Overlord of Sin
48 Clan Battle
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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48 Clan Battle

\"RISE! AND HEAR MY WORDS LOUD AND CLEAR!\" The Phoenix Queen fiercely points at Drakos who is handcuffed and surrounded by her knights. Even the Armored Titan was behind Drakos with his giant long-sword aim right below his neck.

Drakos just smirks. He was going to now play along with the Phoenix Queen had to say.

\"You promised you wouldn't harm my son!\" Katrina gritted her teeth and tightly gripes the two katanas on her back.

\"Tch! Do not interrupt me!\" Cerri thunders out as she dominantly slams her hands on her fiery throne. She really hated Katrina's guts, ever since they were childhood friends, Katrina was always the one who was stronger, a true born leader. Katrina's Qi and body was very powerful, some even say that Katrina was strong enough to take down an entire army all by herself. Others said that she was so powerful that she killed an immortal S-Class Hydra with only her Phantasm! She was even powerful enough to tame a wild Fenrir Wolf! She was feared by all. A highly-skilled assassin since birth. They called her the Apex Assassin.

Katrina had enough of Cerri's words, she was going to free Drakos and get the hell out of the throne room, even if she had to kill anyone in the way.

\"Hurry and speak. You are making me sick just by looking at you,\" Katrina growls as her red eyes flicker with rage. The Hell Wolf Clan had all people born different eye colors which were mostly red, emerald, and icy blue, only a few had the 'forbidden eyes'.

\"The same here.\" Cerri flames flicker out her rageful eyes. She looks at everyone in the throne room and speaks once more. She stomps her feet and pushes aside her cuck husband to speak.

\"I challenge the Hell Wolf familia to a Clan Battle! I will you give 1 year to prepare! If my familia wins then your son belongs to me! He will become my slave! And your entire familia and clan will be banished as well!\" The Phoenix Queen says with a spiteful smirk.

\"WHAT!?\" Both scream out Reza, Katrina, and Kara. Logan remained silent with his buff arms crossed as leans against one pillar.

Drakos smirks even more. This was exactly what he wanted.

\"I will not accept your challenge!\" Katrina roars out as she points her finger at Cerri.

\"If you do not then your son will be executed today!\" Cerri screams out cracks her glass of wine with a vicious scowl.

\"I accept the challenge. If I win I take your Throne \" Drakos quickly interjects everyone as he boldly stands up. The two knights behind still held their spears at Drakos's neck.

\"Don't move!\" They yell out.

They would kill if he made any slight attempts to attack the Queen. Not like they would even have a chance to kill him.

\"You can't brother! Are you mad!?\" Reza yells out as she looks at Drakos with worry in her aqua eyes.

\"I want to kick some butt!\" Adds in Kara with her fist raised up high. She really wanted to punch the Phoenix Queen in the face. Actually, she just wanted to punch anyone in the face from the Phoenix Kingdom. She was a little warrior.

The two elf-maids are silent. Elanah and Ryui clenched their fist. They knew their master was in trouble.

\"Fine, then it is settled. 1 year in the Clan Battle begins. But first, we must make a truce as a Fire Goddess,\" Queen Cerri slices her palm with a dagger and lets her blood drip on the marble floor.

A contract is formed with her blood and phoenix fire. A Goddess Contract.

Drakos quickly signs it with handcuffed hands. He then bites his finger and shakes Cerri's hand to commence the truce.

\"Okay now that is settled. I will tell you the rules of the Clan Battle,\" Cerri looks over to her husband. She waits for him to take out the rule book.

The Phoenix King first wanted to ask Queen Cerri a question, \"Um my darling. My everything... What do you do with that boy alone in our room?\" He asked with a stutter and a whimper.

\"SHUT YOUR MOUTH YOU FAT FUCK! AND GET ME THE FUCKING RULE BOOK!\" Queen Cerri slaps her cuck husband behind his head like he was a bad dog. Poor Phoenix King didn't know that Drakos fucked and knocked up his wife!

The Phoenix King quickly gives her the rule book without saying another word. He always listen to his dominating wife.

Drakos and his entire family and Elf-Maids get ready to hear the rules from the Phoenix Queen. But is obvious that his mother and older sister Reza were fuming with hate towards Cerri. They knew how unfair and brutal a Clan Battle was. They knew that blood will be spilled.

However, is this what Drakos wanted from the get-go. This was all part of his grand plan. For he has been planning to become a Harem God since the day he was reborn. It was finally time to get into action.



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