Overlord of Sin
17 New Life Finale-Edited
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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17 New Life Finale-Edited

Drakos sipped the coffee offered by the beautiful dark-skinned Elf Maid whose name was Elanah who was an Abyssal Elf which was a race of Elf that lived mostly in the Dark Forest where the sun never shines. Some even called them Moon Elves. They were very skilled hunters who hunt down Spirit Beasts with poisonous weapons of all sorts. They were very well informed when it came to herbs and potions. Most Abyssal Elves were fast learners and it was odd to see one acting as a maid. Drakos had done this research with his Heroic System. He was able to scan Elanah and all of her skills, information, and even her Phantasm which was locked from Drakos's Heroic System.

'So I can't see her Phantasm but I can see her cultivation techniques and other important information,' Drakos rubbed his chin and placed down his coffee.

\"Thank you for the coffee. It really was good. I would like to talk to you two more but I must be going,\" Drakos said with a smile as he stood up and got his gear for the Academy which was just some dusty grimoires which had locks on them.

\"My pleasure, Master Drakos,\" Elanah bowed in a fancy way with her head down.

\"Here is your lunch, I made it specifically to your liking,\" She handed over a wooden box that was filled with rice balls and steamed fish.

'Wow, she really is nice,' Drakos took the wooden box and waved goodbye to the two Elf-Maids. Drakos's big bright smile made Elanah blush and softly gripped her chest.

\"Ryui, has Master Drakos always been this handsome and kind?\" Elanah said as she curled her snow moon hair.

The other Elf-Maid with milky vanilla skin and long golden blonde hair and bright jade eyes turned towards Elanah with a displeased look. \"Elanah we are way older than him by thousands of years. And have you forgotten about our mission?\" She whispered into Elanah's pointy elf ears.

Ryui quickly put her long flowing golden hair into a formal ponytail and placed her ponytail on the side of her slender shoulders. In terms of size, she was shorter than Elanah and even Kara who was 5,4! Ryui was 4,9ft even with her long brown leather boots on!

Drakos was attracted to both Elf-Maids and couldn't keep his eyes off them.

Kara and Reza did not like this one bit. Their faces displayed disgust and pure jealousy. Drakos's Harem Seal tattoo markings sparked up his forearms a bit, he could sense his sisters getting jealous and angry at Drakos looking at other women.

Drakos sighed, 'Of course my harem seals will be acting up now. I haven't created a bond yet with Elanah or Ryui and my sisters are pissed off at me for staring at them with lustful eyes. I will fix that problem when I come back after I am done with my time at the Academy,' He clenched his fist with a wide smirk. He knew exactly what he must do to strengthen his harem seal bonds which were powered by lust and absorbing females Qi and Mana. He must do the 'deed'.

\"You really are the worst brother,\" huffed Reza as she gritted her teeth with an infuriated redden face.

\"Is my body not enough for you?\" Reza snarled as she walked ahead without looking at Drakos with her head held up high pridefully.

\"It's more than enough,\" Drakos smacked Reza's luscious curvy booty with a wink.

\"Ugh! You vile degenerate!\" Reza smacked Drakos' shoulders and he just chuckled and grinned.

Kara looked at her slim butt and then at Reza's plump bubble-butt, \"Geez, how do you even fight with that fat-ass big sis?'

\"I am not fat!\" Reza snarled as she walked even faster ahead towards the village Academy which was about a 10min walk on foot.

Drakos gazed at the sight of the Hell Wolf clan village, there were many brick buildings which were Taverns, Blacksmith Forges, and some Guilds. In between these brick buildings were merchants who sold all types of items ranging from healing herbs to elixirs which can cast certain spells like a magical barrier spell which can protect Knights or Magus during combat against Spirit Beasts and Mythic Creatures. Even a common love potion was seen being sold in the streets, of course, most of these merchants were scammers and undercover crooks. But sometimes some people fall for the easiest of tricks.

As Drakos looked at all of the villagers of his clan, he could see the miserable condition they were in. Ripped and tattered clothes, dirty faces and bodies filled with bloody whip and scar marks.

\"Who did this to these people?\" Drakos asked his sisters with an angered look on his face. His Primordial Demon side was almost unleashed into full fury. His golden eyes were slightly growing with hatred, seeing all these people in beaten up and wounded in such a cruel and sickly state made him sick to his stomach. He may have had a demon bloodline, but to see his own people so brutally punished filled him with rage. Especially even when the children had whip and scar marks.


Reza and Kara were silent, they knew the doing of such unjust and brutal acts, but they didn't want to utter the words.

'This must be the Phoenix Kingdom's doing. Those bastards,' Drakos bit his tongue to hold back his demonic powers, he wanted so badly to join his father and his mother to see the Queen Bitch who had most likely done this to her own people by ordering her Knight's Guard to do all her dirty work.

\"Come on, let's go,\" Reza calmly said, her eyes were filled with sorrow and hatred as well. It hurt her, even more, to see her clan treated like livestock and that she was actually working for the Phoenix Kingdom's Knights Guard. She was off-duty protecting Drakos, but deep down inside she wanted to escape the Knights Guard. Eventually, she knew she would be forced to marry the Prince of the Phoenix Kingdom.

Drakos didn't forget what he saw and walked towards the Academy Building which was a large stone and wood building in the form of a medieval castle mixed in with a cathedral. There was a wooden sign hanging on top of the main gate entrance of the Academy; engraved on it was 'Golden Crest Academy'.

\"Are you ready for today's Trial?\" said Kara with her emerald eyes focused at the Academy Building ahead. She was determined to pass today. It was a Trial that would Rank Up young cultivators and magus so that they could finally join a Guild. This Trial was one in which every youngling in the village would finally get to choose their Animis which was one's Soul Force. It could range from any Spirit Beast Form, mostly depends on someone's own cultivation power and bloodline. Today was going to a very important day for Drakos in this new life.

Suddenly someone wrapped his arms around Kara and closed her mouth, \"Mmmmmph!\" She screamed out.

\"Kara!\" Drakos's demonic golden eyes widened and he swiftly summoned his Phantasm.

\"Didn't I say I would make you pay, Drakos,\" darkly said a familiar male voice as a knife pressed against Kara's neck. Fresh blood dripped down her neck.

In the outskirts of the Hell Wolf Clan village...

\"Please let me go! I swear I don't know where your crown is! Please, I beg of you!\" cried out a middle-aged Blacksmith as he was held down by two Knights wearing Black and Gold executioner armor. A gust of strong wind and rain blasted against the blacksmith's face. It was also heavily snowing in the outskirts of the North.

\"Do you know what a Queen is without her crown?\" Cerri slowly walked over to the blacksmith, each step she took made the man shudder in fear.

\"Please spare me and my children! I am telling the truth! I don't know where your crown is! I swear on my life!\" The blacksmith started crying. He knew that his fate and judgment was about to be decided by the Crownless Phoenix that stood before him.

\"A Queen without her crown is nothing but a common whore. A worthless being who has no purpose!\" Cerri fiercely gripped the blacksmith's neck, she had fiery blonde hair and piercing gold eyes, she looked a fire goddess, but one with a heart of black.

The Armored Titan was behind Cerri, he unsheathed his goliath Great-Sword, the sound of steel being unleashed echoed across the rainy skies.

\"NO! PLEASE! I WILL DO ANYTHING! JUST SPARE MY CHILDREN!\" The Blacksmith cried out even harder and gritted his teeth in sorrow. He would do anything to protect his children, even sacrifice his own life.

Cerri let go of the Blacksmith's neck and stabbed his feet with a golden flame dagger. \"AAAAAH!\" He screamed out and bit his tongue to hold back the searing pain. Smoldering bright red mana flames blasted out from Cerri's dagger's blade and burned the Blacksmith's bloody stabbed feet, he kept on screaming in pain. \"AAAAAAAAAAH!\"

\"Tell me who is the one they call Aragon,\" She clenched her fist as she dug her dagger's fiery steel blade deeper into the Blacksmith's feet. She didn't care if her gold and crimson Queen's dress was getting wet and dirty with blood and rainwater, all she desired was to find the one who took her crown.

\"I-I,\" The Blacksmith stuttered. He didn't know who Aragon was, he never heard of the name.

\"What was that? Speak louder,\" Cerri let go of her dagger and walked over to a little boy and girl who were about only 8-years old, they were the Blacksmith's children.

The Blacksmith's cheeks shook as he gritted his teeth even harder and cried more, rainwater and tears streamed down his cheeks, \"I-I,\" He didn't want to say his next words, but he had no other choice.

\"I don't know,\" His head looked down in defeat.

Cerri face almost exploded out with anger, but she kept herself composed. She looked focused and calm as thunderbolts flashed behind her. Cerri grabbed the little girls chin, \"I want you to watch your father very closely,\" She lifted her hands up to command the Armored Titan to execute The Blacksmith.

The Armored Titan stomped over to the blacksmith and dragged his massive Great-Sword against the wet snow. A trail and wake of snow was seen behind him as he stomped closer and closer to the Blacksmith. Each step the Armored Titan took quaked the snowy ground below him, his merciless dark red Qi sparked around his giant bulky bull-shaped body, he truly was a titan. The strongest of all Knights.

The Armored Titan slowly lifted up his Great-Sword which was a combination of a Buster Sword and a Meat Cleaver.

The Blacksmith slowly looked up at the beast of a man and accepted his fate. Raindrops poured in slow-motion. Not a sound was heard.

\"FATHER!\" cried out both the children as they reached out for him.

\"I will always love you!\" The Blacksmith screamed out as he also reached out for his children with tears streaming down his eyes.

Suddenly Cerri unsheathed one of her Knight's swords and slashed off both of the blacksmith's children's heads clean off. Blood splattered all over the wrathful Black Phoenix's face, Cerri sinisterly grinned and spat out the children's blood, \"Disgusting mongrel blood. I told you to watch closely.\"

\"NO!\" Thundered out the Blacksmith, his head was quickly sliced off execution-style by the Armored Titan, his blood splattered onto the Armored Titan's black and gold helmet. Through the helmet visor, the Armored Titan's bloodthirsty predator eyes could be seen, his eyes were a dark orange and red color, the eyes of a beast.

A stream of blood sipped into the snow below. The Queen would not stop until she found her crown and all who opposed her would be silenced.


Editor: Murakami_Takai


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