Overlord of Sin
95 Winter is coming Pt.3
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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95 Winter is coming Pt.3

The White Dragon and Reza duked it out as they slashed at away with their weapons, of course, the White Dragon was holding back her draconic powers if she didn't Reza would have already been torn to shreds. The White Dragon was clearly the strongest woman in the room next to Drakos's mom [Katarina]. Even by attacking Reza with mere daggers she was strong enough to push back Reza who was a high ranked Knight. The White Dragon had even fully unleashed her Phantasm which may be infused with her Draconic Powers if she had Reza would be crushed to bloody bits already. Dragons were a far superior race than a human that much was known, but what race was exactly the White Dragon? Because she wasn't a full-blood Dragon/ true bloodline Dragon

Aqua also clashes with Drakos's mom as takes she tries to protect her 'master' from her mother, "This wrench is your mother!?" She shouted as she uses water magic on Katrina, she formed a Kunai entierly made of water mana! Could Aqua be a different race of Elf? There was Dark Evles like Elana and Forest Elves like Ryuu, but Aqua was different as now her hair and entire body started to glow a light blue aqua color. It was perhaps her mana which was a water-based element. As known before every being in this new world has a main element, Drakos had Lighting and Fire mana he was the only one to have two elements, however, Aqua's mana-form was different as her entire body was glowing with water mana, her own mana was almost overtaking her body!

"I won't let you hurt my true master!" snarls Aqua, as she was now loyal to Drakos after he told her truth about her being used by the one who hired her to assassinate him. Aqua also respected Drakos's power and skill as a warrior and a fighter

"What the hell are you talking about?!" Katarina growls at Aqua as she blocks her water kunai with her Phantasm Battle-Axe as she was still soaking naked wet!

"I don't even know who you are! Stay away from my son you intruder! I suggest you live this house or I will make you!" Katarina forcibly pushes back Aqua and gritted her teeth.

"I owe my life to master Drakos!" Screams out Aqua as slashes away at Katarina.

The White Dragon was clashing with Reza with her daggers against Reza's Phantasm Knight Sword while Aqua clashed with Katarina with her water mana daggers against her battle-ax Phantasm. It was quite the epic and sexy battle as Drakos's older voluptuous sister and mother battled butt-naked.

"THAT IS ENOUGH!" Drakos stomps down his feet and summons his Phantasm Gun and points it at all of the girls that were fighting.

"It's his blast weapon!" Shouts Aqua in fear as her whole elf body began to tremble and shake. She saw the full power of Drakos Phantasm which easily slaughtered the assassins in her squad by shooting out their brains. Drakos diffidently didn't show any mercy, he didn't care if he had to kill a woman or man, both were the same in his eyes if someone threatens his family or anyone in his harem he would most likely kill them without thinking twice.

Drakos used his Akuma's Eyes to telepathically talk to the White Dragon and Aqua.

"Follow me to my room right now or I will make you both suffer for your actions," Drakos seriously said as his fierce golden eyes started to glow. His long white hair was also slightly glowing, he wasn't fucking around anymore, he really wanted to bang his mom and older sister, and the White Dragon and Aqua ruined his 'moment'.

"BUT!" Both angrily shout Aqua and The White Dragon in Drakos's mind.

"I WON'T SAY IT AGAIN!" Drakos thunders out angrily as he gritted his teeth.

"Fine Master..." Both Aqua and The White Dragon put away their weapons and leave the steam bath.

Katarina's and Reza's eyes furrowed, "How did you make those intruders follow your orders?"

"They are not intruders, these our new maids and bodyguards, I will be needing them for the Clan Battle so all of you get acquainted with each other," Drakos puts on a black wolf fur robe and gets dressed quickly and walks towards his room. The White Dragon and Aqua follow him.

"My son really has grown up fast..." Katarina sighs and blushes as she thought her own son sexually touched her nake body and groped her breasts, her long crimson hair dangles over her sexy mature face.***

Inside Drakos's room...

"Look I want you two to listen closely," Drakos points at The White Dragon and Aqua.

They both cutely nod.

Drakos swiftly summons out The Wolf Girl assasin girl that he trapped in his Void Eye. She had white hair and silver eyes and was wearing a skin-tight black latex combat dress.

"I want you to listen as well," Drakos coldly glares over at the Wolf Assassin. He was going to set everything in order. He was going to get these girls to listen to him and create a perfect squad. He knew winter was coming... And so was the Phoenix Queen. The epic battle was near!

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    《Overlord of Sin》