Overlord of Sin
58 The Choice
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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58 The Choice

\"Follow him,\" Says the two unknown hooded people as they tilt her heads and follow Drakos on horseback. They had ninja masks covering their faces and had hidden their Qi so they won't be sensed by Drakos. So they were basically invisible like shadows right behind Drakos.

Drakos was way ahead of Reza, Kara, Logan, and Katrina. He had ditched them without any of them knowing, but his father. He told his father that he had somewhere important to be. Knowing his father he kept the promise not to tell Katrina that they meet with The Order after the incident in the Knights Tournament when he was first reborn from Earth to Zareth, the incident in which he defeated Seron and injured nearby civilians with his powerful Demon-Qi. Only Drakos and his father were visited by The Order on that fateful night.

Reza, Kara, and Katrina didn't know The Order had visited because first off Kara and Reza were in their rooms and The Order had used a [Sound Barrier Spell and Dimensional Magic] so Reza and Kara didn't know that The Order had visited them.

Drakos wasn't sure if Ryui or Elanah knew about The Order, actually, he didn't much about the elf-maids, but he would like to learn more about everyone in his family. He realized in order to strengthen his harem seal bonds and relationships with the women in his harem he must get to understand them more; Their emotions, their lust, their passion, and their dreams. Not like when he hate fucked the Phoenix Queen. He must know it all to become a more powerful Harem Leader. Even though the Phoenix Queen had the highest harem bond percentage due to the fact that he got her pregnant for her first time ever she would finally give birth. Now that is if Drakos decides to have the Phoenix Queen's child.

Amethyst could read Drakos very thoughts, ever since they contacted after his harem seals being wrapped around her, she could feel his every emotion, however, she couldn't fully see what Drakos was thinking. His Dark Qi was too powerful for anyone to read or understand. Since Amethyst first laid eyes on Drakos she fell in love.

\"Drakos why do you want to live with such mortals and protect them? Do you know that they will soon die unlike you? You broke the mortal coil and shell, you will outlive your mortal bonds. Soon everyone you know will die, only I will survive through the test of time due to me being an Immortal Succubus, \" Amethyst says as she floats and flaps her little demons wings next to Drakos as he was riding his Dark Horse towards the area to meet The Order.

\"Because they are my family. I used to have nothing protect and now I do.\" Drakos said with sharply focused eyes.

\"What do you mean you used to have nothing? You are a Demon Lord! You had a whole clan!\" Amethyst tried to knock some sense into Drakos.

'Oh that's right. I forgot Amethyst doesn't now I am a Reincarnator. I should proably never tell her. Maybe only the Dark Fairy who is part of my Harem System.' Drakos thought to himself and doesn't answer Amethyst's question, besides Ameysht wouldn't want to know about his dark past and fucked up world of Earth. He instantly thinks of an idea to talk to his Dark Fairy.

\"I forgot to give you a name or do you already have one?\" Drakos said to the Dark Fairy as he looks at the overly beautiful tiny flying maiden who was very pale and gothic looking.

\"Not really Mothefucker. But go ahead and give me a name!\" The Dark Fairy sarcastically said as she crosses her arms and flew on top of Drakos's shoulder.

\"What about Raven for your dark hair and eyes and whats up with the name motherfucker?!\" Drakos said as he flicked the finger, his horse draws closer to the meeting area which was under a bridge deep in the outskirts forest of the Phoenix Kingdom.

\"Or how about Queen Fucker? Does that sound better?\" Raven chimes in with a sly grin as the Dark Fairy pokes Drakos's cheek.

\"Fuck off,\" Drakos slaps way her tiny hands and thinks about that he did fuck a milf goddess which was the Phoenix Queen. Even though he fucked her without any emotions but hate, he still had some kind of feelings for her. In a way, he wanted to figure out why she was so corrupted and evil. Did something happen to her in her past life when she was a child?

'I can't think about that right now. Right now I have to make a choice that will change my life forever in this new world. The Order will hunt me down if I don't join them, but I don't fear such an organization. I know must what I must do,' Drakos clenches his fist and looks at the crystal on his chest. 'After this meeting of mine, I am going to figure out why this thing is glowing so much and why does my body feel some kind of sparks, it feels like someone is in danger, kind of like my Harem Seals when Reza and Kara were being attacked by the assassin, but different.

Drakos thinks more about this, suddenly two explosive kunai and Kusarigama weapons swirl by his way in a sonic boom speed. Also, spears and ninja-stars made up entirely of rock zoom his way as well.

He swiftly uses his Void Eye to absorb all of the weapons and Rock Magic shot towards him.

*BOOM! SWISH!* The sounds of weapons being absorbed by his powerful Void Eye echoed across the midnight skies.

Drakos sucked in the Kunai, Kusarigama, and rock projectiles magic right inside his left eyes like it was the void of a black hole! The explosions and strike impact of the attacks all disappeared into his left eye which was now glowing a dark purple and blackish color. His right eye which was the Akuma Eye was glowing a dark red color.

More attacks came out from the darkness of the forest trees. Drakos was being ambushed by the unknown followers.


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