Overlord of Sin
34 The New King
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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34 The New King

Drakos unleashes all of his demonic powers into one more punch, but this time he added a boost of power with his Heroic and Harem Seals as well as the full force of Primordial Demon bloodline powers a blast of blackish thunders spin around his forearms and knuckles. In the world of Zareth of living being had one Elemental Affinity. For example, Drakos main Affinity was Lighting which now transformed to Dark Thunder due to his demonic bloodline, he also had an unknown bloodline as well. Drakos had theories that he had a heroic bloodline since of his Heroic system and many other theories based on all the magical seals he gained through his sexual moments with Reza, Kara, and Amethyst. But right now all that mattered to him was taking down the Armored Titan.

Whatever the outcome he was going to try and kill the Armored Titan for killing so many innocent lives and threating Ryui and Elanah as well as his whole family.

\"Take this!\" Drakos punches the Armored Titan so hard in the side of his face that one of his eye's actually exploded by the sheer force of Drakos dark thunder punch. Blood splatters all over Drakos's face. His punch alone sent a shockwave across the throne room and shattered the top side of the Queen's Throne Chair and created a large crater the size of a wrecking ball on the walls of the throne room. Drakos showed the Phoneix King who was the real King of this world. A new King was rising.

The Phoneix Kings eyes were actually shaking with fear of Drakos strength and power.

\"Raaaaaaargh!\" The Armored Titan roars out. He didn't know the meaning of pain, he didn't feel any emotions or sensations, yet now he was angry as hell. He dropped Drakos on the floor and Drakos coughs blood, but his wound were already regenerating and healing by the second, his slight Dark Dual Cultivation with Ameythst.

\"How is that possible! He is just a mere mortal child!\" Snarls out Queen Cerri as she angrily gritted her teeth. The sight of one of her strongest Holy Knight's being injured by Drakos made her go crazy and fill with fiery rage.

\"This will not go on any longer!\" Princess Celestia's charges forward with her fist full of phoenix flames and goes to punch Drakos. Reza swiftly blocks her strike with her Knight Sword Phantasm, \"Stay away from him! You wench!\" She growled as she held back Celestia's powerful fire fist with her Phantasm.

\"What did you call me!? You filthy mutt!\" Celestia's ruby eyes blasted out more phoenix flames, Reza's words made her erupt with hate. It looked like always being angry and hot-tempered ran in the family bloodline.

\"I said enough! Fighting each other won't get us anywhere!\" The Phoneix King stomps his feet and releases his Phoniex Flames, his whole body was covered in flames and a reddish aura was glowing around him. His Qi energy was growing more powerful by the second.

Drakos wasn't even the slightest bit afraid of the Phoniex King, he didn't give a single fuck about him and didn't fear him. He feared no one. Drakos looked so godly in front of the Phoniex Queen and King after landing a brutal hit on the Armored Titan's face.

The Phoniex Queen started to lustfully touch her pale buxom breasts and thick thighs, her pussy was getting wet seeing so much power emitting out of Drakos young body. Even though she hated him so was slowly starting to attracted by his power and alpha behavior/mentally. At the moment, she was more attracted to Drakos than her own husband. Seeing Drakos young muscular body and handsome godly face made her bit her glossy red lips, she wanted to tame Drakos and make him her enteral slave. She was a dominant type of woman who always liked being in control. She was tired of being with the Phoniex King who she tortured in bed by whipping him and other BDSM methods, she didn't even have sex with him since she deemed his cock unworthy to be inside her pussy(It is a grand mystery how she had children). But now after seeing Drakos fight back against the Armored Titan so bravely and powerfully she was getting aroused by the young Hell Wolf boy. She wanted Drakos all for herself.

Drakos could sense the Queen's sexual aura growing, he knew this was the perfect time to use his Demon Eyes Geass powers to control her mind. Even though the Queen was a complete bitch, Drakos actually wanted to fuck her, he wanted to put that bitch in her place. He would dethrone the King and fuck the Queen of the Phoenix Kingdom. But first, he had to plan on how to take down the Phoenix Kingdom, he was, after all, a young Harem God. Well, he wasn't a Harem God yet, for that to happen he would have to conquer every kingdom in Zareth! Drakos was going to first start with the downfall of the Phoenix Kingdom. A New King will rise.


[A/N: This chapter needs to be edited.More chapters coming I took this time off to plan the story. Some changes I made is directed towards the plot and powers of the story. I will be making a chapter solely based on the power scale and ranks of this novel. The MC will also be changed to a more sharp-minded MC, but with a dark and light side. A balanced MC is always the best. So I will tone down the edge and make this whole story more enjoyable. Just know that after this chapter there will be a lot of R-18 chapters with the first big one already planned. However, I will be making a voting poll for that chapter since it is a strange taboo topic. Anyways thanks for the support I will be posting way more chapters. Vote power stones for more chapters. Tags will also be added today.

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