Overlord of Sin
15 New World
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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15 New World

Before Drakos went to sleep he quickly checks out his Heroic System. He simply says Heroic System to active it. He could also activate in many other ways like blinking his eyes or snapping his fingers or even by releasing his Qi and Mana.

[Heroic System]

[Name: Drakos Storm]- Age: 14 years-old

Cultivation Rank: Bronze- Lowest rank- Tier Dire Wolf]

Race: Human/Primordial Demon

Class: [Necromancer]

Bloodline: Unknown[ Rare Variant of Demon Race]

Mana: 10

Qi: 13

[STR- Strength, DEF- Defensive, AGI- Agility, STM- Stamina, INTEL- Intelligence, KAM- Karma, MGK- Magic]

STR: 20

MGK: 20

DEF: 10

AGI: 17

STM: 7


KAM: 1


[Demon Eyes ]

[Harem Seal]

[Heroic Seal]

Body Type: Heroic; Demi-God

Primary; [Phanatasm]: Battle-Ax-Scythe weapon Class: B-type Chose your own Soul Weapon[ You haven't Oathed and Bestowed your Phantasm with a Heroic Title*]

Secondary;[Wolfbanes Phantasm]: A Hellish WildFire of cloning infinite swords of all shapes and sizes. Know as Infinite Blades. [Obtain from Reza after using your Harem Seal on her]

[ Soul Form/ Spirit Force]: The soul of your Spirit Beast will be summoned and power-up your entire body. Only through trial can you gain this power.

'So I copied Reza's Phantasm when she went to attack me after I pleasured her in the shower. Can it be that my Harem and Heroic Seals have the power to copy others Phantasm Powers? The Harem Seal can be linked to the female's phantasm powers while the heroic is for the male phantasm powers? I need to gain as much knowledge about this Heroic System and world as fast as possible,' Drakos clenched his fist and gritted his teeth in pain, this whole first day in his new life really took a toll on his young body. He closes his eyes and in his sleep, he sees a throne chair on fire and below it was a mound of skulls of all races of Zareth. The fire was dark black and blue color, with red flames in the middle. It was an eery and ghastly dream, he could her blood-curdling screams of anguish and pain thunder across his mind. Drakos opens his golden eyes wide and springs up from his bed.

\"Brother is everything alright?\" Kara walks into his room with worry in her eyes. She was holding a warm towel in her tiny pale hands, she goes over to her brother and places the towel on his forehead.

\"Are you feeling better?\" Kara asked as she blushes and remembers what happened in the shower with Drakos and her bigger sister. It truly was an epic sexual event. The Double Finger and Tittyfuck explosion on Reza was quite an amazing experience for Drakos.Nothing like having two beautiful sexy sisters who were fearsome and always ready for battle.

Drakos takes off the towel from his head. \"Yeah I am fine. I don't need to rest. I need to train,\" He jumps off his bed and starts doing 100 push-ups with relative ease. He then gets up and heads to the kitchen.

He could smell bacon and eggs being cocked, but he also smelled some kind of strong pungent meat being grilled.

On top of a huge fireplace was a whole giant wild boars leg being roasted!

\"That looks appetizing,\" Drakos said aloud to himself.

\"Yeah and its all for myself,\" Logan said with a snarl as bite off a large chunk of meat from the wild.

Drakos looks over to Reza whose also eats a large piece of roasted pork leg!

\"What are you looking at!? I am not sharing! Get your own piece!\" Reza snarls with a mouth of meat as fiercely stabs down her combat dagger on the table. For such a well-esteem knight she was acting so brutish!

'Tch I guess it runs in the family,' Drakos walks over to his mother who was preparing the breakfast for everyone. Yes, it was a very rather strange and massive breakfast to have. Drakos was still surprised that his sisters could eat so much for their slender in-shape body frames.

\"Its good to finally see you again my son,\" Drakos' mother smiles as she places down eggs and bacon for him. Her bright smile lightened up the dusky room they were in. She truly was a fiery beauty, with long dark scarlet hair with some black strands of hair. Her name Katrina and she was one fearless woman who knew how to kick anyone's ass. She was gone for about 5 years doing special ops mission and other tasks in which she could not talk about. Logan used to be like her and was always doing legendary missions, but now he was growing tired of severing in the Knights Military and guarding the King of the Phoneix.

Katrina also had a way bustier and thicker body than Reza's which was somehow impossible to believable. But Drakos mind was blown away by his mother's extreme beauty, she looked like fire goddess, but with fierce wolf eyes. Drakos really wanted to tame her.

'Damn control yourself! That is your own mother! Focus on becoming stronger!' Drakos clears his mind and focuses on what he must do today. He knew for sure that he had to go in the outside world and cultivate, but he wonders if he went to some Academy or if he was going to be trained by his father or mother. So many things were running through his mind.

\"Son it's about time we all talk about what happened at the Knights Tournament and about your future,\" Sternly said Logan as he stood up and slams down his Great-Sword on the table. Drakos really wanted to craft his own sword, he thinks if his Heroic System could that. Even though he had his Phantasm as his main weapon, he needed to quickly get a secondary weapon.

'Today is going to be a long day,' Sighed Drakos as scratched the back of his head.


[A/N: This chapter needs to be edited. More chapters coming. I am still planning and writing out chapters for a mass release. Vote Power Stones.] Aiming for 100 chapters!

IMPORTANT: What secondary weapon should the MC have? And very soon the MC will upgrade his Phantasm into something epic( No spoiler) I want you to think of a cool Phantasm power something like from the Fate Series!

This is part 1 of this chapter name arc.

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