Overlord of Sin
40 Phoenix Queen Pt.2 : R-18
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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40 Phoenix Queen Pt.2 : R-18

\"GET IT AWAY FROM ME! IT IS SO HUGE! HOW DOES A MONGREL BRAT LIKE YOU HAVE SUCH A BIG COCK!?\" Screams out Cerri as angrily pushes away Drakos's throbbing 18inch hard cock. Cerri's sexy bright goldish-ruby eyes widen at sight of Drakos's huge godly cock.

'There is no way that thing is fitting inside me! It looks so insane! It's too big for my virgin pussy! No, it shouldn't even go in! It shouldn't even be in the presence of a powerful Queen like me! How dare he! Who is this boy!?' The Phoenix Queen screams out inside her mind.

\"Shut your mouth and take your punishment! Your virginity belongs to me!\" Drakos roars out as he pins her down hard and spreads her thick thighs to reveal her beautiful shaved pink rosebud pussy. It was a glorious sight.

\"WHAT!? HOW CAN YOU KNOW WHAT I AM SAYING!?GET AWAY FROM ME!\" Thunders the Phoenix Queen as her thick vanilla thighs and huge melons shake. Fear was in her eyes, she didn't know that the boy in front of her was so powerful, also she had never seen a cock as huge as Drakos's, her husband's cock was like a baby shrimp compared to the demonic dick in front of her that looked like an anaconda.

The Phoenix Queen was so confused, one part of her wanted Drakos to stop, the other part wanted Drakos to fuck her! Her lust was on overdrive because of Drakos Demon Eye Geass controlling her mind and his Harem and Slave seals wrapping around her body with extreme static pleasure. She was kicking away at Drakos buff chest with her thick long athletic creamy legs. She was trying to kick him off her busty mature body.

\"I said take your punishment!\" Drakos smacks away her slender legs and spreads them apart from and jams in his demonic canine-like wolf dick deep inside the Phoenix Queen's tight wet virgin pussy. His dick instantly fills up her smooth fleshy vaginal walls which constricted tightly against his throbbing hard wolf meat shaft. His cock was longer and girthier than any human's cock, it made Cerri's pussy throb and pulsate as Drakos fiercely jammed his cock in deeper inside her pussy. He had deflowered her.

\"UUUHHHH! AAAAAAH! YOU ARE FILLING ME UP! WHAT IS THIS FEELING!? I CAN'T CONTROL MYSELF!!! IT FEELS SO DAMN GOOD!!!\" The Phoenix Queen screams and moans out in an intense orgasmic way as her ruby eyes roll back with extreme pleasure mixed in with pain. Her emotions of hatred, rage, and sheer disgust for Drakos all transformed into complete bliss and ecstasy. Her slender vanilla legs shoot up into the air as Drakos demon dick dives deeper inside her virgin vaginal cavity, his massive dick quickly burst her hymen and makes her entire busty body squirm and jiggle as she moans out louder than before. She begins tightly grip and scratch Drakos's muscular back with her nails. Drakos cock head had already hit Cerri's G-Spot and cervix at the same time, his mighty huge meat rod was filling her whole pussy to the brim. Cerri was seconds away from having her first orgasm ever!

[Harem System: Virginity Taken. Now Tame the Phoenix Queen to complete your quest! And gain 5,000 Harem Points!]- darkly says Drakos system with a sinister demonic genderless voice.

\"AAAAAAAH!AAAAAHHNNN! EYAAAH! I CAN'T HOLD IT ANY LONGER! I AM GOING TO EXPLODE!\" Cerri moans out as her sexy long scarlet and blondish hair moves wildly everywhere all over her gorgeous doll-like maiden face and Phoenix Flames burst out all around her entire naked body. \"I am cumming!!!\" Cerri bites her lips and passionately kisses Drakos as she wraps her legs around him in a missionary position.

Drakos wasn't going to make her just feel pleasure. No, he was going to give her some pain as well. She didn't deserve any kind of love from him after all the brutal things she has done to his Clan and his past friend. He sees flashes of his past, he sees a little girl with draconic dragon horns on top her head, she had long flowing snowy hair and was smiling back at him, her blood-red eyes glowed bright like the moon, she was holding Drakos's hand as a child. He then sees the Phoenix Queen beheading this draconic girl right in front of him! Drakos feels a surge of demonic darkness and rage wrap around his entire body and his Harem Seal tattoo marks start to glow a reddish-black color. He was going to make the Phoenix Queen suffer for what she had done to his draconic friend and to his family. To his Hell Wolf Clan. She oppressed all of his clan and tortured them, Drakos wasn't going to let her rule over his Clan any longer. He was going to take everything from her and the Phoenix King.

Drakos kisses the Phoenix Queen's pillowy juicy red lips and squeezes her plump bubble-butt tightly and looks her straight in the eye with demonic glowing golden eyes, \"I am going to make you mine,\"

[POV Change]

I plunge my erect throbbing hard cock into the Phoenix Queen's sweet sticky wet pussy, her vaginal walls press up against my pulsing hard cock. The smooth slippery feeling of her tight pussy muscles contracting around my hard cock was heavenly, my cock was getting harder by the second. I have never felt such a tight pussy in my life. Each thrust I did makes her scream and moan loudly as she wraps her smooth creamy legs around my back. It was blowing away my mind how this bitch of a woman had such a perfect pussy. A stream of sticky pussy nectar burst out from her cervix and all over my cock head. Some pre-cum comes out from the tip of my cock as I pound away harder and faster into the Phoenix Queen's pussy, my cock easily glides inside her pussy mixed with pre-cum and pussy juices, it felt amazing. She lets out more muffled moans and bites her sexy glossy red lips as she takes my demonic dick. I was having the time of my life. This bitch deserves every inch of my dick. I was hate fucking her.

\"Yes! Just like that! Fuck me harder! I need this so badly! I need you!\" The Phoenix Queen lustfully moans as shes kisses me and uses her tongue to lick the inside of my mouth. She had never been fucked this good in life. No one could give her pleasure like me. I was unmatchable.

I lick her tongue and then start to grope and smack around her perfect soft pillowy tits that were the size of watermelons. The bouncy and jiggly feeling of her luscious big soft breasts on my fingers made me harder and I thurst my cock even deeper inside her dripping wet pussy, her pink petal pussy lips perked up all around the edges of my shaft and I feel like I am about to cum! But I continue to pound away without showing any signs of stopping. My carnal demonic stamina was off the walls and I felt like I could fuck the Phoenix Queen's pussy forever. I scratch and bite her neck like a wild wolf as I fuck her pussy faster and faster. I even start to suck her cherry perky nipples which tasted sweet.

*Pa!Pa!Pa!* Sounds echoed across her room as I pounded away at her pussy like no tomorrow.

I now fiercely grip her ankles and push her down on her bed in an alpha male dominant missionary stance. I look at her stunning goldish amber eyes and rosy cheeks and take in all over her goddess beauty. I know what I must do. I was going to devour her soul by giving her sinful pleasure like never before. I form dark demon electric whips with my powerful Qi and get ready to dominate this firey bitch.

I grab her slim hour-glass waist and flip her over on to her elbows in a doggy-style position. The Phoenix Queen's puckering tiny asshole and pussy lips were now both in full view from behind. She turns her head to face me with such a sweet and seductive angelic blushing face, she was waiting and begging for more of my demon dick. I whip her huge firm asscheeks with my electric whip and she moans out so loud the walls around the room vibrate and shake.

\"What are you going to do!?\" The Phoenix Queen sexily whimpers out as her whole body quivers and shakes. She was already tired from being fucked so hard and perfectly by my godly cock. Sweat was forming all over her body, her entire pale body was now glistening and shinning.

\"I am going to break you,\" Was all that I whisper in her ears as I aggressively dive in my cock deep inside her pussy from behind and smack and squeeze her curvy bubble-butt with my hands this time. I thrust my cock in her tight pussy at the speed of light as I pull her long firey golden hair. I slam my cock in her pussy for about 10mins straight as I spank her ass and tug her hair like I was riding her. She sexily gritted her teeth and took the pain like a good bitch.

\"AAAAAAH! I'M CUMMING!\" The Phoenix Queen moans and yells as her pussy squirts all over my throbbing cock. I couldn't believe that she orgasmed so fast just with one thrust from behind!? What the fuck. My cock really is epic. But I wasn't going to let this firey goddess off so easily. I had more in the tank. I was just going into my ramage Primordial Demon mode. I feel a surge of thunder sparks enter my entire body during my Dark Dual Cultivation with the Phoenix Queen. I was growing more powerful by the second, I can feel my muscles grow and Qi rise up to peak levels. The more I tortured her during sexual intercourse, the more Qi I absorbed from her.

\"How pitiful. You orgasm that quickly. I going to make you orgasm more until you can't take it anymore! Get ready! I have a surprise for you!\" I grab the Phoenix Queen's chin and turn her head to face her room door.

Her daughter Celestia opens the door and she is only wearing a crimson and gold corset bra and panties. She looked drop-dead gorgeous. A Phoenix Princess at her finest.

\"NOOO!\" The Phoenix Queen screams to the top of her lungs with widened shocked eyes.

\"I am just getting started,\" I darkly say as I grip my still hard cock and go for round two.

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    《Overlord of Sin》