Overlord of Sin
35 Destiny
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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35 Destiny

\"Lay down your weapons. There is no need to fight. You must excuse my wife for her brash behavior,\" The Phoniex King said as he dispels his flame phoenix flames from burning everyone into ash. Well, maybe not Drakos would easily absorb his Phoniex Flames with his Demon Phantasm and Primordial Demon powers just like when he absorbed his older sister's Phantasm when he first formed his Harem Seal with her. (Reza's Infinite Blades Phantasm when she tried to attack Drakos after touching her voluptuous lustful body). His Phantasm/Demon Form also nullified Harry's and Seron's attacks during The Trial.

The Phoneix Queen rolled her eyes at her husband's pathetic request, she didn't even fear her own husband who was getting older by the second. His hair was a salt and pepper color, it was short. He also had a grey shaved beard that looked rough-cut. It seemed that the Phoneix King was aging fast, not even magic could stop his rapid aging. Magic could not solve or stop aging. No magic can save someone from Death. Death is inevitable.

Drakos also just gave out a low \"Ha,\" laugh at how lame The Phoneix King's Qi was as he saw that his power was nowhere near his level. With his System, Primordial Demon, and Phantasm powers he was almost like a Dark God. But he knew he needed to become powerful if he were to take over the Phoneix Kingdom and rule over it. After all, he was still young and there was still so much to learn about this new world he was reborn in.

\"Do you hear me Hell Wolf bastard!?\" The Phoneix King points his finger at Drakos in a disrespectful manner. He didn't like Drakos punching and injuring his most loyal Holy Knight the Armored Titan.

Drakos dark powerful demonic aura was flowing throughout his entire body, he gritted his teeth after hearing the pitiful Phoniex Kings words and then reaches out his hands in a choking position.

\"Gaaaah! Hack!\" The Phoneix King grips his neck and kneels down, he is being suffocated by Drakos fearsome powerful Dark Qi. Drakos was actually choking the Phoneix King from the distance with his Dark Qi. It was kind of like the power of the Force.

\"Father! What are you doing!?\" Princess Celestia angrily shouts as she sees her father in pain, she knew this was Drakos's doing.

Drakos releases his Dark Qi from the Phoneix King's neck, he sees that the Phoneix Queen is now lusting over him more than ever. Drakos smirked he showed the Phoneix King who was the real alpha here.

\"Now its time,\" Drakos uses his Demon Eye Geass power on the Phoneix Queen. Cerri's bright ruby eyes begin to glow and now her mind was being controlled by the power of the Demon Eyes. The Demon Eyes powers become stronger when someone lusts for you, this power was mostly used on females(The Demon Eyes will also work on a male if they feel hatred towards Drakos). That is why Drakos used his Demon Eyes right now on the Phoneix Queen, her lust was on overdrive after seeing Drakos choke her husband with his Dark Qi and also punching the Armored Titan. It was now or never. Drakos knew he wouldn't have another chance to be this close with her and if was able to control her mind then it would make taking over the Phoneix King much easier. He would work in the shadows inside the Kingdom itself.

\"I want you to escort me to your room and tell everyone it will only be just you and me. No one else can enter. Tell them we need to talk about my 'punishment',\" Drakos commands the Phoneix Queen with his Geass, he telepathically ordered her inside of her mind.

\"Yes Master,\" The Phoneix Queen whispers inside of Drakos's mind.

Amethyst and Verlin put up their faces and breasts together and angrily growled at each other and were on the verge of casting powerful magic spells.

Reza and Celestia both looked at each other with hate in their glowing eyes as their Phantasm clashed. Prince Harry was staring down Kara with hate in his snobbish eyes.

Kara and Logan were standing on guard and were in front of Drakos with their Phantasms( Reza: Warrior Battle-Axe and Logan: Buster Sword) equipment.

Everyone was rowdy and loud in the throne room. They wall wanted to kill each other.

\"Silence everyone! I want to speak with this boy alone! Maybe I can find another solution than death as a punishment,\" Queen Cerri orders everyone in her Throne Room.

\"But mother he was the one who mocked me! And made me look like a fool! He was the one who killed-\" Prince Harry was about to tell Drakos's mom and dad that Drakos killed Seron, but was cut-off by his mother.

\"SILENCE! You were the weaker one in battle! Stop crying and grow a damn pair! You are a a disgrace as my son! I should disown you for being so patheic and weak! Now come with me!\" Queen Cerri points at Drakos and commands him to follow her to her chambers.

Prince Harry angrily gritted his teeth and even cries more. He was a real bitch.

Drakos darkly smirked as he saw the Prince make an utter fool of himself. Soon Drakos was going to make the Phoniex King and Prince experience pain like no other. He was going to bed the Phoniex Queen in her own chambers!

\"What!? I will not let you take my son with you! You vile woman!\" Katrina roars out, she didn't want her son alone with Cerri. To the fiery she-devil.

\"It is alright. I can handle myself,\" Drakos said in a reassuring tone to calm down his mother.

\"No brother! Do not listen to that monster! Do not follow her!\" Reza angrily shouts out with worry in her eyes as she held back Celestia's Phantasm.

Drakos doesn't listen to Reza's words. His Harem Seals staring glowing, his bond with Reza was slowly fading. He would fix that after he had some fun with the Phoniex Queen. He was a young Harem God and he wanted every woman in this world, even the Phoneix Queen.

[Heroic System leveled up and evolved to Harem System!]

>Harem System

[New Quest!]

[ Take the Phoenix Queen's virginity and tame her]-Harem Points: 3,000]

\"The Phoenix Queen is a virgin? WTF...\" Drakos scratches his head in confusion and follows the Phoneix Queen to her chambers. This moment was going to change his destiny forvever.


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