Overlord of Sin
29 Fate Finale: R-18
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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29 Fate Finale: R-18

Drakos demon dick pierces Blackcat's asshole deeper and deeper, her puckering anus tunnels tighten around his throbbing hard cock.

*Pa! Pa! Pa!\" Drakos thrust his cock harder into the Succubus Witch asshole! Her long black wizard hat fell off as she was getting her ass fucked like crazy as Drakos gripped her creamy slender thighs with both his hands to hold her in place. The more Drakos slammed his cock harder into her asshole the more her delicious pale bubble-butt jiggles and slaps against his throbbing hard cock.

\"Gyyyyyyaaaaah! This feeling is insane! I feel it going deep inside me! YOUR COCK IS FILLING UP MY ASS! STOP I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE I AM GOING TO EXPLODE!\" Blackcat yelps and moans out in pain mixed in with overflowing pleasure. Her young gothic maiden face was flustered with extreme ecstasy and sensual fulfillment! The Slave Seal he bought within his Heroic System Shop was shocking Blackcat with more pleasure as Drakos drilled his cock deeper into her unholy carven. Drakos Primordial Demon form was dominating Blackcat and showing her who had more powerful dark magic and Qi. He made her his enteral bitch.

His beastly cock was literally destroying Blackcat's plump pale ass, the more he pounded her tight virgin asshole the more she squealed and moaned. He flapped his demonic Lucifer wings as he thrust his cock faster into Blackcat's asshole. He starts kissing/biting her neck and glossy lips as he fucks her asshole.

Drakos held up her thighs and plowed away at her asshole while her tiny legs were curled around

his muscular back.

\"UUUUUH! AHHHH! It's COMING OUT!\" Blackcat squirts all over Drakos's cock as he still fucks her ass faster and faster.

Drakos then grabs her slim tiny waist and turns around her petite body and slams her face against the wall, her lustful asscheeks and sweet puckering asshole was now seen in all its lustful glory.

Drakos rubs his hard veiny cock on her buttcrack, her sexy beet red sweaty face was anticipating what was going to happen next. He then rubs his cock on top of her pussy lips and clit, he was teasing the fuck out of her. He made sure to make her look like a complete succubus slave. He wasn't going to let anyone control him, especially a short connveying succubus witch like Blackcat. She really was a sly kitty cat, but Drakos saw through all of her tricks with his Demon Eye powers and high Primordial Demon instincts.

Drakos slowly brings his cock closer to Blackcat's asshole.

\"NO NOT AGAIN! I WANT IT IN MY PUSSY! PLEASE! I WILL DO ANYTHING TO MAKE YOU BREED ME!\" Blackcat yells out with a red as hell blushing aheago face, a reddening face that was getting tired and frightened of getting her sensitive ass pounded again.

Blackcat forms a magical barrier spell with one hand to protect her ass, a black and blue crystalized magical barrier protected her ass from getting rammed by demon dick.

\"Shut your fucking mouth slave,\" Drakos jams his dick deep in her asshole and fucks Blackcat doggy-style! He breaks her spell by just fucking right through it! His cock alone breaks her high-tier spell!

It was perhaps that his demonic QI was too powerful for Blackcat to stop with just a mere magical barrier or was it something else? Was it that Drakos was able to nullify and break anyone's magic when he was in his Primordial Demon form!?

Drakos thrust his erected cock as hard as he could with all of his might into Blackcat's asshole. This time he fucked her ass with all the lust powers of his Harem Seal, Slave Seal, and his own demonic Sexual Aura! He starts choking Blackcat's frail neck while fucking her doggy-style, her thick tiny bubble-butt bounces on his cock.

*PA!PA! PA!* The sound of Blackcat's ass cheeks bouncing on Drakos throbbing hard cock echoes across the sacred church. For such a holy place, it was now turning unholy as hell.

\"GAAAAAAYAAAAAAH! IT'S TOO BIG! TOO BIG! MY ASSHOLE CAN'T TAKE YOUR COCK!THIS FEELING IS RAPTURE!!!\" Blacktcat's seductive amethyst eyes rolled back and she sexily gritted her teeth as Drakos chokes her even more and pounds her asshole in a dominate doggy-style position, her cute maiden face was fiercely slamming against the marble walls of the church. He does his final thrust and drains Blackcat of all her pleasure and QI, he actually fucked her very dark succubus soul right from her asshole and pussy! Drakos was showing Blackcat who was a True Demon. His cock was twice the size of her head! And now it was inside her tight asshole! The prodigy and cunning gothic Sucubbus Witch had finally met her match!

'Fuck this little bitch's asshole is so fucking tight! I am about to bust a fucking nut!' Drakos slams her ass-pussy even harder and slaps her pale ass hard as he chokes her with one hand.

'IT'S COMING OUT AGAIN! THIS LUST AND PLEASURE IS TOO MUCH! YES FUCK MY ASS! UNTIL I CAN'T TAKE IT ANY LONGER!!!\" Blackcat moans out as she orgasms for the third and final time! Her virgin pussy squirts out a water-hose of pussy juice all over Drakos cock and onto nearby religious church statues! It was a squirt of epic proportions. Her milky thighs shake and quiver, her own shiny black leather boots were now covered with her pussy juices! It was insane to see Drakos who was 6ft tall fucking a witch's ass who was only 4,9ft!

\"Here is my seed bitch!\" Drakos shoots a thick massive cumload all inside Blackcat's tight tiny asshole.

\"AAAAAH! UHHH!It's so warm in my asshole! So sticky and creamy!\" Blackcat licks her plump black/pink gothic lips and her eyes were shaking in extreme lust and pleasure. She had an insane blushing aheago face as Drakos empties his demonic seed inside Blackcat's anus, some of his cum leaks down her thick vanilla thighs. Her little-doll ass with filled with cum and she enjoyed it, she was purring for more cum.

Drakos kicks away Blackcat's tiny petite pasty body and zips up his pants. He didn't even thank her for the amazing time. He had completely owned her asshole and she loved every single second of it, he put the Succubus Witch in her place. He drains all of her Qi and Dark Mana after absorbing her Sexual Aura and Dual Cultivating with her asshole.

[Slave Seal evolved to Master Seal! Master Seal formed with new Harem Member]- Blackcat: [You now have complete control over her entire body and soul]

[Chose a name for her and mark your territory]- New Name- Amethyst

He mostly chose this for the witch's bright cute amethyst eyes. He enjoyed them shaking as he fucked her ass.

[Master pact made! You may use Amethyst for anything you desire!] - A golden tattoo mark is formed on his knuckles and forearms, this glyph marking looked very powerful and had a different design than his Harem Seal marking. In total Drakos had three powerful magical seals, Heroic Seal, Harem Seal, and now the Master Seal. The Trinity.

\"So fate has surely brought us together so I could acquire this new power. Who would have known that a Witch would actually be useful,\" Drakos looks at his Master Seal markings which were glowing a dark red and blue color.

[Summoning Seal]: LOCKED* RARE

[Harem Members: Kara-50%, Reza-70%, Amethyst-85%,] - The percentage means how loyal and close each bond is with your harem members are.

Blackcat's spatial magical barrier explodes and shatters after orgasming so much, suddenly Drakos sisters were seen in front of him. All this time Blackcat had created a special realm to hide herself and Drakos in so that she could be bred, but her plan only ended up with Drakos breeding her asshole with his gooey Primordial Demon seed. Blackcat swiftly changes back to her original black lacey wizard clothes. 'So this is the true power of a Primordial Demon a Lucifer who has the Infinite B-'Amethyst was quickly interrupted by Drakos sisters.

\"What in gods name is going on!? And who are you are!?\" Reza gripes her knight-sword and gets in a striking position with one leg sliding back and her sword blade pointing at Amethyst's neck, she was about to active her Phantasm Wolfbane and form her magical Knights Armor. Reza and Kara had no idea that Drakos fucked and cummed in Amethyst ass-cherry.

\"Now now, no need to be alarmed. Your brother has proclaimed his undying love for me and I am now his enteral slave,\" Amethyst bows down to Drakos.

\"WHAT!?\" Both angrily scream out Kara and Reza as they gritted their teeth, they didn't trust the short vexing witch who was bowing to Drakos with a cute kitten face.

It was odd seeing an ancient powerful mythical Witch bowing down to a 14-year-old boy who only was just a warrior in the Hell Wolf Clan. However, the truth of Drakos existence and why he was reborn in Zareth was far bigger than what anyone could imagine.


A/N:This chapter needs to be edited. More chapters coming. Next chapters will explain more about this world and I will make a Rank/Info chapter that talks about the world of Zareth and all the kingdoms and clans. I wonder who can guess Drakos secret hidden power* and why was he reborn. I also wonder who can guess his true bloodline. If you want to imagine how Drakos looks just think about a younger Jon Snow but with white hair lol. How to tame your Loli witch or bitch. You will get to know more about every female character. This is just the beginning and the next chapters will get more wild, hint the Phoenix Queen.

Chapters now around- 800-1,500 words

VOTE POWER STONES FOR MORE CHAPTERS- 3 more chapters coming out today. Time to keep my promise of a mass release.. I will reach 45 or more chapters this week. My editor is back.



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