Overlord of Sin
55 The White Dragon Pt.3
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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55 The White Dragon Pt.3

The White Dragon waste no time summoning an army of Ice Soldiers, with all the dead Phoenix Knights, well the ones that weren't eaten by her. A gust of black mana swirls around the scattered out dead bodies, soon blackish icicles were seen forming over the dead knight's faces, armor, and entire bodies. They became Death Knights or in this case Ice Knights. They were made with the Chaos Ice Magic of the White Dragon. It looked like her magic was corrupted and controlled by chaos magic. It was pure Dark Magic fused with the powers of an Ice Dragon.

\"So the power of a Reincarnator. How interesting. So the Dragon Clan race still exists. You really are a prize!\" Steelarm blast an enormous beam of lighting and phoenix flames out from the tip of his trident. A storm forms above him and his trident absorb all of the lighting bolts above.

With his Trident Phantasm, all charged up he blasted out the attack. \"Storm Barricade!\" An array of fire and lighting beams smash up against all of the White Dragons Ice Knights. They all exploded and melt upon the impact of Steelarm's powerful strike.

The beams were so powerful that ground below Steelarm and The White Dragon split in half. Even the clouds above were parted by the sheer force of his Storm Barricade blasting out from his mighty Phantasm Trident.

The White Dragon is unfazed by Steelarms attack, actually, she just opened her mouth and sucked in his fire and lighting beams!

She licks her lips as she absorbs the Mana from the attack that came out of Steelarm's Trident Phantasm. Sparks of lighting and firebolts swirl around the White Dragon as her body takes in the mana and converts it into a boost of power for the bloodthirsty Dragon Girl.

The White Dragon quickly summons more Ice Knights, they ones that Steelarm just vanquished rise up once more. Their bones, organs, and blood all coiled together and formed the bodies back to their original Ice Knight form.

\"How dare you unsully the Phoenix Kingdom!\" Roars out Steelarm uses his Ulitmate Phantasm. His trident starts to evolve right before The White Dragon's eyes and a tornado appears behind Steelarm as he starts to swirl his around in the air in a circular motion kind of like an airplane propeller.

With one insanely fast strike, Steelarm slashes off the White Dragon's arm and her right eye at the same time! Blackish blood splattered onto Steelarm's focused predatorial face. He was going to slay this beast with every inch of power he had.

\"GAAH! YOU FILTHY HUMAN! I WILL KILL ALL OF YOU!\" The White Dragon roars out as her right arm spurts out more blackish blood.

The White Dragon's arm quickly regenerated much like Drakos's demonic regeneration abilities.

\"Make this battle worthwhile!\" Steelarm battle-offed the White Dragon. It was a fierce even fight.

The White Dragon forms Ice Katana's and slashes away at Steelarms Trident Phantasm. She finds an 'opening' and goes to slash off Steelarm's arm. Suddenly she hears a loud 'CLINK!' Steelarm's arm was covered in a thick layer of steel, in fact, his whole body had a thick steel glimmer to it. It was like he was an Ironman.

Steelarm had the upper-hand on his side as he wounded the White Dragon badly, he punched and kicked her with heavy mixed martial arts strikes. The final blow was near.

But out an act of pure rage and being pinned in a corner she shifted to her Dragon form and finally activated her Ulitmate Phantasm. Steelarm smirks, \"I have slain gods and goddess, but never a Dragon God*, you truly are giving me the hunt of my life!\" He rips off his armor and jacket to reveal his overly muscular mature body, for a man in his 40s he looked like an Apex God.

The whole world of Zareth felt the might of the White Dragon and the God Slayer clash to their fullest potential. A battle to the death.

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    《Overlord of Sin》