Overlord of Sin
44 New Power
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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44 New Power

The Phoenix King fiercely gripped Drakos's neck and was choking him with one hand. Drakos looked unfazed by the Phoenix King's weak strength, actually, he just chuckled a little at how pitiful the Phoenix King looked right now. He looked like a defeated old man who had lost the love of his life. His own wife, the Queen getting dicked by some outsider half-blood boy from some back-world clan. A mere young cultivator warrior taking his wife's virginity! In all his 13 years with Cerri he didn't even have the chance to look at her precious holy pussy or even her plump massive breasts(Which were clearly bigger than DD-cups)

He didn't see her naked at all! For 13 years of their marriage, he has only kissed her, but only on the cheeks!

In less than one day he had become the ultimate cuck. A random Hell Wolf boy had fucked his wife and had fingered his own daughter and kissed them both. In a way, Drakos also cucked Prince Harry who indeed had feelings for his own sister!

Drakos glares directly at the Phoenix King with his dark red demonic eyes, \"Let go of me,\" He darkly said without a shred of mercy in his evil eyes. Suddenly his eyes starting glowing a purplish-red color, black ancient-arrow symbols start spinning around his right eyeball. His Demon Eyes had evolved into a new eye-power. One of a higher illusionary ability.

\"Don't talk back to me child! Aaaaaah!\" The Phoenix King goes to choke Drakos's harder, but his entire body froze and he pukes out blood! Then his hands go right through Drakos's neck! It was like Drakos had become a ghost! His new powers had made a slight dimensional portal that sucked in the Phoenix King's hand.

Drakos purplish right eye still looks at him, but this time it starts to pulse and glow even more, \"Leave the room and never speak of this again. Let the image of me ravaging your wife stay within your mind forever,\" He telepathically talks into the Phoenix King's mind.

\"Gaaaaaah! Get it out of my head! Get these images out of my head!!!\" The Phoenix King falls to the floor and starts clawing at his face and crying wildly.

In his mind he sees his wife being fucked by Drakos in all different angles, the image keeps on repeating itself into a nasty sinister spiral. The Phoenix King sees his wife being fucked over and over by Drakos in his mind. The sounds of her pussy being pounded were etched deep in his mind!

\"NOOOOO!\" He screams to the top of his lungs and storms out the door as he cries even more.

'Useless. I might as well erase everything. ERASE!' Drakos uses his Demon Eyes on The Phoenix King just before he leaves the door to erases all his memories. But his Demon Eyes still kept all the darkest memories and fears of the Phoenix King intact. Actually, Drakos's Demon Eyes make the Phoenix King see everything he fears in his mind, he starts to piss himself and cry even more as he leaves his wife's bedroom without saying another word. Drakos knew The Phoenix King wouldn't mutter a word to anyone and if he did he would kill him by breaking his mind and body with his demon powers.

\"Wow, he really is a pathetic man, unlike you,\" The Phoenix Queen softly kisses Drakos's cheeks.

\"Let's have our talk,\" Drakos said with a sly devilish smirk as kissed Cerri in the mouth. He also kissed Celestia and whispers into her ear, \" I want to speak with your mother alone,\" He rubs her chin and sexy glossy pink lips.

Celestia nods her head and goes out the door.

\"I am going to make this quick. I want to ask you some questions and make a special arrangement,\" Drakos sternly said to Cerri with sharp focused eyes. His plan to take over the Phoenix Kingdom was now in play.


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