face!

Drakos smirked at such a lustful sexy sight. He couldn't wait to Dual Cultivate with them.

Drakos, Reza, Kara, and Katarina were all teleported safely and quickly back to the Hell Wolf Clan village. Drakos was finally home after a long day full of bloodshed, mystery, and cultivating.

"We are finally Home," Drakos said with a loud and long breath. He really needed to chill out and recollect himself. He needed to check out of his Overlord System and all of his new bloodline powers.

"Yes, we are. But we need to find your father! Can you teleport us to where is?" Katarina asked as she placed her hands on Drakos's shoulders. Her radiant face was full of sorrow.

"Not exactly. I have to know the exact location of where he is. That is why I brought this one along with us," Drakos points over to the assassin that he kept alive on his shoulders. There were blood wounds all around the assassin's slim body. Drakos was going to interrogate the assassin and see who was behind the mask.

"Please! Son you have to find him!" Katarina cries out as she places her maiden face on Drakos's buff chest.

"Stay calm, we all need rest," Drakos said as he places his hand on top of his mother's head and pats her head.

"Thank the gods you are alive! I was so worried about you! I hope we find your father! But at least we have you by our side," Katarina hugs Drakos tightly and embraces her son with her everlasting love.

"Don't worry I won't ever leave your side," Drakos embraces his mother touch. He had been a while since he was this up close with her. She smelt like roses and felt so smooth like a cloud.

"So what is that thing on your face?" Reza asked Drakos with furrowed eyes as she crossed her arms and sexily leans back on the wooden wall of their cabin house.

She was mentioning Drakos's sunglasses.

"Oh this is just to increase my Qi and Mana," Drakos said quickly. He didn't want to show anyone in his family his eye scar that he got from battling the White Dragon. It would cause too much commotion and draw more attention to him, they would eventually figure his 'true power' with his Akuma Eyes, Void Eyes, and his Primordial Demon bloodline. That and his Gun Phantasm which he hid from them as well. When he headshot and killed the assassins he was fast enough to make his Phantasm Gun disappear from visible sight.

"Really? Can I-I try it on?" Reza says as she blushes and looks away from Drakos. She was too embarrassed to look him the eye, a knight of her high caliber asking for something so random.

"No," Drakos swiftly replies as he heads out the door. A cold and quick response to his own older sister.

"I mean so I can get more powerful. Its not like I want to wear it anyways... Since you are my brother and all..." She has a pouty face, her lips puffed up.

"And you are suppose to be my older sister acting like a brat?" Drakos said with a sly grin.

"Why you jerk! Fine whatever! I don't want to wear that stupid thing anyways! I am going to ask this bastard where is our father!" Reza forecfully picks up the assassin by their neck. She was so strong for a young woman, her slender biceps muscles were flexing and popping out as she almost crushed the assassin's throat.

"Tell me where is Logan!" She thunders out with a firey scary-looking face full of rage. She was about to snap the assassin's neck.

"That is enough. Killing him won't get us anywhere. I will deal with this bastard myself," Drakos slaps away Reza's hands.

"But brother! He took our father! And almost killed us!" Reza snarls as she gritted her teeth and goes to unsheathe her knight sword, her flawless long scarlet hair starts to float up as mana swirls around her body. She was about to release her Phantasm.

"Stop!" Drakos slams Reza against the wall in stares her directly in the eyes. His sunglasses reflected her frustrated angered face.

"Drakos!? What are you doing!?" Katarina shouts as she tried to break up the fight.

"Brother does have a point. This assassin may know the whereabouts of our father," Kara pointed out.

The assassin quickly goes to bite off his own tongue to kill himself. The blood loss would kill him.

Drakos swiftly put his dagger in between the assassin's teeth, stopping him from killing himself. There was also a capsule inside the assassin's mouth which Drakos took out immediately.

"Tch a poison capslue. Trying to get the easy way out?" Drakos crushes the capsule and backhand slaps the assains's face and knocks out him out instantly.

Drakos picks up the assassins knocked out body and heads out the front door of the wooden cabin. "I am going to have a quick talk with this fool,"

"Be careful! Let me come with you!" Katarina implores. Her motherly instincts were kicking in.
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"No. I will talk to this bastard myself," Drakos slams the door. In truth, Drakos had something else very important to take care of before he could finally call it a 'day'. Well, 'night' in this case since it was nightfall.

Drakos takes off his modified Mana-Sunglasses which he formed his Overlord System and unleashes the White Dragon out from his Void Eye.

*RRRRROOOOOARGHHH!* The White Dragons blasted out flames from her mouth as she escapes Drakos's Void Eye darkness realm. She was currently in her Draconic- Humanoid form. Dragon Girl form. She had dragon horns on top of her head and her long black and white scaly dragon tail was seen swinging around behind her. She really looked smoking hot and exotic right now. Literally smoking hot with flames smoldering in her mouth.

"We need to talk," Drakos said.

"About what? Why should I even listen to a puny human?" The White Dragon snarls as she gritted her razor-sharp draconic teeth.

Drakos takes off his eyepatch and uses his Akuma Eye. His eyes were fully regenerated! His regeneration abilities had become more powerful than ever! He was an immortal!

"Shut up and listen," Drakos commanded the White Dragon. The mind control abilities(Geass) of his Akuma Eyes activated on her.

"Y-yes master..." The White Dragon obeys Drakos's order. Her eyes were glowing a dark reddish color like Drakos's Akuma eyes.

Drakos throws down the assassin, "Let's cut to the chase,"

"Hold him down," Drakos commands the White Dragon.

The assassin tried to teleport away, but was quickly held down by the overly powerful White Dragon. It was like the assassin was being held down by a mountain! That was how powerful the White Dragon was even without using her mana or qi.

"GAAAAH!" The assassin feebly screams out in pain.

"Tell me who you work," Drakos takes out a cigarette and starts smoking, his long white hair blows with the snowy wind.

Drakos senses a dark aura approaching. The truth was coming.


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