Overlord of Sin
92 Winter is coming
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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92 Winter is coming

Drakos grabs his 10inch dragon was ready to engage in an epic Dual Cultivation session. Veins popped out all around on his raging hard cock. He was ready to fuck the hell out of his beautiful maiden mom and sisters. He could sense their pure aura and that his scarlet haired sisters and mother were all virgins! This was a dream come true for Drakos! All three busty rose maidens all soaking wet and butt-naked pressing up against their bosoms against him!

Drakos grabs his own mother and was going to kiss her in front of his sisters!

Reza and Kara also go to kiss Drakos as they now were lusting over him since he activated his Harem Seals and Lust Aura. They were also blushing and lusting over Drakos's powerful dark aura and his new power. They respected and admired his new power. He used to be weak, but not anymore! Drakos was now a God in their eyes! A true Harem God!

Drakos holds his mother by her slim waist and looks directly into her sexy crimson eyes and mature maiden face, his lips are inches away from her red lips, her lips looked like a rosebud as Drakos went to kiss her. This whole situation was so beyond taboo!

'I don't give a fuck if this is wrong! My mom is just too hot!' Drakos kisses her right in her red pillowy lips. Katarina's crimson eyes widen as she embraces her son's lips!

'Oh my god! This is so wrong! Yet my feelings for my son prove me otherwise! I love my son! I love him so much more than my husband!' She tenderly holds Drakos's cheeks as she kisses him more passionately. Her wedding ring was seen on her ring finger as she kissed Drakos!

Reza and Kara go to also kiss him, they were under Drakos's 'spell' and they lusted over him. I mean who wouldn't? Drakos was perfect in every way possible! Taboo was now at its apex. As Drakos wet naked sisters both get closer to him and kiss his cheeks! Kara and Reza both blush as they kissed his cheeks.

'This feeling of love and lust is happening again! Why do I feel this way with my young brother!' Reza sexily bit her glossy pink lips as she goes to kiss Drakos on his lips, she wanted to do so much more with him. 'I want my brother inside me!' Reza's lust was at its peak she couldn't hold back her love for Drakos anymore. She had always loved him! Even when they were little! The truth was… That she had a special bond with Drakos… Now that is indeed a secret!

Drakos looks at Reza going to give him a kiss, 'Fuck she looks so beautiful! This really is a dream come true! Now I fucking like this world!' He smirked as he takes away his lips from his mother's and he was ready to kiss Reza.

"Ahem!" Suddenly a thunderous s draconic female voice is heard. It was the White Dragon and aqua the elf assassin. Both of them were wearing sexy skin-tight french maid outfits! They wore black and white fishnets and maid skirts.

"Who are these girls!' Shouts Katarina as she releases her deadly katana phantasm! This was Katarina's main phantasm she used in all of her assassinations missions. The Katana Phantasm's name was called Scarlet Slayer as the blade itself was formed from the blood of those she had slain. Katarina was far from a 'good person'. She had assassinated all types of people mostly Royals and Criminals, but she even killed high ranked heroes! Katarina showed no mercy to her victims. The only reason the assassins who attacked her had a slight chance to defeat her was that they used a magic spell to nullify her Phantasm for a short time. But with her Phantasm at full force Katarina was unstopable! A assassin of high caliber.

Needless to say Katarina wasn't messing around! She would protect her son at all cost!

"Stand back intruders!" Reza forms her Infinite Sword Phantasm, 10 knight swords circle around her voluptuous young wet naked body. Her milky skin shines and glistens so sexily.

Reza, Kara, and Katarina all stand up showing off their gorgeous soaking wet naked bodies. They all had released their Phantasms!

The steam from the steam bath gets even hotter and steamier! Blood boils from both sides as the White Dragon stares down Drakos's sisters and mother with rageful blood-red eyes.

"Tch. I can take on all of you by myself!" The White Dragon snarls as angrily gritted her teeth.

"ANSWER US! WHO ARE YOU!? WHO SENT YOU!" Katarina points her Scarlet Slayer katana at the White Dragon's neck.

Snow falls behind all of them. Winter was coming. And so was about to Drakos all over his hot sisters and mother but he was interrupted by the White Dragon!

'YOU HAVE TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME!' Drakos is pissed off that his special was ruined by the White Dragon. Now all girls in his harem were about to battle it out! This truly an epic and awkward moment…

If only his family knew how truly powerful the White Dragon was. They just thought she was just a normal human, a 'spy' sent from the assassin who tried to kill them and had captured Logan.
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The White Dragon had been disguised by Drakos. Her long dragon horns and scaly dragon tail were all hidden. Her horns were covered up by a maid hat and her tail was tucked deep withing her white french maid skirt! She looked like the perfect maid with long snow-white hair and red eyes. However, she still had draconic fangs.

The White Dragon's red eyes started to glow as she cracked her knuckles, "No one touches my man!"

" I HAVE HEARD ENOUGH!AAAAAAH!" Katarina goes to slash the White Dragon's head off.

Drakos rolls his eyes, 'Can I have a fucking break already?'


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