Overlord of Sin
36 Destiny Pt.2
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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36 Destiny Pt.2

\"I won't you be alone with her! Don't go with her my son!\" Katrina pleaded as she looked at Drakos with worry in beautiful ruby eyes. Her red eyes were much brighter and valorous than the Phoenix Queen's. She tightly gripped her Phantasm Warrior-Ax and gritted her teeth. She didn't want her son to be alone with such a horrendous and vile woman like Cerri, she was a horrible merciless queen who tortured and taken many lives. The thought of son being alone with Cerri made her Qi ignite.

\"I said don't worry about me. I can handle myself,\" Drakos looks at the Phoniex Queen without any fear in his golden eyes. His long white hair that was tied up in an epic manly ponytail flowed with the wind that came from the ceiling area of the throne room.

\"I won't you let be alone with her! Don't go with her my son!\" Katrina pleaded as she looked at Drakos with worry in beautiful ruby eyes. Her red eyes were much brighter and valorous than the Phoenix Queen's. She gripped her Phantasm Warrior-Ax and points it at the Phoniex Queen.

\"Tch! Like I would let my mother alone with a bastard who kissed me!\" Princess Celestia fiercely stomps her red high-heels on the ground.

\"You listen to a mere warrior boy but not me!?\" Bellows out the Phoneix King.

\"Shut it! Enough of your sniffling the both of you! I want to talk to this boy alone and that is all!\" The Phoneix Queen snarls and grabs Drakos by the arm and walks him out of the Throne Room.

Cerri leads Drakos down a flight of stairs he can see a bunch of warrior statues and surround by fiery chains. Everything looked like a volcanic dungeon the lower they got.

Drakos sees rows of cages on the walls of the stairway filled with different races of Zareth he sees elves and Demi-humans all beaten up and bloody. The steel cages were infused with Phoneix flames so that the slaves and prisoners could not escape if they dared to that is. The Demi-Humans had psychical traits of a human fused with a beast, like fox ears, tails, and other animal appendages. The creation of a Demi-Human was a forbidden taboo and it was clear that the Phoniex Kingdom was abusing its power by experimenting with Demi-Humans and using the 'poor' as test subjects.

Drakos was infuriated and angered to see all of the elves and Demi-humans in such a horrendous state. It reminded him of seeing Ryui and Elanah covered in whip marks and burn scars after being tortured by the Phoneix Queen and Princess.

\"Why do you do all of this? What have they done to deserve such punishment?\" Drakos angrily asked the Phoniex Queen with a serious and cold face, he was pissed off to see such useless brutality. He always believed there were two sides of everything, right and wrong, dark and light, evil and good, but what was in front of him was raw untamed savagery. Drakos already knew he wasn't good in any way possible, however, he did try to do what was right. He everything his way.

\"Bah! Do you actually care about these worthless creatures? They are nothing but mere tools to do my bidding!\" Queen Cerri snarls as she crosses her slender arms and disrespect kicks the cages of the slaves and prisoners.

\"No, they are not. You are the worthless one here. You want to control everything and bend everyone to your whim, but you can't even control yourself. So now I will take full control,\" Drakos gripped Cerri's wrist and pulled her mature busty firey body close to his buff chest.

\"Just because they are a different race does not make them worthless or inferior to you. Your whole mindset is flawed and power-hungry. I will put you in your place,\" Drakos darkly said as he tightly held Queen Cerri close to him and then drags her over to her bedroom.

\"Unhand me at once! I don't even know why I am flowing you! You have manipulated my mind!\" Queen Cerri barks out as her dark ruby eyes start to glow and Phoneix flames spark around her eyes.

\"Trust me. You haven't seen the full potential of my power,\" Drakos drags Cerri over to her room and kicks open her room door. He then lifts her up bridal-style towards her lavish rose-colored bed

\"What are you doing!?\" Queen Cerri angrily roars out as she goes to slap Drakos. She was pissed off that a young boy was taking advantage of her! Oh have the tables turned!

\"I already told you. I am going to put you in your place after we have a nice long talk,\" Drakos said with an evil grin, his sharp golden demonic eyes made Queen Cerri tremble with fear, she bit her red lips as Drakos stared her down showing her who was the alpha.

Drakos actually wanted to be teleported by Verlin to the Queen's Castle. He waited for that happen, that is why he kissed Princess Celestia and killed Seron. He knew that would bring enough attention for him to be summoned to the Phoneix Queen's throne. Through the Phoniex Queen's doors destiny awaits.



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