Overlord of Sin
86 New Era Dawns Pt.2
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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86 New Era Dawns Pt.2

"Why would I tell a mere boy who I work for!" coughs out the assassin as blood spurts from her mouth.

Drakos swiftly snatches off the assassins black facemask and fiercely grabs them by the neck, "I am not going to say it again," He points a dagger under the assassin's neck. Drakos sees that the assassin is a female elf that looks exactly like Ryuu! Could it be the Elf Maid's sister!? Or was it indeed herself!? Many questions were flowing through Drakos's brain. Could his housemaid really be a dangerous assassin that almost killed his mother and two sisters and had captured his father!

"Tch! I will never tell you!" The long blonde-haired and aqua-eyed elf goes to bite her tounge.
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Drakos grabs her neck and quickly kisses her right in her soft plump pinks lips. He stops her biting off her own tongue and thus killing herself or stopping herself from speaking out who had sent her.

The Elf Assassin is speechless literally as Drakos continues to kiss her and uses his tongue which swirls around her tongue.

The White Dragon's dark red demonic eyes widened as she saw Drakos kisssing the blonde-hair Elf Assassin. She was fuming up with jealous rage as she saw Drakos kissing another female.

" I SHALL EAT HER!" The White Dragon growls out as she now begins to hold down the Elf Assassin and goes to chomp off her head with her mighty draconic teeth. Her body was slowly transforming into her Dragon Form.

"NO!" Drakos holds back the White Dragon from transforming into her extremely powerful Dragon Form which would become a full-blooded Ice Dragon. Drakos swiftly takes off his sunglasses and uses his Akuma Eyes to control the White Dragon and stop her from killing the Elf Assassin who looked like the Elf Maid( Ryuu) in his house, he was still thinking if it really was her sent to assassinate him. 'Why would she betray me? And my family?' He clenched his fist and summoned his Phantasm Gun and pointed at the Elf Assassin's skull. He had a feeling that the Order had sent the Elf Assassin to kill him.

"Your time is up," he darkly said as finger slowly clicked the trigger of his Phantasm Gun. The Elf Assasin closed her beautiful aqua blue eyes and accepted her fate.

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    《Overlord of Sin》