Overlord of Sin
51 The Storm
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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51 The Storm

Drakos knew he could only get two of the augments from the Harem System Shop. He had 10,000 Harem Points in total and it took 5,000 for the Void Eye and Time Core cost 5,000 together it would be 10,000 Harem Points which would not be enough to buy the Cultivation Pill Creation skill. With the Cultivation Pill Creation technique, he would be able to create any cultivation pill that would boost his Qi, Muslcar Strength, Speed, Stamina, and Intelligence, he could also create elemental pills or even God Pills which makes his entire body immortal and powerful than any Cultivator. If anyone remembers Drakos was a demi-demon. He hadn't cultivated to his true and final demon form yet. He could only shift to his Primordial Demon-form, however, he also remembered that he had a hidden bloodline. So he had three bloodlines, human, demon, and one unknown bloodline-type.

Now that Drakos thought about it, he wondered what were the Ranks, Level, and Tiers of this new world, would he have to break-through every time in cultivation to become more powerful? He was a Primordial Demon so his powers were that in the level of Gods and Goddess, he knew for sure that he was more powerful than Cerri who was a Fire Goddess, but he knew he could be more powerful. That he had to raise his cultivation level and rank to its Apex Form. That and his demon/human body as well, which he thinks his final form is a Devil. But now that he that about it... He had many forms, a Fenrir, Arch Angel, and Primordial Demon three different bloodlines and races. Something, of course, was 'off'. Could it be what Amethyst was talking about before, that he was the only surviving demon or that he was different than all the other demons?

Without wasting any time on such thoughts, Drakos buys [Time Core] and [Void Eyes], so one eye would have the Void Eye while the other has the Akuma Eye.

In total, he used 10,000 Harem Points. He, of course, bought the two most powerful augments. He knew that he could cheat the system by using his newly bought skill Time Core. Drakos was a fast thinker, his demon instincts and Harem System made him think faster than most mortals and immortals.

Drakos swiftly uses his Time Core which was in the form of a black ring made of an unknown element, it had ancient glowing gold glyphs circling around it. It was like the glyphs had a life of its own.

\"Time stop.\" He sharply said to stop time. His ring glows a blackish misty color now, he could feel his mana travel through the ring, his Necromancer abilities were being used, this form of magic is known as Chronomancy, in other times, Time Manipulation.

Everything freezes and everyone stops talking. It was so silent. Not a single sound was heard. Not even the screaming and yelling of Cerri and Katrina. They were at each other's throats.

'Here goes nothing!' Drakos stabs his own left eye during time stop and replaces his left eye with the Void Eyes which slowly regenerates around the eye he stabbed. He then uses Time Shift to reserve time and buy cultivation pill creation. He knew his eyes would quickly regenerate, and he needed to infuse one of his eyes with the Void Eyes in order to keep the eye-power during the Time Rewind.

Drakos goes back in time, about 10 seconds to be exact. He chose the perfect and precise time when he chose what skills to buy in his Harem Shop System. He swiftly buys Cultivation Pill Creation. He saved the remaining 5,000 Harem Points for later. He was going to do more quest and stack up on Harem Points to buff up his Harem System and body!

'That was awesome... So it truly works for only going 10 seconds back in time and now, 'Time Forward,' Drakos uses his ring Time Core to forward time and arrive back to the present time and dimension. Drakos revealed that the Time Core can also be a Dimensional Ring to can make a pocket dimension just like his Void Eyes. His Akuma Eyes were the same but dealt with powerful Illusions and Copied others Skills, Phantasms, and powers.

Drakos looks at the black ring on his middle finger which was now glowing a whitish and blackish looking aura, kind of like spirit energy fused with Dark Matter.

\"Brother!? Your eyes!\" Reza and Kara cry out as they point at him with shock and worry in their compassionate eyes.

Drakos touches his right eye which was bleeding, this was his Akuma Eye, it seemed that after using his Geass mind control powers so much on the Phoenix Queen, Phoenix King, and Seron was now taking its toll. The Akuma Eyes were literally devouring his eyeball and blood. The Akuma Eyes activate when Drakos uses his Qi, thus it draws in and absorbs all its power from Drakos's demonic cultivator body.

Reza quickly cleans Drakos blood from his eyes with her red scarf that was given to her by Drakos when she was young, she had always kept this scarf to admire her brother's love and worn it as a symbol of respect for her brother. She vowed to herself that she would always protect her younger brother and sister, that all of their burdens shall be shouldered on to her. That was the 'Knight's Way'.

\"Are you okay brother?\" Reza glares at Drakos with alluring bright aqua eyes, she had such a beyond beautiful female warrior face, her long scarlet hair flowed ever so gracefully on to her well-endowed breasts.

\"You really are an amazing sister,\" Drakos said to Reza as he walks out of the Phoenix Queen's throne room. Reza's face turns a beet-red color and she becomes all flustered, her heart beats faster when she remembers how Drakos pleasured her in the shower back at home.

\"Wait before you go! I want to say goodbye,\" The Phoenix Queen smirks as she seductively walks down her golden throne steps towards Drakos. She gives him a huge hug and holds up dearly.

Everyone is beyond shocked at such an unexpectable sight! Why was Cerri showing so much compassion towards Drakos they all wondered, mostly the Phoenix King's mind was blown away!

'She never hugs me like that!? Who the hell is this child!?' The Phoenix King bites his tongue with a sour-face full of hate for Drakos.

Cerri's soft bouncy buxom breasts press up hard against Drakos's face. He was embraced by a warm smoothing pillowy feeling.

Cerri hugged Drakos so dearly in front of Katrina who was fuming with hate and disgust, she wanted to tear Cerri to shreds, she was fueled by jealousy, no other woman touches Drakos but herself! Her motherly instincts were at its peak! Her face was all flustered and redding with rage.

\"Good luck,\" Cerri whispers into Drakos's ears, she wished him luck in the Clan Battle!

Cerri then softly kisses his cheeks with her pillowy red lips. Drakos feels the smoothness and warmness of her luscious lips. He wanted to fuck her again, he wanted to fuck her forever.

\"Get your filthy hands off my son!\" Katrina roared out as she pushes off Cerri from her son and then hugs and holds Drakos herself with a wolf growl. Katrina's breasts grind up against Drakos's face, her boobs were way bigger than Cerri's and softer, he could feel his face being engulfed by her giant milk-jugs. Drakos was in heaven.

'There are so many things I need to do when I get back home. But what I really want to do is strengthen my bonds with every woman in my Familia,' Drakos licks his lips as sniffs in his mother's buxom breasts.

\"Tch. Such a pitiful mother you are. I can't wait to take your son from you,\" Cerri flips back her long fiery crimson hair and sexily walks back to her throne.

Celestia also hugs Drakos in front of Reza who was growling with hate. She was going to bite off her head. Prince Harry watched in disgust, \"Why are you hugging that trash!?\" He snarls. He only wanted his sister to love him, but she didn't give a damn about her own brother's feelings!

Drakos accepts the passionate hug, he had tricked and deceived two of the most beautiful and powerful women in the Phoenix Kingdom! He was only getting started!

Drakos leaves the throne room, but before he does, he talks to his Dark Fairy and Amethyst to confirm his future plan.

'I think I might keep the 'child'. Of course under one condition,' Drakos said both to the Dark Fairy and Amethyst with his telepathy powers.

\"What is that condition?\" They both asked inside Drakos's mind with interested eyes.

'No one knows about 'it'. I want you two to keep it a secret for long as possible.' Drakos instructs the little sly Dark Fairy and Succubus Witch. He didn't know if he should trust either them, but they were the only ones who knew what happened. If they would rat out Drakos, he would kill them both.

Both girls nod their heads. They knew that their Master's orders were absolute.

As Drakos finally leaves the throne room he bumps into someone.

\"Watch were you are going! Commoner filth!\" Snarls an older teenage boy with long golden blone hair and sharp aqua eyes. He had a ring piercing the top side of one ear. He looked super handsome, his push alone made Drakos slide back a few inches. His Qi was powerful.

\"Oh Aeros you are back!\" Celestia and Cerri hug him. So does Harry. Was he part of the Familia?

Drakos stares down this new boy with hate in his eyes as he leaves the door.

\"Who is that trash? He should be graveling at my feet for being in my way.\" Aeros said with a snarl as he gritted his teeth.

Aeros was accompanied by two extremely beautiful females one with long blonde hair that traveled down her bosom and her big booty.

The other woman had a Chinese Jade Empress look to her, she had long raven hair and bright opal eyes.

Aeros holds these two sexy women close to him. He was indeed a Harem Lord.

'I am going to take those beauties both from that bastard,\" Drakos thought to himself as he clenched his fist and stares him down.

\"My Queen I am here to report! Give me the orders to slay the White Dragon!\" Says Commander Steelarm as he bows down with a conniving grin. He was a a very corrupt man and a Slayer of high class, a Rank higher than Drakos.

Drakos was currently a Rank Silver.

\"Very well! Go now!\" The Princess Queen barks out.

Drakos thinks to make his own clan fast and he still was thinking if he should join the order. A Storm was coming.



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