Overlord of Sin
12 Bloodline Linage Pt 2
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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12 Bloodline Linage Pt 2

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\"Well 'The Armored Titan' doesn't really say no to good a battle. Nor does he spare anyone, whatever happens, is beyond my Jurisdiction,\" Lryion stares at Logan and just sighs, he knows his words weren't getting to him. The last thing he wanted to resort to violence, he was more of thinker, he was a combat strategist. But if he were to fight for his Kingdom then he would it in a heartbeat.

The Armored Titan which didn't listen to a single word the dwarf had to saw already charged forward and swung his giant knight-sword at Logan. The sword was bigger than Logan's 6,6ft muscular body frame, The Armored Titan's sword was a beast of a weapon forged with the densest metals and minerals in the world of Zareth, some people say he had slain a Titan Beast and used its bones to forge his sword. Some myths even say that this armored titan never took off his knight's armor because he was a titan in a human's body! No one knew what he looked like. Or who he was, but they all knew how powerful and strong he was! They all saw the Armored Titan crush a Wild Giant Bears head with his bare hands to protect the Kingdom! He wasn't some man to mess with.

His massive Knight-Sword collides with Logan's Great-Sword, the strong oak wood walls of the house exploded by the sheer force and impact of both of their weapons colliding against each other. Their vicious Qi could be seen channeling out of their bodies, an outline of blueish firey energy traced along Logan's body, his Hell Wolf flames. The Armored Titan's Qi was darker and more sinister, vile and corrupt it was, dark sparking blood-red energy encircled his entire bulky body. It was like this many had slaughtered many lives and devoured their screaming souls!

The Armored Titan had pushed back Logan's entire body into the walls of the house. A larger carter was seen in the wall.

\"Father! You bastard! You will pay for that!\" Drakos sisters scream out as they unsheathe their weapons.

'So this is the true power of Qi,' Drakos' hands shook a little at the sight of such power, he wasn't afraid at the Armored Titan, rather he was intrigued by such inhuman strength and power.

Seron had a dark grin on his face as goes to stab Drakos without him noticing since he was too focused on watching his father fight off the Armored Titan.

Drakos swiftly Seron's knight-sword steel blade with his bare hands, \"We all know what happened last time, it's pointless to repeat your mistakes,\" Drakos says with a deadly glare of his demonic golden eyes.

\"Die already!\" Seron unleashed his Ice Mana on to his blade to freeze Drakos, but Drakos quickly summoned half his Phantasm to slice away the Ice Magic shards to were about to freeze him. His Battle-Axe-Sytche Phantasm was a Demon Fire Based Weapon so easily sliced through Ice Base Phantasm. So his Phantasm was kind of like Logan's Phantasm! So his fathers Hell Wolf bloodline did run through his veins! But not only that Drakos Primordial Demon bloodline was even stronger than his father's bloodline! But which Demon Bloodline did he exactly have? One of Fenris Wolf? Of a Devil? Or a Lucifer/ Arch angel type of bloodline? The questions Drakos had were infinite.

Drakos turns around and punches Seron in the face, his body flew across the cabin house from how strong Drakos punch was. There was no way a young mortal like Seron stood a chance against Drakos. Seron's rage grew even more, his pride as a Knight was being destroyed right before his very eyes!

Drakos thinks about fighting against a more powerful opponent like The Armored Titan, 'The amount of cultivation I will gain from fighting against this man will surely raise up my stats and power,' He clenches his fist.

The Armored Titan slashes down his sword at Kara and Reza who were protecting their father.

Drakos summoned his Phantasm Full Form and blocks the Armored Titan's enormous knight-sword, his steel blade almost slashes right through Drakos' Battle-Axe-Sycthe Phantasm! His mortal body and weapon were strong enough to almost nullify Drakos Phantasm.

Reza and Kara look at their brother protect them with wide eyes.

'This guy's Qi is insanely powerful! Curse this young body! I can't hold him back any longer!' Drakos gritted his teeth, The Armored Titan's Qi was so deadly that a wind current of his Qi slices Drakos skin as he holds back the armored monster in front of him with his Phantasm. But he wasn't going to give up or give in. He was going to protect his new family no matter what. His Harem Seal gave him an extra boost as he protected his sisters from being killed by the Armored Titan who didn't even speak a single word.

Drakos actually pushes back the Armored Titan with his Battle-Axe-Phantasm which was now a fiery black and red color. His Qi and Mana which had formed the Phantasm was becoming more demonic and making Drakos stronger, his muscles around began to expand and bulk up.

\"Aaaaaah!\" Drakos went to strike down the Armored Titan with Phantasm, he wasn't going to let anyone take his life or take his sisters away from him.

\"ENOUGH!\" A thunderous womanly voice roars out as the main house door slams open.

A muscular woman wearing black warrior armor and a red tattered cape grabs The Armored Titan by the back of his steel armor's shoulder guard and throws him against the kitchen table.

\"Mother is that you?\" Reza's aqua eyes widen with confusion.

Kara was also blown away by the sudden reveal. He had been years since they had seen their mother.

\"So you are finally back. Its time we show them the pride and power of a Hell Wolf!\" Logan stands up and wipes the dust off his shoulders, he still was injured with his battle against Drakos, but he was reeving up to go. It was a father's duty to protect his family!

Lryion was clearly outnumbered, he thought that talking with Logan he would be able to lighten the death sentence for Drakos, but it would seem things didn't go they way he wanted to.

'Well words never get through anyone. It's always violence that makes them change their minds, that or this,' Lryion reaches into his pockets and pulls a bag full of gold coin.

\"I will give you this for your boy and I will give you more once your daughters are wedded with the Royal Prince Harry and his brother Geoffrey,\" Lryion placed down the gold bag in front of Logan.

\"You can take that bag in shove up your little ass. No one is taking my sisters away,\" Drakos snarled as he smacked away the bag of gold coin.

Logan and his wife nod and smirk at their young son's remark. \"Spoken like a true warrior,\" Logan said in a gruff tone.

\"So I see how it is. The Phoniex Kingdom won't forget this. I tried my best to reason with you but in the end your all just a bunch of barbarians.\" Lryion snatches the bag of coin and walks way. It was the first time he admitted defeat, but it also was the first time he wanted against the King and Queens rules, they were surely going to kill him, it didn't if it was the Queen's brother, she would kill him herself for failing so miserably.

Drakos at one point was going to kill the short bastard, but he kind of felt bad for him, well not really after threatening his family. Yet something was telling him that this meeting was fated and that this dwarf was actually someone important.

\"You Warrior half-bloods should just all die and burn in hell. Esspically you demon child!\" Seron angrily points at Drakos and spits on the floor.

\"Tch don't waste your breath on such worthless instincts. I would never have married such dirty scum anyways. I will tell my mother all about this!\" Prince Harry flips back his long blonder hair.

\"Go ahead you little bitch,\" Drakos said in a dark tone, his menacing demonic eyes pierced the prince's soul as he stared him down killing intent. Prince Harry almost pissed himself, \"Let's get out of here already! I hate this village and clan!\" He angrily stomps outside in a snobbish way. A young woman with long golden hair and violet eyes was next to Seron and Harry, she was wearing a black robe, she looked mysterious, her ears were longer than both humans, was she an Elf or some other race?

... The quest finally left.

\"You actually stood up for your sisters. Someone is finally becoming a man,\" Drakos mother walks over to him and embraces his face with her massive buxom breasts which actually double the size Reza's! Her giant flesh pillows felt amazing against Drakos' face.

'Tch if only you knew what I did with my sisters. And now your next,' Drakos wanted to be inside his two sister and mothers pussies so badly. But he knew had to cultivate fast if he was going to create a Harem of epic proportions. So now he was just going to live with his new parents and gain as much knowledge possible in this world. He was going to learn about Mana, Qi, his Harem and Heroic Seal, and his Phantasm. He would gain every power in this world to protect his Harem Members.

Everyone heads to bed accept Drakos and Logan who stay up and talk how they were able to fight off against someone as powerful as the Armored Titan. Suddenly the door knocks.

Drakos takes a Great-Sword from the armory wall and Logan tightly grips at his Long-Swords handle whoever was at the door again wasn't someone they were expecting.


Next chapter title: The Order

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    《Overlord of Sin》