Overlord of Sin
43 Betrayal
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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43 Betrayal

During the events of Drakos Dual Cultivation with the Phoenix Queen...

\"What is taking them so long?! What can they be doing behind my back!? That is it! I am going to take away that brat from my wife!\" The Phoenix King loudly huffs out as stomps his feet and rubs his long beard. He didn't trust Drakos alone with his wife. If only knew that at this very moment Drakos was fucking the living blazes out of his wife. He had no clue what was going on between Cerri and Drakos, that Drakos had taken his wife's virginity!

\"Calm down Brutus. My son told everyone it was just between the two of them. You shall no break oath today,\" Logan said as with a calm and collected face as he gripped his Buster Sword Phantasm. Right now it was fully materialized, the steel blade of his sword glimmered with the flames of candles nearby in the King's throne room.

\"Do not call me that name! I swore no oath! God knows what your son is doing with my wife!\" The Phoenix King barks out as he angrily slammed down his fist on his golden throne chair.

\"Look I am just as pissed off that my son is with your witch of a wife. I would have not let him go by himself, but he is my son and is grown up to make his own choices. But if your wife if so lays a hand on my son and he comes out with a scratch. I will destroy her,\" Katrina snarled and gritted her pearly white teeth, her dark red eyes looked serious as hell. She was one fearsome protective mother.

The Phoenix King shakes off Katrina's words, \"Are you threatening my wife?! You Hell Wolves are all the same! You act on violence and show your fangs to anyone of a higher power! Do you know what I can do to all of you! Your Clan belongs to me! My Kingdom owns the whole Northen Region! You are nothing but wild wolves!\" He points his finger to Katrina and Logan as well to Kara and Reza who was angrily looking at the Phoenix King and growling with a growing hatred for the old snobbish bastard in front of them.

\"Who cares about these pack of wolves! Where is my mother!?\" Prince Harry snarled as he clenched his fist, his many luxurious gold diamond rings glimmered ever so brightly. He as well like his father didn't trust Drakos alone with his mother and he couldn't be more right. In fact, Prince Harry was suspicious because his sister wasn't by his side anymore. He loved his sister very much and felt a close bond to her, but right now he felt that his sister was betraying him and his love. The same went for the Phoenix King.

\"That is it! I am going to see my wife!\" The Phoenix King storms out of his room. He could sense something was wrong.

Reza went in the way and so did Katrina, Kara, and Logan. They all blocked his way so that they could protect Drakos and make him have his 'conversation' with the Phoenix Queen.

\"Out of the way!\" The Phoenix King roars out. Spit flew out of his mouth from how angry he was.

\"No,\" They all said in unison. Even the two elf maids, Elanah and Ryui got in the way of the Phoenix King to protect Drakos.

\"Get them all out of here! I have had enough of them!\" The Phoenix Queen orders the Armored Titan to get rid of Drakos's family.

The Armored Titan grunted and slowly walks over to Drakos's family and holds up his giant long-sword high up in the air. The Armored Titan and Drakos's family fight off each other. It was a five on one and yet the Armored Titan was still able to fight all of them without breaking a sweat. He holds them off easily.

\"Verlin teleport me to where Cerri is!\" The Phoenix King commands his Royal Mage.

Verlin nods her head and tips up her sleek glasses, she forms glyphs around the King and teleports him outside the doors of his wife's bedroom.

The Phoenix King slowly walks to his wife's bedroom door. He could hear her loud moans and squishy fleshy sounds.

*Pa!Pa!Pa!* Echoes across the fancy marble hallways that he was walking in.

He could also hear the creaking sound of his bed being beaten. The moans of his wife got louder with each step he took his face got redder with anger. He was afraid of what was happening in his bedroom. His heart sank deep down and his throat was dry. Tears almost streamed down from his shaking firey hazel eyes. He didn't want to believe that his wife for 13 years was doing the unspeakable with Drakos.

\"Oh yes! Fuck me harder! You are fucking me better than my useless pathetic husband ever would! I love you! I love you!\" The Phoenix Queen lustfully moans out as her slender hips move up and down on Drakos's raging hard dragon.

The Phoenix King loses his mind at the sound of his wife's lustful sticky moans.

\"Open up the fucking door!\" The Phoenix King slams his knuckles at his bedroom door.

Drakos slowly opens the door with a deadly serious face, \"Who told you that you can barge in?\"

\"What are you doing with my wife!? Where is she!\" The Phoenix King thunders out. He was close to choking Drakos and burning his entire body alive with his Phoenix Flames.

\"Don't worry I am taking good care of her,\" Drakos said with a devilish grin.

The Phoenix King looks behind Drakos and sees his wife drinking some wine. Her naked body is covered up with his own bedsheets!

\"YOU BASTARD!\" The Phoenix King grabs Drakos's neck and lifts up his young body in the air. Drakos long white hair dangles over his godly face.

\"Unhand him at once!\" The Phoenix Queen demands her husband to let go of Drakos.

\"ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS! H-HOW DARE YOU! 13 YEARS WE HAVE BEEN TOGETHER AND YOU DO THIS!?\" The Phoenix King starts crying and gritted his teeth. He loses his composure as a King.

\"Let him go. I want to divorce you,\" The Phoenix Queen coldly says without a single ounce of remorse for her husband.

The Phoenix King is flabbergasted and his jaws drop. His eyes widened with shock. The words he dreaded all of his life were finally heard. All because a young boy from the Hell Wolf Clan fucked her first and took her virginity! Drakos had taken, no stripped, The Phoenix Queen from the Phoenix King. He was shell-shocked.

Only one thing was in his mind now. Kill Drakos.

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    《Overlord of Sin》