Overlord of Sin
31 The Meeting Pt.2
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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31 The Meeting Pt.2

\"Drakos! What are you doing here!?\" Logan loudly shouted as he turns to face his son with a confused angered face.

\"Cerri what is the meaning of this!? I wanted to speak alone with you! You dare bring my son here!\" Katrina gritted her teeth and gripped at the handles of her Dual Katanas, even though she was an assassin of high caliber, her love for her children knew no bounds. She would sacrifice everything to protect her children. Kara, Reza, and Drakos meant the world to her.

\"Do you even know what your child has done? The crimes he has committed? I should have his head by now, but I value your aid to the Phoniex Kingdom Katrina, if weren't for our 'circumstances' you would all be imprisoned and killed. I will make this very clear. Hand over your son,\" Queen Cerri lifts up her hands for her Royal Knights to take away Drakos.

\"NO!\" Katrina angrily yells out as she unsheathes her katana's.

*CLING!* The sound of her katana being unsheathed echoes across the throne room.

Katrina was on the verge of unleashing her Phantasm which was one of legends, the ones who have seen her Phantasm never lived to tell the tale as they were killed off so quickly without a breathe to spare. She was a powerful woman he didn't take shit from anyone. Not even the Phoenix Queen.

Logan also gripped his Buster Sword and stood close to his wife and children. His powerful Qi was exploding out of his buff body.

Queen Cerri knew about Seron's death, that Drakos was the one who killed him so mercilessly at 'The Trial' when he awakened his Soul Form. Prince Harry's only true friend and bodyguard(Seron) was taken away from him. She had also heard that Drakos was the one who stole her daughters 'first kiss!', this infuriated her even more to her core since her daughter was a virgin and waiting for marriage to lose her virginity. Cerri wanted to torture Drakos so badly and break his mind, she wanted to make him suffer for what he as done to her youngest daughter. For disgracing the Phoenix Kingdom. The only people who knew about Seron's death was Cerri, Amethyst, Verlin, Drakos, Kara, and Reza. No one else did. Verlin was only able to dispell Amethyst Mind Erase Magic used on the Queen and Princess Celestia as well as Prince Harry.

'Damn you Verlin for interfering with my Master,' Amethyst hissed at Verlin as she talked to her telepathically.

Verlin: 'Shut up you fool! Do you know how much trouble you are in!' She shouts in her mind.

Queen Cerri clicked her tongue and stands up from her gold phoenix throne, \"You seem not to understand the situation your in. My dear friend,\" She walks down gold stairsteps towards Katrina, her sexy slim hips swayed in a seductive entrancing way.

\"You will not take my son.\" Katrina snarled and gritted her wolf-like teeth as the Royal Knights surrounded her. Each Royal Knight was wearing fully geared knight armor forged from volcanic rocks and various dense metals/minerals. The armor itself was glowing from how hot the metal was, any bladed weapon that would strike their armor would be melted by the extreme heat radiating from their Phoenix Armor. Think of it as wearing freshly smelted forged armor that would always stay hot no matter the temperatures, hot enough to melt any type of metal. These Royal Knights all wore knight helmets with phoenix wings sigils marked on the sides of the helmet. They were very powerful knights who trained at a very young age to be the Queen's personal Knights. They would protect her at all cost. Their powerful flame-Qi abilities were the reason why they were able to wear Phoniex Armor.

The Phoniex Queen walks towards Drakos. Reza and Kara were on the edge of attacking the Queen, they were inches away from unsheathing their weapons and activating their Phantasms. Amethyst also stood by Drakos side, purplish glowing magic glyphs spun around the little Witch's hands

Drakos finally sees the Phoniex Queen up close. Face to Face they stood. The whole Throne Room becomes silent. Gaint torch flames flickered in the background. Each flame ball in the torches grew brighter as the Phoniex Queen extends out her hands and softly touches Drakos's cheeks. Her hands felt super warm and incredibly smooth against Drakos's cheeks, he didn't flinch nor did he look afraid as Queen Cerri rubbed his young face.

\"You will be mine. And I shall make you suffer a million deaths as I torture your body and soul. Your screams of pain will make me orgasm,\" Queen Cerri sexily whispered into Drakos's ears in a fiery lustful tone.

\"You will be the one screaming once I have you on all fours. I will ravage your naked body until there is nothing left,\" Drakos darkly says as his fearsome golden eyes stare down Queen Cerri. He felt no fear. Drakos was actually impressed by how beautiful the Phoniex Queen looked. Her sensual voluptuous hour-glass body looked very lustful and fiery. Her mature pale maiden face looked like that of a fire goddess of temptation, her long flowing scarlet hair was so bright red that it looked like her hair was actually a wave of flames! One can say she was literally smoking hot.

The Phoniex Queens seductive ruby eyes widen after hearing Drakos crude remarks, she was baffled that such a young boy from the lowly Hell Wolf Clan had said such demeaning words to her.

\"Don't make pull out your tongue from your skull!\" Cerri blasted out as she went to grip Drakos's neck.

\"GET AWAY FROM HIM!\" Screamed out Kara, Reza, Katrina, and Amethyst as they prepare their attacks. Drakos Harem seals glow brighter as he could sense their emotions pouring out of their gorgeous bodies, he could sense his Harem members souls and what they were thinking. Like a mind-reader.

Drakos swiftly grabbed the Phoniex Queen slender hands and looks her directly in the eye, \"I need my tongue for what I am going to do to you,\" He actually places his other free hand around Cerri's waist and goes lower to her rather large plump butt, it was an ass of legends, so big and round, it was the perfect ass. Drakos was close to grabbing her amazing butt for a quick squeeze, but Cerri angrily pushed him away and her ruby as started to glow. \"YOU DISGUSTING HALF-BLOOD BASTARD! Phoniex flames burst out from her fearsome eyes.

Everyone in the Throne Room was ready to battle to protect what they fought for.

\"I see how it is!\" Queen Cerri waves over and summons her most powerful Knight, 'The Armored Titan'. The beast of man comes out from the shadows of the golden Throne Room.

Katrina lifts up both of her katana's in front of her face in a battle stance, suddenly something falls out of her black leather combat jacket.

Queen Cerri face turns as red as the sun and her ruby eyes exploded out with fiery uncontrollable anger. She had seen her glorious beloved gold royal crown fall out from Katarina's jacket!

\"MY CROWN! IT WAS YOU WHO TOOK IT FROM ME!!!\" The Phoniex Queen thunders out as she points her finger at Katrina, veins popped out all around her neck and forehead from how angry she was. Her once gorgeous mature flawless goddess face was now smite with a nasty burning red color. She really lost her mind!

\"Hand over my crown and your son! Or they shall be killed! Bring them out!\" Queen Cerri waves over the Armored Titan who drags two beaten up elf woman, their faces were covered in blood. They were the Elf-Maids from Drakos house.

Ryui and Elanah laid motionless on the marble floors of the Throne Room. Queen Cerri had tortured them and even Princess Celestia joined in the horrific acts. Neither Cerri or Celestia cared about the weaker races in Zareth. To them, Elves were nothing but trash.

\"You bitch!\" Drakos clenched his fist and gritted his teeth. Tension was high in the Phoniex Kingdom. A new era was dawning over Zareth.


A/N: Here is more long chapters.This chapter needs to be edited. Vote more power stones. More chapters coming. Refer to chapters 18 and 19 for more info on Ryui and Elanah. There will be alot of different female characters from all different races and there also be a new type of female characters showing up. No spoilers. Next chapters come out today. Ranks and power scale will be posted up today.


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