Overlord of Sin
96 Winter is coming pt.4
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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96 Winter is coming pt.4

"Okay, so this is how it's going to work. None of you will attack my family. You will only fight those who I tell you to attack, during this time with me you must never reveal your powers to my family that and we will train for an important battle. For now, you will be part of my clan, my 'pack'. Just disguise yourselves as maids and I assure you, that I will protect all of you from the Phoenix Kingdom. But if you betray me I won't even flinch to kill you three," Drakos said in a dark tone as he walks around the White Dragon, Aqua, and the wolf girl assassin who he let out of his void eye.

"Y-you don't mean that! You would never do that to me! Not like you will even be strong enough to slay me!" The White Dragon snarls as she shows her fangs.

"Don't test me. You three all tried to kill me. I don't trust any of you. This is your last chance. Remember trust works both ways." Drakos didn't hesitate to summon his Phantams Gun[Form of a 50cal. Magnum] the handgun's steel chamber and handle was glowing with blackish demonic mana! If he wanted to he could easily shoot them in the head if they ever tried to kill him. A phantasm bullet right through their skull. But Drakos didn't want to do that since he wanted a harem of epic portions, plus he didn't want to kill such beautiful girls, it would be a waste for him.

"Grrrrr" growled the three beauties in front of Drakos. They were kind of angered that Drakos didn't trust them. But who in their right mind would? The White Dragon, Aqua, and the Wolf Girl Assassin were just as dangerous if not more than the Phoenix Queen! They could easily kill high ranking cultivatiors and mages.

"Oh I forgot to give you a name, how about Moon since of your silver-whitish hair and eyes," Drakos said.

"Hey! You did the same with my eyes!" Aqua huffed and crossed her arms feeling disgruntled that Drakos did the same for every other girl he just met.

"What? These names are easy to remember! Anyways like I said don't ever try to betray me and my trust, I won't hesitate to kill any of you, just follow what I said. Don't interfere with my family just act as maids for the time being as we train together and I think of a plan to create my own kingdom," Drakos said as he starts to arrange his powerful weapons, one by one he placed down his Phantasm Gun, his Phantasm Battle Axe called Storm Slayer, and his father's meteorite daggers and knight sword, he even had a Phantasm Buster Sword! Drakos was really stacked up with powerful weapons of mass destruction! He was planning to take over the Phoneix Kingdom swiftly, but it woulnd't be easy, The Phoneix Queen herself was powerful enough to destroy entire armies with her goddess phoneix fire, she also had the Wall[ The most powerful and strongest soilder that was hard to take down even for Drakos] and she had many other skilled cultivators and mages in her clan as well as Aeroes the person who dared to use a Geass on Drakos to show him killing his mother and sisters with an illusion.

'Before I go to sleep I need to check out all of my stats and powers. A huge battle is coming soon. I need to have everything in order if I am going to be a true God,' Drakos crackled his knuckles and activates his Overlord System he needed to be at his apex if he was going to take down the Phoneix Kingdom.

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    《Overlord of Sin》