Overlord of Sin
49 The Rules
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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49 The Rules

\"The Clan Battle has three rules. First one is that only people from your Familia can battle, meaning only the bloodline of the Hell Wolf clan can battle, however you can choose just two outsiders to battle with your clan. In total, you can choose 6 main forces from your Familia and two outsiders. But we can choose more tropes and forces about half of my Army-\" Queen Cerri was going to continue saying the rules, but was quickly cut-off by Reza.

\"That is not fair! You are making this one-sided! How can 8 people fight off an army!\" Reza snarled as clenched her fist at the absurdity of the Clan Battle rules.

\"Silence! And hear the rest of the rules!\" The Phoenix Queen hisses as she snaps her finger in a bossy way.

Reza growls she knows the rules are complete bullshit.

Drakos just plays along with this whole thing, he leans back cooly with bladed weapons pointed at his throat. 'Tch. Fucking fools,' He laughs to himself in a snide way.

\"The second rule is that you can use any weapons you like and even your Phantasms. Cultivation techniques can also be used. Killing is even permitted. As my mantra is the weak die and the strong survive. The Apex Predators rules over its prey. So let's see whose Familia is stronger. The final rule is rather simple, in order to win the Clan Battle you must overthrow the Throne. I chose my castle as the main Recon Point.\" The Phoenix Queen informs all of Drakos's family.

\"Are you insane!?\" Katrina roars out.

\"Your son already agree to the Blood Scroll! There is no turning back!\" The Phoenix Queen thunders out as she clenched her mighty fist. Her goddess's face was now firey and fierce. Well, Cerri was always a fearsome and cruel woman. Only Drakos had truly tamed her.

\"I will not allow you to make my brother fight against such odds!\" Reza steps in defense of her beloved brother.

\"Ha! Are you that weak you don't even believe in your power!You don't even deserve to have him as your brother! You're a failure of a sister!\" Celestia points at Reza.

\"Shut your mouth or I will rip it out!\" Reza went to slap Celestia who was giving her a snobbish look.

\"Can you girls behave yourself! And Cerri I will never forgive you for this! Just know your Familia will lose! I will show you no mercy! Everyone lets get out of here. I am done hearing this witch's word!\" Katrina storms off without even looking back at The Phoenix Queen.

\"Tch we will see about that,\" Cerri says as stares at Drakos and licks her lips, 'I will win your heart. Even if I have to kill your entire family,' Her eyes looked crazy as she stared at Drakos with lust. She finally had hope to birth her own child. Her dream would come true.

\"My Queen the White Dragon has struck again! \" Yells out an Elder Monk who was wearing a black robe to resemble that of The Order. His bald head shines in the darkness of the throne room.

\"This meeting is dismissed. The sight of all you is unsatisfactory. Nasty half-blood eleves and dirty mongrels. OUT OF MY SIGHT!\" Cerri directs this to all of Drakos's family.

'Someone needs another beating and fucking. No one talks to my family like that,' Drakos gritted his teeth as he is unhandcuffed.

'So have you chosen what do with the Phoenix Queen being pregnant?' Asked Amethyst inside of Drakos mind.

'Yeah. But now lets focous on getting stronger and deafeating the Phoenix Familia in the Clan Battle. I want you two to teach me all you know about Dark Magic and Necromancy. I am also going to update my Harem System,' Drakos looks over at the sexy busty Elf-maids. Ryui the Forest Elf whose skin was white as snow and Elanah, the tanned Dark Elf. These were his next targets.

\"Great now I have to worry about that Dragon Bitch! I want her capture alive! Bring her to me!\" Cerri demands her knights and the Armored Titan.

Lyrion her dwarf brother shakes his head, \"Sister oh have you fallen. For you underestimate your enemies. This Kingdom won't last long with your tranny setting everything ablaze. The White Dragon won't be taken down so easily,\" He chugs down Cerri's wine without even asking her.

\"Don't not talk to my wife like that! To the Queen!\" The Phoenix King defends Cerri.

'I feel bad for the Phoenix King. If only he knew that a Demon Child has fucked his wife and taken her virginity and now he will have to take care of a monster child. This world really is fucked up,' Lyrion drinks even more and walks away. It seemed that he knew what Drakos had done, but he let me do it anyway. After all, he had always hated his own sister and brothers for outcasting him.

The Phoenix Queen's tropes move out to capture the White Dragon. If only they knew what they were up against.


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