Overlord of Sin
89 New Era Dawns Finale: Ecchi
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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89 New Era Dawns Finale: Ecchi

Katarina looks at her son's muscular back. He had an insanely defined and godly body frame for being so young! Eight-pack abs and huge biceps and a tall frame, he was currently 6,2 for only being 16!

Drakos's mother's crimson eyes widened at the sight of her muscular son.

"Ara Ara when did you get so many scars!? There is even one on your eye!?" Katarina starts rubbing her son's muscular back with sorrow and shock in her eyes that her son has become so powerful.
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"This is nothing. I can easily heal these scars. The scars from all the battles I have won, from the assassins and warriors I have defeated it is something to remember," Drakos said as his long white hair dangles over his dark golden eyes, he had a serious face as he said this, he did everything he could to protect his mother and sisters.

Drakos lays back on the hot spring as his extremely busty mother starts washing his muscular back. Katarina's massive watermelon breasts pressed up against his wet back as she now starts massaging his biceps and shoulders. Drakos could feel the smoothness and creaminess of his own mother's soft wet busty breasts rub against his back. Her breasts were extremely massive and beyond well-endowed. Drakos's mom's breasts were so huge that it engulfed his entire back with a wave of fleshly pleasure. 'Is there even bra sizes in this fucking world!? Holy fuck my mom's breasts are huge as fuck! Easily an F-cup! Or maybe even bigger! A fucking G-cup! How is that even possible!? How did I not fucking notice!? Was it because she was wearing armor!? Whatever! Not like I am complaining! This is the best moment of my life! And the most amazing sexual experience I ever had in this new world!' Drakos embraces his mother's soaking wet massive breasts, her pink nipples were now perky as she rubs Drakos's back harder and cleans all of his wounds and scars. Katarina was getting 'turned' and aroused by washing her own son!

"Let me heal your wounds. I am going to use Sage Arts. Stand still my son," Katarina said as she sexily whispers into his ear and starts to actually rub and grind her big boobs hard against Drakos back and her slender hands slide down lower towards Drakos cock which was now fully erect! He couldn't resist the touch of his naked wet voluptuous mom grinding up against his back. His lust drive exploded as his mother's big 'G-cup' boobs rub against his back. The sin and taboo of being washed and rubbed by his soaking wet hot naked mom elevated his lust to its apex, his mother's aura actually was healing all of his wounds, the Sage Art cultivation technique must have been one that was power by one's lust and thus it heal others, this was the first time Katarina had ever used this taboo technique let alone on her own son! It, however, was the fastest way to heal someone's wounds, plus only a few knew this ancient cultivation technique and only purebloods could use it. This was truly a sin like no other. Katarina was also beginning to lust over her son's young godly body and his handsome face, she really hadn't seen Drakos in a long time and her husband was always away fighting in wars and she was always away as well in assassination missions. She never had any time for 'love' or any sexual interactions. It had been about 7 years or more since Katarina had seen Drakos as she was away doing high-ranked missions.

"You really have gotten 'bigger' and stronger," Katarina whispers into Drakos's ear as she rubs his body, her long sexy scarlet hair dangles over the mature pale face and sharp red eyes as her huge wet breasts press up against his back.

"Oh my! Something else has gotten bigger as well!" Katarina blushes as she sees Drakos's massive erection. His 10inch dragon was rising. Katarina's sexy maiden face is shocked at seeing her son's huge erect cock. Katarina's tight pussy was getting wet.

"You really going to do that here!?" Reza shouted with widened ocean blue eyes. Her aqua eyes were shaking with shock as she saw her own naked mother grinding her buxom breasts against Drakos back and she was sensually/sexually rubbing his body.

Reza knew what the 'Sage Arts' was and was flabbergasted that her mother would actually use it on her younger brother!

Katarina was now lusting over her son. It had been a while since she had touched a man!

Drakos notices something as his own mother touched him he could sense her pure aura! The aura of a virgin! His Overlord System could sense someone's Aura and reveal the truth about them! His Demon powers also could sense the aura and magic of others. 'WHAT!? NO FUCKING WAY!? MY MOTHER IS A VIRGIN!? BUT HOW!?' Drakos jaw drops as his mother now turns him around so they can see each other face to face!

'She looks so beautiful,' Drakos looks at his mom's gorgeous face and insanely busty body up close.

"That is so unfair let me wash him as well! I need to repay my brother!" Reza shouts as she gritted her teeth.

"Aw you want to help out your brother don't you!" Katarina giggles as she squishes her watermelons right on Drakos's face! He was living the life of a Harem God!

"I-its not like I want to!" Cutely blushes Reza as she covers up her well-endowed breasts with her toned muscular arms, she covered her nipples. Reza had boobs the same size as her mother's! Maybe just a little bit smaller, but they still looked huge and pillowy, more 'compact', a good natural F-cup!

"Let me join in!" Shouts Kara as tackles Drakos, her perky boobs hit his face! She was the youngest of the girls in the hot spring! Drakos was in heaven!.

Even though Logan was captured they all wanted to spend time together with Drakos. At least they wanted to live a happy life. One not full of danger and being attacked by the Phoenix Kingdom and assassins. Drakos may have lit the spark of rebellion against the Phoenix Kingdom and The Order, but it would have happened eventually. Drakos was the first to strike. If his family is in danger Drakos he would protect his family no matter what. He would fight for the Hell Wolf Clan!

Reza, Katarina, and Kara all know that Drakos was extremely powerful and the man of the house now. That he had a Legendary Phantasm that could change the tide of the wars and finally end the Phoenix Kingdoms tyranny.

His two hot redhaired sisters and mother start massaging his body and rub their boobs against his body. They all wanted to be enveloped by Drakos's sinful and powerful aura. His Qi and Mana was now rising back to its peak levels!

'Fuck I want to devour them all!' Drakos gropes and grabs his sister's and mother's breasts and they all started to moan lustfully. Drakos released his Lust Aura and gets ready to have some fun. This was a dawn of a New Era. One in which Drakos will take over this new world and conquer all the beauties in Zareth!

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    《Overlord of Sin》