Overlord of Sin
21 Trial Finale
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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21 Trial Finale

All the students and Zion and Verlin were frozen still. None of them knew what was going on. It was like time had stopped. Then in a flash Drakos Battle-Ax- Scythe Phantasm appears back in his hands and Harry opens his eyes wide and realizes it was all an illusion. Drakos had activated his Demon Eyes which tricked Harry into thinking he was sliced in half.

The extreme fear of dying made Harry piss and shit himself in front of everyone in the trial room. The students burst out in laughter as they saw Harry's royal Magus Robe covered in shit and piss.

\"Hahahaha! Did the Phoenix Prince just shit himself!\" Laugh out a bunch of upperclassmen Magus and Cultivators.

Reza and Kara even chuckled and giggled at the sight of Drakos defeating Prince Harry so badly in battle that he made him shit and piss himself in front of hundreds of people in the Trial Room. Even some of the Greatest Magus in Zareth was watching The Trial Battles. Drakos had made Harry look like a complete little bitch in front of everyone.

\"What a loser!\" Kara shouted out with a smug tomboyish grin as she pointed at Harry who looked like a complete mess as he shat himself even more.

\"WHAT JUST HAPPENED!? DID I JUST DIE!?\" Harry cries out in confusion as he gripes his forehead in pain and vomits out blood. Drakos Demon Eyes Geass powers had completely destroyed and manipulated Harry's mind. If he wanted to he could make Harry kill himself in front of everyone in this very moment, but he hadn't fully cultivated and mastered his Geass abilities to do so.

In ancient times a demon would acquire the Demon Eyes by devouring thousands of souls. These Demon Eyes become even stronger when used upon a female to enslave them as the Demon uses Devil Dual Cultivation to drain the woman's life force during sex. When Demon Eyes are used on anyone it has three main abilities. Mind Control, Illusions, and an unknown powerful ability that only Demon Kings could achieve. In short, there are three stages to the Demon Eye power in which Drakos had gained with his Primordial Bloodline. However, he had not fully unlocked or master the full potential of his Geass. He was still young and new to this insane brutal world.

Only one of Drakos's golden eyes was slightly glowing a dark red color while the other remained the same dark gold. This is how he looked like when using his Demon Eyes against another living being.

Harry looks at his right shoulder and sees that Drakos Battle-Axe Phantasm is jammed right in his shoulders, he screams out in agony as he coughs out more blood. Even though Drakos had created a mind-illusion of killing Harry, he had still tossed the Battle-Axe Phantasm at him and right through his Phantasm Phoniex Spear. His Battle-Axe ax-head then collided into Harry's shoulders and was impale inside his flesh and muscle.

Drakos Heroic System alerts him of the new upgraded powers that he gained after defeating Harry in battle with his Phantasm and Demon Eyes.

[Heroic System]

15+ STR

10 + MGK

10+ Qi

8 + AGI

Chaos Magic gained!

System Shop Unlocked!

Phantasm power boost! Now you can summon two Phantasms at the same time or fuse them. You can also now copy others Phantasms with your Demon Eyes.

Drakos starts crazily punching Harry's face with double-right-hook punches, his bloodthirst was at its apex state! He countined to punch Harry.


\"Stop fighting! The victor is Drakos Storm!\" Demanded Verlin as she swiftly opens up her grimoire and does some hand signals as she chants out a spell. Verlin then slams one hand on the ground and she activated a barrier sphere spell around Harry to protect him with her powerful mana which acted as a dome shield.

'That power that boy has very dark and cursed. I have only seen that power once. Can it be the power of a Demon?' Zion rubs his chin in thought as Verlin protects Harry.

\"I WILL MAKE YOU PAY FOR THIS! I WILL TELL MY MOTHER ON YOU! SHE WILL HAVE YOUR HEAD!!!\" Harry gritted his bloodly teeth as he fiercely slams the ground below him admitting his defeat to Drakos.

Drakos looks at Harry and slowly walks over to him with a devilish grin, \"Whatever you say Pussy Prince. Remember what I said. Your mom is mine,\" He actually punches through Verlin's magical barrier and gripes Harry by the neck with one arm. He then pulls out his Materialized Battle-Axe Phantasm from Harry's shoulder, a large gash could be seen on the front of his shoulder.

A loud *SPLAT!* echoed across the Trial Room.

The students and parents in The Trial Room all gasped. They couldn't believe that Drakos who was just a village warrior had actually defeated a Royal Magus like Prince Harry.

Drakos lifts up Harry's body high up in the air for everyone to see, \"You call this a leader!?\" He thunders out. Everyone is silent and whispering to each other.

\"UNHAND HIM AT ONCE! HOW DARE YOU MAKE MOCKERY OF MY BROTHER!\" Screams out a young cultivator student with long fiery scarlet hair and dark ruby eyes. She looked almost exactly like the Phoneix Queen but she was way shorter and had a more slender curvy body frame while her mother was thick and well-endowed.

\"It is Princess Celestia!\" Yell out some Magus Students in shock as they stepped away from her as she runs down the stairs of the Trial Room towards her brother who was badly injured.

Celesta swings her sexy slim hips from side to side as she runs down to protect her brother. She was older than Drakos and Harry by 2 years. Yet her body was very well-developed and curvy for a young girl, she was wearing a short crimson and gold royal dress that matched her long golden blonde and scarlet hair. Her slender creamy legs glistened with the sunlight above the dome-shaped battle arena of the Trial Room. Her beauty was beyond breathtaking and stunning. Everything about her was desirable. Every man in the Phoneix Kingdom wanted to wed her. But she was a tough girl to get, she denied all of her suitors and found no man worthy of her love.

Drakos looks at Celestia and takes in her beauty, his lust was slowly rising as see the divine fire maiden walk towards him.

\"I will kill you myself!\" Celestia's eyes starting glowing and a burst of flames come out of her eyes.

\"I would like to see you try,\" Drakos cracks his knuckles and stares down Celesta with a wild fearsome look in his eyes. His eyes were like that of a demon wolf.

\"THAT IS ENOUGH!\" Verlin loses her temper, her face reddened with anger. She had never been so flustered in her life.

[Next Matches] Chimes the mana holographic screen Verlin had created with her mana.

Seron Vs Drakos

Kara Vs Silva

\"Step aside Celestia. I will finish this bastard off once in for all,\" Seron slides back his legs in gets in a combat stance with both his fist up.

Every student could only use their Qi, Phantasms, and Mana. No weapons were permitted in The Trial. This was so that every Magus and Cultivator could awaken their Soul Form.

Celestia gritted her teeth, \" I will never forget what you did to my brother!\" She fiercely shoots a fireball from her palm at Drakos. She disobeyed the Arch Magus orders.

Kara slices the fireball in half with her Phantasm which was dual daggers that had reddish sparks sparking out of the blade edges, like firey thunderbolts. She looked like a young assassin as she easily slashed Celesta's fireball attack.

\"Don't you dare touch my brother you bitch!\" Kara snarled and growls as she shows her fangs. She tightly gripes her Phantasm Daggers.

\"I will have your heads! I will make sure of it!\" Celesta snobbishly huffs as she angrily points at Drakos and Kara. She then lifts up her head in the air in a prideful bossy way as she walks away to help up her brother up who was covered in his own piss and shit.

Everyone was still laughing. They were amazed and shocked that Drakos had made the Royals of the Phoniex Kingdom look like such complete fools. They also thought that the Royals deserved the brutal treatment Drakos had given them. The honest truth was that many people hate the Phoniex Royal Bloodline. The laughter gets louder.

\"SILENCE!\" Verlin stomps her feet, her shiny black high-heels made a clanking noise and the ground shook.

\"My my someone needs to get laid. Fufufu,\" Chuckles another female Magus who was wearing a purple wizard hat that had a red ribbon wrapped around the top of it. She was petite looking Magus and was shorter than the curvaceous bombshell Verlin. Her chest was also smaller by a huge margin even though she was older than Verlin around 25 years old. This Magus was indeed a good friend of Verlin and she was probably the most powerful Magus in the entire room. A prodigy in the Phoenix Kingdom. Her name was kept a secret from everyone, most likely because she was hidding something from everyone.

'Hmm he looks so tasty, no wonder Ther Order wants this boy,' The prodigy Magus female licks her glossy black colored lips as she stares at Drakos muscular young body and Dark Qi which was spinning around his body like a tornado vortex. Only the prodigy Magus could see the demonic darkness within Drakos.

\"Alright! Let's get to the final Trial Battles!\" Exclaims Zion as he lifts up his cane in the air.

Kara was going to battle Seron's sister Silva.

And Drakos was going to battle Seron again. But this time something seemed different with Seron like his Qi had become twice as powerful than before.

Drakos gets in a warrior fighting stance similar to an MMA standard fighting stance. Seron looks at him dead in the eye.

The Final Trial Battle has begun.


This chapter needs to be edited. My editor is busy right now so excuse the next chapters which are only being edited by myself. This novel will have a huge harem and every female-type possible like Elves and even Beastkin. So expect many R-18 scenes.


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