Overlord of Sin
32 The Meeting Pt.3
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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32 The Meeting Pt.3

\"Such frail ugly creatures they are. I was searching for my crown for so long. Then I heard 'word' that someone from the Hell Wolf Clan had stolen my crown, I tortured and kill some leads from the Hell Wolf Clan, blacksmiths, traders, and adventures I asked, but none would tell me where my crown was, so I slaughtered them. And now here you are with my royal crown, you have betrayed me and my trust. You are like a sister to me Katrina, but this will not go unpunished!\" Queen Cerri raises her hands up for The Armored Titan to execute Ryui and Elanah who had awakened, their beautiful bright eyes were shaking as they saw the Armored Titan slowly stomp over to them with his colossal rusty Long-Sword raised up high in the air, his sword was stained with so much blood that blade itself had a second layer of its own made up entirely of blood of the countless lives he slaughter. Not a once of mercy was seen in his inhuman silver eyes.

\"Stand back!\" Ryui shouted as she raised up her fist in a Kung-Fu stance, she was highly trained in hand to hand combat. She had trained her combat skills and hunted in the Elfen Forest all by herself as she was abandoned by her Clan and family when she was only 6-years old. She always had to fend for herself. But Queen Cerri and Verlin had tricked Ryui and Elanah to coming with her back to the Throne, that is when both the Elf-Maids were attacked by the Armored Titan who obviously overpowered them. Queen Cerri had a feeling that the Storm Family may have been the ones who took her crown and disgraced her. And now that feeling became true.

\"I swear if you lay a finger on her I will!-\" Katrina roars out as she gripped her katana's metal handles tighter. Her dual katanas began to glow a reddish color, some red sparks and blues flames were forming below the blade itself. This must have been Hell Wolf flames which was a powerful fire ability passed down from her warrior Hell Wolf bloodline.

\"You will what? I made myself clear hand over your son and your precious Elves won't be killed.\" Queen Cerri said as walks over to Katrina and picks up her gold crown from the ground.

\"It is good to finally be reunited again, my pride, my royalty, and power all return with this,\" Queen Cerri slowly places her crown on top of her head.

\"I will never hand over my son to the likes of you!\" Katrina snarled like a fearsome wild-wolf as she gritted her teeth, her powerful Qi was emitting out of her busty body. Katrina had mastered two powerful elements during her years of cultivation as an assassin(Fire and Wind), she was a highly skilled killer who would always strike first and slaughter her 'targets' without any hesitation. She secretly worked with someone in the Phoniex Kingdom to assassinate those who were on the Phoniex Queen's hit-list. That is why the Phoenix Queen deemed Katrina as someone worthy to her royal empowering'cause', but now Katrina had betrayed her by supposedly stealing her Queen. Queen Cerri only desired one thing, she wanted everyone to worship her.

\"You stole my crown! And your son has killed one of my finest young knights! Do you think I will let this go by!?\" Queen Cerri snarled as her hands raised up in the air to give The Armored Titan the command to execute Ryui and Elanah.

The Armored Titan had his Long-Sword raised high up in the air with blood-thirsty sharp silver eyes that emitted slaughter across the Throne Room, he was ready to slice off both Ryui's and Elanah's head off at the same time with one mighty downward sword slash. An executioner strike.

Both Ryui and Elanah look at Drakos, their eyes shake with fear and sorrow.

Drakos had only known them for a day, but he could feel all of their emotions of fear pouring out of the frightened Elf-Maids, he could feel their sorrow and anguish. Elanah was so kind to him as she offered him coffee and even feed him some cake back in his house, she was full of spirit and kindness. Ryui, on the other hand, was reserved and distant from everyone in the Storm Family. Like she was keeping a secret. She was a woman who hid her emotions very well.

\"I never stole your damn crown! Don't you see I have been framed! Why would I ever want your crown!? The only thing I care about in this world is my family! And Ryui and Elanah our part of my family! So unhand them right now!\" Katrina aims her dual katanas at Queen Cerri.

\"I have heard enough of your vile lies. I told you. Your son's crimes will not go unpunished!\" Queen Cerri swooshed down her one hand to signal her executioner,\"Kill them!\" She ordered the Armored Titan.

The Armored Titan instinctively slashed down at the Elf-Maids little necks.

*CLANG! BOOM!* Drakos blocked The Armor Titan's massive Long-Sword with his Battle-Axe-Scythe Phantasm, his golden glowing eyes were exploding out with fiery rage, he had to hold back his dark demonic Primordial Demon Qi from consuming him. For he was close to going into Berserker Mode!

\"I won't let you kill anyone who is important to me,\" Drakos growled as he held back The Armor Titan's insanely powerful sword strike.

Ryui and Elanah eyes widen with shock, this was the first time anyone has ever stood up for them and protected them. A young human boy who no one knew actually blocked the Armor Titan's attack.

'Who is this boy? Why would a human ever risk their life to protect me?' Ryui's beautiful emerald eyes almost teared up from seeing Drakos save her life.

\"Master Drakos!\" Shouts out Elanah as she weakly reaches out his hands for him, she was still injured from being tortured by the Phoenix Queen and Princess. She didn't want her master to be harmed.

\"Drakos!\" Yell out all of his family members with worry in their eyes as they gripped their weapons.

\"So I see how it is. Foolish boy,\" Queen Cerri lifts up both of her hands. She was going unleash her Phoenix Phantasm.


Important: There will now be two or three daily chapters from now on. On Sunday there will be a huge event of chapters. Thanks for the support. On Friday every chapter will be fully edited by my editor. I will be adding more tags in this novel like System and more. Also next chapters will now be medium pace so that I can fully introduce each character and give them time to grow. Even though non-stop action is awesome. It is time for a good break/more lemons. The System Stats will also make its return with a nice added twist.


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