Overlord of Sin
54 The White Dragon Pt.2
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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54 The White Dragon Pt.2

After digesting the 20 human knights the White Dragon shifts back to her draconic-human form. She is still naked, all of her curves and valleys were fully exposed. Even her lust tunnel.

The White Dragon leaves one Phoenix Knight alive, he is barely breathing his face is all bloody and beaten up. She was punching the living hell out of him.

She then stops landing punches on his face and slowly raises her fist over her shoulders, \"You know what you are pretty cute.\" She ripes off the Phoenix Knight's armor with her dragon claws and leaves him butt-naked in the freezing cold. His naked wimpy mortal human body was shaking in the snow.

\"Hmmm not much to work with,\" The White Dragon snides and points at the knight's pathetic deflated cock that was now pissing on the snow. The feeble knight had seen all of his comrades, powerful men, devoured alive by a beast hidden inside a maiden's body. Who wouldn't fear such a powerful woman? The sight of her bloody naked body made the knight cry in fear and shake like a baby lamb.

The White Dragon forms a leash made entirely of ice, she used her Ice Dragon powers and mana to do so.

She quickly ties the Ice leash around the knight's neck and kicks him in the butt like a mongrel, \"You will now be my little slave,\"

\"Now tell me where is the Phoenix Queen,\" She pulls the naked knight closer to her sexy fearsome face.

\"MONSTER!\" Another alive Phoenix Knight says. He was barely breathing and holding his palm over a bloody gash on his chest. His chest bones were seen.

The White Dragon forms an ice spear and places it around her lower region like a strap-on.

The shaking afraid knight turns around and sees the White Dragon walking closer to him.

\"Am I a monster? I WILL SHOW YOU A MONSTER!\" The White Dragon kisses the knights check and his whole face freezes. She then commences to shove the entire 18inch ice spear deep into the knight's anus and starts ass fucking him while the other male knight who was now the White Dragon's bitch watches in horror.

He saw his brother in arms getting railed by a Dragon Girl's ice-formed cock! Her long scaly dragon tail was wagging with excitement as she fucked the screaming man's tight asshole. Blood gushes out the man's rectum as the Ice Spear digs inside all the way towards his stomach!

The White Dragon clearly had a fucked up past and was abused and tortured by the Phoenix Kingdom. But this was going overboard! She was a wicked brutal woman who hated the human race after they had slaughtered everyone in her clan. She wasn't going to give anyone mercy. She was going to slaughter every human alive. Especially the Phoenix Queen.

The White Dragon had enough of her fun and kick off the man's frozen head which shattered into shards of ice. He didn't even have the chance to scream for his life after getting his ass pounded by an Ice Spear!

\"Tch! No is one worthy enough to experience my lustful body!\" The White Dragon turns around and looks at the only remaining Phoenix Knight with a fiendish icy glare of her dark red glowing eyes.

\"Einlion!\" Screams out the slave knight in horror as he vomits. The shock was too much for him to see his comrade getting ass fucked by an Ice-Spear from a Dragon Girl!

\"Now show me where is the queen. My little slave,\" She licks the butt-naked knight in the cheeks with her long serpent tongue. There was no hero or bullshit to save the poor knight, he was now the White Dragon's supreme bitch.

The knight nods and begins to point to the North with his fingers, he was going to tell her exactly where the Phoenix Kingdom was in exchange for his life.

\"Now that is a good boy,\" The White Dragon pats his head like his was a dog and starts putting armor over her naked body, her armor was made from the dragon scales of her fallen brothers and sisters.

She ties back her long snow colored hair into a flawless ponytail and then gets on the move on towards the Phoenix Kingdom as she walks ahead she gripes her necklace, a bluish crystal in the middle of it was glowing.

'Do you think anyone could ever love a monster like me?' The White Dragon looks up at the stars and sighs as she hold the glowing crystal.

'I only met one person who I once loved...And that boy betrayed me...' The White Dragon gritted her fangs and clenches her fist so hard that her dragon nails pierce through her palms, blood drips down all over her massive breasts and all the way down to the snowy ground below her bare feet.

\"I am afraid this is as far as you go. Ah, you are more beautiful than what the legends say. It will be my pleasure to take your head as a trophy. I will become a legendary Slayer!\"Commander Steelarm releases his Phantasm. A giant Flame Trident is formed onto his hands.

\"Shall we dance?\" Commander Steelarm spins around his Trident in a skillful precise way. He was a Slayer of high rank and had no morals. He killed men and woman alike, even children. Every being in this world was fresh for the hunt.

The White Dragon didn't feel like wasting the power of her Phantasm on the mortal in front of her.

But she was yet again hungry for more souls. And then one in front of her was a powerful soul indeed.


A/N: Things are about to get darker and heavier on the sexual content. So you have been warned. This story is not like the vanilla R-18 novels on this site.It is about to get way more fucked up.

Btw the White Dragon is indeed the girl in the cover art.


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