Overlord of Sin
18 The Trial-Edited
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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18 The Trial-Edited

Drakos Primordial Demon instincts rose to peak levels and his Harem Seal tattoos began glowing when he saw Kara being held down by someone who was only wearing a mouth mask on.

In a flash, Drakos wasted no time and used his Phantasm Battle-Axe-Scythe, he was so fast that a sonic boom soundwave blasted off from his feet and the rocky ground below cracked and rumbled.

\"Huh!?\" The boy holding a knife to Kara's neck was shocked by the sheer speed of Drakos. His eyes widened in disbelief. Before he could slit Kara's throat, Drakos activated his Demon Eyes, a demon skull sigil with an X-mark in the middle appeared in one of his eyes. His eye was now glowing a dark red and shadow-black color.

The boy who held Kara looked down and realized he wasn't holding anyone! It was an illusion the whole time. Drakos Demon Eyes had fooled the boy who dared to assault his little sister by creating an illusion clone of Kara.

'How is that possible! What sorcery is this!?' The masked boy was caught off guard by his shock and didn't see the scythe blade of Drakos Phantasm aimed at his neck.

\"Never attempt to touch my sister ever again,\" Drakos tightly gripped his Phantasm handle and pressed his Phantasm's scythe blade against the masked boy's neck, the powerful Qi energy of his Phantasm cut his neck and blood leaked down from his neck, his mouth mask was burnt and disintegrated by the blue and black-shadow mana flames of Drakos's Phantasm.

'That was so fast I didn't even see him move an inch!' Reza looked at Drakos who had just protected Kara who was unharmed by the assailant. Actually, her neck was never cut nor was she grabbed by the boy. Drakos Demon Eye illusion powers had protected Kara before she was even taken hostage.

Drakos demonic dark red eyes pierced the boy's soul. His glare alone made the boy who attacked Kara cough out blood and grip his stomach in pain.

The now unmasked boy dashed away into the corner of an alley and disappeared before anyone could see his face. He looked like he was about to piss himself as he ran away in fear of Drakos's powerful dark Phantasm and Demon Eye powers.

Drakos went to follow after the assailant but was quickly stopped by Reza.

\"You can't. Didn't you want to keep a low profile?\" Reza reminded Drakos.

\"Are you blind?! That bastard tried to kill Kara. There is no way I am letting him go!\" Drakos pushed off Reza's hands. He wanted to figure out who was dumb enough to attack his own sister, for some reason he had a gut feeling it was Seron, 'That fucking cunt! I am going to kill him,' Drakos gritted his teeth and unleashed even more Qi and Mana from his body into his Phantasm.

\"Wait, brother. She is right. Remember, the Queen of the Phoenix Kingdom still wants you executed. We can't let you be discovered,\" Kara informed Drakos as she touched her neck. She saw no blood on her fingertips. She was amazed at Drakos's magical abilities.

'How was brother able to trick that assassin? What powers does he really have?' Kara glanced over at Drakos and gulped, she loved her brother, but his new dark powers kind of freaked her out.

\"Thank you for saving me, brother. I owe you one,\" Kara said with a stern and thankful face.

\"Next time, be on guard and more alert,\" Drakos absorbed his Phantasm back into his body, a wispy wind sound was heard as his Battle-Ax-Scythe Phantasm entered his body. It was like his weapon was one with his body. The higher Cultivation Form of his Phantasm must be a Legendary Form. Currently, his Phantasm Cultivation Form was Demon Tier 1. However, a Demon Phantasm was a rare variation of Phantasm and more powerful than a Heroic Phantasm, but with a cost. Demon Phantasm drains more Qi and Mana than any other Phantasm and the weapons own dark soul and bloodlust were infinite.

Drakos could feel the surge of dark Qi and Mana flow through his veins. Even though he had a Heroic System, his bloodline was the complete opposite. It was like his body was a fusion of light and darkness.

'This surge of dark demonic powers is increasing my strength, agility, and stamina, but it really freaking hurts to contain this much Dark Qi and Mana, I have to find a way to quickly control my Primordial Demon powers,' Drakos gripped at his forearms, his Harem Seal tattoo arrow marks were glowing with dark Qi energy.

\"Are you okay, brother?\" asked both Kara and Reza with worry in their angelic eyes.

\"Yeah...\" Drakos still thought about the person who attacked Kara, he wasn't just going to let them off the hook so easily. He could already sense the attacker's scent from a mile away due to his strong sense of smell and overall heightened senses of his Primordial Demon bloodline. He planned to look for the attacker after he was done with The Trial in his Academy. He would also make his choice if he should join The Order or instead make his own clan and join a Guild.

Drakos walked past the golden main entrance gates of the Golden Crest Academy. The Academy building looked like the most prestigious building in the entire village.

Drakos, Kara, and Reza passed through a large steel double-door and entered inside the Academy building.

\"I will be watching from above,\" Reza said to Drakos as she pointed to the stadium where the Trial would take place. There were about four marble Pillars surrounding a golden giant steel bowel that had flames bursting out in the middle. A sort of ceremony torch.

A bunch of Cultivator and Magus students lined up. They were all wearing high-class forged armor and combat gear like leather gloves and boots. Each of their gears and armors were filled with magical glyphs that boosted up their mana and qi during combat. The Magus students mostly wore leather jackets and robes while the Cultivators wore combat armor. Drakos was clearly unprepared for such an epic event. Some students started to chuckle and laugh at Drakos poor-boy attire. He was just wearing a black combat jacket and black boots, it was simple as it gets for a Cultivator. This was a Trial to see all the young cultivators' true powers and abilities. A way to awaken their Animis (Derived from: Animism).

Seron and Harry were seen in the line of students. They were the ones mostly laughing at Drakos and Kara with snide, stuck-up faces. In this Academy they were prodigies, Seron was a high tier Cultivator and Harry was a Magus who used Fire Magic. Seron wanted to win the Knights Tournament in order to officially become a Knight and enlist in the Knights Guard which worked directly in the order of the King and Queen of the Phoenix Kingdom. If you are granted this title you immediately become one of the Greatest Knights in Zareth. Drakos had defeated Seron and taken his only chance to become a Knights Guard. He must have been still bitter after losing so badly in front of everyone.

Drakos lined up next to a very beautiful young girl who was the same age as him. She had long dark silver hair and sharp silver eyes, her pale skin was well taken care of. Her face was doll-like and flawless looking, there were no imperfections seen anywhere on her body or face. It was like she was a Holy Maiden.

Kara lined up beside Drakos and noticed him staring at the girl cultivator next to him. Her emerald eyes squinted with jealousy.

By accident, Kara tripped on a nearby rock and slightly bumped Drakos into the girl with silver hair.

'What the hell!?' Drakos was annoyed by his sister clumsiness.

He dropped his grimoire.

\"Oh my, here you dropped this,\" The silver young beauty bent down and quickly picked up his grimoire and handed it over to Drakos.

\"Thanks,\" Drakos took his grimoire from the silver-haired girl cultivator with a smirk.

\"No problem. My name's Silva,\" She kindly smiled and reached out her hands for Drakos to shake.

\"Hey, don't touch my sister you freak!\" Seron angrily slapped away Drakos's hand.

Everyone stopped laughing and the whole Trial Room went silent.


Editor: Murakami_Takai

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    《Overlord of Sin》