Overlord of Sin
39 Phoenix Queen: R-18
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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39 Phoenix Queen: R-18

Drakos fiercely pushes down the Phoenix Queen and kisses her roughly as he begins to violently slap her plump thick ass cheeks and slap around her pale face! It was a brutal and sexual way he was kissing the beautiful lustful fire-maiden. He was becoming a Sex Beast.

The Phoenix Queen was entranced and literally in heat by looking at Drakos taking charge and being dominant unlike weak white knight men kind of like her husband and other wannabe heroes of this world. She was disgust by prideful and righteous men who sought to be heroes, golden boys she would call them. She hated the 'hero-type' she thought they were so damn cliche and annoying, they were all weak-minded and would easily break under her love charm. Must of all she despised boys who were obedient to her.

That is why she was always in charge of her husband during sexual times, even though she never really had sex with the Phoenix Queen, she had to endure his pitful kisses and sexual advances, but right now Drakos who was a young unknown boy was kissing her better than her own husband ever would!

Cerri even kissed back harder and accepted Drakos's aggressive dominant kiss as she wrapped her thick thighs around his muscular back. They started doing a tongue of war battle as they aggressively rub each other's hot bodies, their wet slimy tounges coiled around each other as they kissed rougher. Both of them were in lustful heat, but the Phoenix Queen lust-drive was diffidently on fire. Drakos used his Qi energy to take off the Phoenix Queen's dress. But she stopped him doing it

The Phoenix Queen unleashes her firey Phantasm Phoenix Spear and Drakos unleashes his Phantasm by finally calling its true name.

\"STORM SLAYER!\" Drakos roars out as a handle made of Giant Demon Wolf bones is formed and a warrior battle-ax blade fused with a Grim Reaper/ Death God scythe is formed at the tip of the bone-handle. Storm Slayer was a mighty looking weapon that only the most fearsome and powerful of Demons could wield! A Primordial Demon like Drakos easily wields such a weapon. Dark Lighting blasted out his Phantasm Storm Slayer and Drakos strikes the Phoenix Queen so hard that she becomes completely naked. Drakos swiftly takes off his pants and completely transforms into his full Primordial Demon Wolf form. His Demonic Wolf fangs come out of his mouth and he grows a blackish white wolf tail, this time two tails grew out!Drakos takes in the magnificent heavenly sight of the butt-naked pale perfect Fire Goddess. Her huge milky watermelon-sized pillowy breasts looked so juicy and sweet. Her pink cherry nipples were perky and looked delicious. Drakos wanted to devour her entire body and being inside her so badly!

\"I am tired of waiting,\" Drakos pins down the Phoenix Queen on her bed and unzips his pants to release his massive godly demon dick which was now super erected and pulsating. It had grown double the size after fucking Amethyst asshole during his Dark Dual Cultivation with her and now it was the perfect size for the Phoenix Queen because right now he wanted to slay her tight virgin pussy which now dripping wet. Her pussy looked so beautiful as a pink rose petal and Drakos was ready to deflower her virginity. But first, he was going to torture her more with extreme pleasure, he activated his Harem Seal and Slave Seal around her entire naked busty naked mature body to heighten her sensation to the highest peak! This means that now she was super sensitive to only Drakos's touch.

Drakos was going to make her pay for everything. A flood of memories entered his mind and he starts to remember his past, and what he saw shocked him and made his hatred for the Phoenix Queen grow even more. For the Phoenix Queen had killed someone very dear to Drakos in his past life! The truth will all soon be revealed. As Drakos's rage thunders out and burns even deeper than before, his Primordial Demon instincts were on full-drive, his berserker mode was awakened. Drakos was going to fuck the living hell out the Phoenix Queen without any mercy.


This chapter needs to be edited. My editor is editing all chapters now and all the edited chapters will be up today. The POV will change next chapter to add more description and 'spice'.

IMPORTANT: I will be posting way more chapters every day about 3-4. So vote power stones. Last week was hard for me as I had to plan a lot and one of my family members was in the hospital. So that was for the delay in chapters. But now I will go on full force and plan to reach 80 chapters this week and next as 'someone' has challenged me. I will write daily and promise to give you new chapters everyday about 3 chapters. On August 1st there will be a huge pa treon give away. So lets get this story to the top.

Review if you can. This will be the last message after each chapter I will only use the author section from now on to avoid clutter. I have read all of your feedback and look to improve this novel. If you want to give me any suggestion then comment away.



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