Overlord of Sin
94 Winter is coming Pt.2
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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94 Winter is coming Pt.2

The White Dragon and Katarina clash each other weapons. The White Dragon was holding back Katarina's Phantasm Knight sword with Drakos's dagger! The same daggers Drakos's father had given to him.

The White Dragon had stolen Drakos's weapon! It seemed the White Dragon still did not trust Drakos or anyone for that matter.

\"Who the hell are you! My brother does not belong to anyone!\" Reza thunders out, as thick steam swirls around her naked busty young body, her bare buttcheeks were in full view of Drakos. Reza was blushing as she held up her knight sword. It was the first time in her life that she engaged in battle butt-naked. Reza was angry as hell that the White Dragon[Who is now dressed up as a sexy Japanese maid] proclaimed that Drakos her lover.

\"Tch! Shut your mouth punny human! Before I rip out your tongue!\" The White Dragon snarls with her draconic teeth showing. She looked very cute but dangerous at the same time.

\"ENOUGH!NO FIGHTING!\" Drakos stands up from the steam bath, his huge dick dangles down like an elephant trunk.

The White Dragon crimson eyes widened at the sight of Drakos's massive dragon dong in full view! She had never seen a cock in her life! The White Dragon starts to blush, Drakos quickly snatches back his daggers and stares down the White Dragon who was showing her draconic fangs to Drakos's sisters and mother. \"What did I tell you about attacking my family,\" He whispers into her pointy ears. Drakos's sisters and mother think that the White Dragon looked like some kind of rare elf race, as she had long moon-white hair.

\"Who actually is this woman! She is not one of our maids like Ryuu( Forest Elf pale skin and fair golden blonde hair and emerald eyes) and Emilia(Dark Elf' Tanned skin' and violet eyes)\" Katrina aims her Phantasm battle-ax at the White Dragon. Her motherly instincts were kicking in to protect her son.

Aqua the elf assassin that tried to kill Drakos also shows up, she kind of resembles Ryuu but instead she aqua eyes and dark blonde hair, she was also wearing a black and white French Maide outfit like the White Dragon. Aqua slides back her thick long legs and gets into a fighting postion, she goes to protect Drakos, she thought he was in danger. The White Dragon also gets into a furious combat stance as she angrily cracks her knuckles, 'So this is Drakos sisters and mother? They are my rivals! Every girl is my rival! Drakos only belongs to me!' She angrily gritted her teeth, her draconic primal side was slowly showing, she was trying her best to hold back her dragon horns and tail from appearing just for Drakos's sake, but she was seconds away from completely transforming into her Dragon Form.

Kara, Katrina, Reza, The White Dragon, and Aqua all get into battle stances. The three crimson beauties(Kara, Katrina, and Reza) were all still butt-naked! This was going to be one epic and sexy fight!

Drakos sighed, he knew what must do next.


A/N: I will be now posting more chapters. But most of the chapters are posted on my pa treon. On my pa treon there is already 10 advanced chapters Overlord of Sin and Netori System. Just $5 to join. My birthday is on April 10th! hope you can join me on my pa treon. Also as a gift for everyone I will posting more new novels on webnovel! My next novel for HaremGodZ account is Beastly Hunter or Ero Cultivation you guys vote!

Beastly Hunter: It will be like Solo Leveling novel but set in a fantasy world with a secret reborn. There will be a system. It might be a magical realism novel.

Ero Cultivation: Cultivation with a influence of Avatar the last Airbender.

Let me know.

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    《Overlord of Sin》