Overlord of Sin
87 New Era Dawns Pt.3
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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87 New Era Dawns Pt.3

Drakos clicks the trigger on his Phantasm Gun and fires away. His Phantasm Bullet actually shatters her Slave Chain and breaks the curse spell that was placed on her. The blonde-haired Elf Assasin's Slave Chain and collar were actually invisible from her eyes, but Drakos could see these Slave Chains and collar with his Akuma Eyes.

'It looks like whoever sent you to kill me, didn't trust you. They placed an invisible Slave Chains and Slave Collar on your neck to track your every movement. Seems like they are using you like a 'dog'. With this Collar, I can already track who you work for. Give me one good reason not to kill you," He points his Phantasm Gun at her forehead, the cold steel of his gun made her busty body shiver. He didn't want to shoot such a beautiful angelic face. The Elf Assassin truly looked like a Blonde and Blue-eyed angel. A pure maiden. He didn't know why she would be an assassin, but then again there were so many crazy things that happened to him so far in this new world. Drakos was the person who gives a person a chance to change themselves, however, this Elf Assassin threatened him and his family. He would show no mercy to her.

" M-my Master would never use or betray me!" The Elf Assassin screams out as she goes to bite Drakos's hands in a desperate admit to escape. Drakos backhand slaps her and glares directly into her eyes, "I have given you enough chances," He slowly clicks the trigger of his Phantasm Gun.

The White Dragon smirks, "Shall I eat her already! I haven't eaten in a while and I am getting hungry!" She growled and showed her fangs.

"Join me or be eaten," Drakos said as he looks over at the White Dragon. He was using his Akuma Eyes to control her, but he knew he couldn't control the White Dragon for long.

"FINE! I c-can tell you the location of where I was sent, but I can never tell you who I work for! And II g-guess I can join you..." The Elf Assassin cutely stutters. She starts to realizes she was being used by her Master. She never knew that she has a cursed slave collar put on her by her own master! The betrayal was setting in for her.

"Do you have a name?" Drakos asked as he still points his Phantasm Gun at her head. He still didn't trust her.

"No," She sadly muttered as her aqua eyes looked down to the snowy ground with sorrow.

"How about Aqua? " Drakos said as he wipes the blood off from her lips after smacking her. He didn't feel bad for smacking her, but he thought it still was fucked up. At this point, he really didn't have any morals. He was just in the middle of evil and good, but guess you can say its the same thing. For Drakos, all he cared about was his new family and of course his Harem Members, even the Phoniex Queen, no matter how crazy and bitchy she was. Drakos choose the name Aqua for the Elf Assassin since her bright eyes were a aqua ocean color.

The Elf Assassin nods her head and accepts Drakos's new name given to her.

"Good I am your new Master now," Drakos said with a witty smile.

"Hmph! You are not my real master! I have no master anymore!" Aqua's huffs as she crosses her arm. She still felt betrayed by her old master.

"I have an idea for both of you. Since I am tired we will have a long talk tomorrow. For now, you two wear this," Drakos said as he forms clothes with his Overlord System. Drakos thinks that the Phoenix Clan had sent the assassins to assassinate him and his family, perhaps the Phoneix King or Aeros with his Mother. He had figured out that Slave Collar was made with fire magic that resembled Phoenix Fire much like Aeros and the Phoneix Queen as well as her daughter.

'Could it really be the Phoneix King or Queen, or Aeros who sent the assassins to capture my father and kill my sisters and mother as well as me? Or was it the Order? Tch, I am going to have a word with the firey bitch Cerri,' Drakos thinks to himself as he throws the clothes he formed to the White Dragon and Aqua.

"What do I do with his!? Am I suppose to eat it?! Can I just eat the elf already! She looks so tasty and juicy! A perfect appetizer!" The White Dragon roars out as she rubs her sexy toned ab stomach. Drakos wanted to Dual Cultivate badly with her, but he knew she would be a challenge to fully tame. She would eat him out quite literally!

"You won't be eating anyone anymore. I will cook for you. Now follow me back home," Drakos sighs as he walks back to his house and decides to take a shower at the hot spring bath located outside of his house. The White Dragon and Aqua follow. Drakos knew he was going to have a long journey ahead of him.

Drakos takes off his leather combat jacket and black sleeveless tunic like the one's knights wear, he also takes off his black combat pants. The White Dragon cutely blushes as she sees Drakos young muscular body. She could see all of his battle scars and marks. He really had been through a lot in just a short of time.

'He looks so tasty. I just want to devour him so badly!' The White Dragon sexily bites her pink glossy lips and touches her thick milky thighs and massive bountiful boobs.

"Finally I get some time for myself," Drakos breathes heavily as he sinks into the hot spring bath. Suddenly he feels something smooth, fleshy, and bouncy push up against his naked back.

"Ara!Ara! You here as well! Guess we can all spend time together," Drakos's smoking hot mom shouts as she starts rubbing Drakos muscular with her super smooth hands.

Drakos's golden eyes widen and his long white hair moves everywhere as he jerks back in surprise of his own mother washing his back. Drakos's face quickly smashes up onto older sister's boobs. Reza's buxom boobs engulf Drakos's young face in everlasting pleasure!

"Brother!? What are you doing here!?" Reza cutely blushes as Drakos's face is buried deep between her wet melons. Her voluptuous warrior body was completely exposed! She was fully nude! And so was Katarina!
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'Is this really happening!?' Drakos's is in complete shock as his face looks up and sees Reza's blushing face. His head is still on top of older sister's luscious creamy pale big breasts.

"Ahhhh! It feels so good to take a hot bath here! I am so dirty!" Kara happily shouts as she dips her tiny feet into the hot springs.

'Oh fuck...' Drakos golden eyes even get bigger when he sees his younger sister take off her white lace bra and panties and jumps inside the hot spring bath! All three of his supremely goregous redhead female siblings were all in the same hot springs with him!

Drakos slyly smirks, 'I guess my Dual Cultivation is coming sooner than I thought,'

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    《Overlord of Sin》