Overlord of Sin
91 Intermission
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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91 Intermission

"The battle draws near my King against the Hell Wolf Clan. The Clan Battle that is. Who do you choose as your champions? You need four," Said Lyrion the brother of the Phoenix Queen.

The Phoenix King was still saddened that his wife had cheated on him with a younger man much less some mere boy from the Hell Wolf Clan!

"I will think about that later. First I need to have a word with my wife!" The Phoenix King walks towards the Queen's Chamber.

Cerri is chugging down wine by the second, 'No message or letter from him! That little bastard! He must have only used me for my body!' She slams down her wine glass shattering it to glistening crystalized pieces.

She was missing Drakos, but also hated that he hasn't sent a letter by 'Raven' to her. She was beginning to think she would never truly be 'loved'. And she was also thinking she would never have a amazing sexual experience she had with Drakos ever in her life again! The Phoenix King for sure had chance against Drakos godly body and sheer cock size.
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The Phoenix King had a least than average penis that could not even compared Drakos's dragon.

"Cerri we need to talk!" The Phoenix King cries out.

"FUCK OFF! I AM NOT IN THE MOOD!" The Phoenix Queen yells out as she points out the door commanding her husband to leave her bedroom.

The Phoenix King obeys his wife order and leaves her alone like a obedient dog.

Someone knocks on The Phoenix Queens door.

"WHAT IS IT!?" Cerri snarls as she gritted her teeth, she didn't want to see anyone but Drakos.

"Your majesty. We have captured the one you have been seeking. And the White Dragon has been killed by the young Hellwolf warrior, The one called Drakos," says a messenger who was wearing a black hoodie to cover his face.

"WHAT!? HE KILLED THE WHITE DRAGON!? IMPOSSIBLE!? THAT BRAT! I WANTED TO KILL HER MYSELF AND TAKE THE CORE WITHIN HER!" Cerri bit her fingernail. Her plans were falling apart, she needed to act fast if she wanted to keep her Kingdom the strongest, she planned to take the core from the White Dragon in order awaken her Phoenix Phantasm and to find the Phantasm Relics that are hidden within Zareth. Only a Dragon Blood Core can find the Phantasm Relics that were powerful enough to destroy an entire army with one slash.

"Bring in the prisoner!" The Phoenix Queen demands the messenger.

"Right away!" The messenger puts down a young female with a bag over her head.

"You are the perfect tool to lure in my precious Drakos," The Phoenix Queen sinisterly smirks.

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    《Overlord of Sin》