Overlord of Sin
50 Upgrade
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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50 Upgrade

As Drakos leaves the Phoenix Queen throne room, she blows s seductive kiss his way without the Phoenix King noticing. She really wanted to be embraced by Drakos again and dominated and spanked like a naughty goddess. The Phoenix Queen looks at his wife with furrowed eyes, he had a feeling that something happened between her and Drakos. But his mind was completely wiped by Drakos's Demon Eye powers. He knew nothing of what happened to his wife. Drakos made sure the Phoenix King didn't know anything. Drakos thought about killing him, but he is a rather special pawn that he needs for his plan to rule over the Phoenix Kingdom.

Drakos even once thought about killing his own father so that he could take his own mother into his harem. However, it wouldn't make sense for him to do that. Yet things can always change.

Drakos looks back the Phoenix Queen and just smirks. 'You are going to get tortured again. Trust me.' Drakos talks inside of the Phoenix Queen's mind.

'I will enjoy it. Trust me,' Cerri starts touching and rubbing her privates in a lewd way right in front of her husband. Her pussy got wet just thinking Drakos cock deep inside her pussy once again. Drakos was now the only man she loved!

\"What happened between you and that witch? I want to know my son,\" Katrina asked as she compassionately hugged Drakos, her buxom luscious breasts engulfed his young face.

Drakos didn't mind having his mother's massive flesh mountains pressed up against his face, her boobs way bigger than Cerri's, it was insane. Her boobs also felt very smooth and warm, they smelt like roses.

\"Nothing happened. We were just making plans to arrange the Clan Battle. Mother, you shouldn't worry about me so much. You always big sis, I can handle myself. I will defeat anyone who dares messes with my family,\" Drakos takes his face off from between his mother's breasts and thinks about ways on how to get stronger.

\"Good. I hope she didn't touch you. Cause I would kill that bitch,\" Katrina snarled.

... Drakos was quite. He really didn't want his family to find out what he did to the Phoenix Queen. They would fucking flip, especially his own mother. What's even more if they find out the Phoenix Queen is pregnant with Drakos child they would lose their minds! He especially didn't his mom to find out, he actually loved her as she was his own mother, actually, Drakos in his past life never had a real family. He always had to fend for himself in the military as a Warrior. He also had to find fend himself in the underground corruption of Earth, his dark past was slowing coming back to him. He was reborn all of his past skills, fighting techniques, and military might(Black Ops), a Warrior of high caliber, however, he wasn't reborn fully with these past skills, he had to grow and cultivate in order to fully master all of his past skills. The same with his new powers. He needed to cultivate now if he was going to battle against the Phoenix Queen's army and her Familia. He was battling a fire goddess one that resembled Hephaestus but darker and meaner.

Drakos swiftly checks his stats and opens the System Shop before leaving the Phoenix Queen's throne room. He wanted to see if he had enough Harem Points to buy new cheats and augments.

>[System Shop]

[ Current Augments]

Demon Eye> Upgraded to Devil Eyes/Akuma Eyes

[New Augments/Skills]

[Current Harem Points: 10,000]

Time Core- Can stop and forward time for only 10seconds. The time limit increases as you cultivate more.

[Harem Points: 5,000]

Void Eyes: Can create portals and dimensions with your eyes. Things like pocket dimensions can be formed. And eyes become stronger as you grow.

[Harem Points: 4,000]

Cultivation Pill Creation: Can create any pills and become an Alchemist Class when using this skill

[Harem Points: 5,000]

\"Its time to get busy and see what new cheats I can get,\" Drakos cracks his knuckles with a devilish grin.

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    《Overlord of Sin》