Overlord of Sin
97 Winter is coming Pt.5
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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97 Winter is coming Pt.5

Drakos activates his Overlord System.

[Overlord System]

[Name: Drakos Storm]- Age: 16 years-old

Level: 10

Cultivation Rank: Silver-Overlord- Ruler of Undead

Race: Human/Primordial Demon

Class: [Necromancer]

Bloodline:[ Unknown Primordial Demon]- Hidden Bloodline

Mana: 100

Qi: 90


STR: 55

MGK: 60

DEF: 40

AGI: 45

STM: 40


KAM: -10 Drakos: 'Well I guess killing the assassins got me low karma'

'Damn! All of my stats went up high! I assume everytime I battle someone of a higher cultivation rank I become more powerful and my stats level up,' Drakos keeps on scanning his stats on his Overlord System which was a golden holographic screen that could only be seen by him! The status screen floated above his right eye.


[Demon Eyes ]

[Harem Seal]

[Heroic Seal]

[Slave Seal]

[Summoning Seal]:UNLOCKED


God Thunder, Undead Summoning(Necromancer Magic), Phoenix Flames, Dark Counter(The demonic power which copies others Phantasms, Mana, and Qi).

Body Type: Heroic; Demi-God, Primordial Demon

Primary; [Phanatasm]: (StormSlayer) Battle-Ax-Scythe weapon Class: Legendary(Currently Mythic Class), Phantasm Gun[In the form of a magnum handgun]

Secondary;[Wolfbanes Phantasm]: A Hellish WildFire of cloning infinite swords of all shapes and sizes. Know as Infinite Blades. [Obtain from Reza after using your Harem Seal on her]

Phoenix Flame Spear [Can create a blast of Phoenix Flames from eyes, arms, and legs] (Fire Manipulation)

[Demon Form]: Primordial Demon Horns and Wings. Mostly resembling Grim-Rapier Wings. Also razor-shape wolf teeth and tail.

[Demon Armor]: Black and Blood-red spiked armor made from demon bones and cores.

[Harem Members]: Kara(Younger Sister)[66%] Reza(Older Sister)[80%], Amethyst[85%], Phoenix Queen-Cerri [90%], Phoenix Princess Celestia[50%]

[New Harem Members]: The White Dragon [Unknown%] 'What the fuck? That is strange? It seems my bond with the Dragon Girl has broken my harem bond % Is her bond with me that powerful? Did something happen with us in the past? Maybe I should ask her,' Drakos keeps reading his stats and new harem member list.

Aqua [30%]

Moon [30%]

'That makes sense I just met Aqua and Moon. Tomorrow I will get to know every girl in my harem more. For now I need some rest. I will also ask a lot of questions to The White Dragon,' Drakos starts to take off his jacket and puts away all of his weapons in his portal ring.

"So it seems I have gained many Phantasms and I am able to wield multile Phantasms as well as have a infinite number of harem members for Dual Cultivation, well ins't that just nice, but I am not sure if I can keep all of these powerful and beautiful women in check, I have to asert my domiance or I will be literally eaten alive by them, well mostly the White Dragon. I have upgrade and boost up my powers, that means cultivationg every single second everyday," Drakos places down his Phantasm Gun. The White Dragon, Aqua, and Moon the wolf girl all are still shocked and intersted in Drakos's Phantasm Gun, they have never seen a weapon like a gun before.

They never seen such a small weapon as a handgun create such damage and utter destruction. Guess the saying small things come with big packages was true! Or a big bang in this case!

Drakos keeps on checking his stats in his Overlord System which was in the form of golden holographic screen.

"Um-ah can we talk alone," The White Dragon cutely mumbles as she blushes and pokes Drakos's chest.

Drakos sighed, "Aqua and Moon can you leave us two alone," He says sharply as he cracked his neck.

"But why!? I can't leave you alone with this beast! She might eat you!" Aqua huffs out as she crosses her arms, her elfen eyes twitch with anger.

"Look who is talking you tried to assainate me," Drakos quickly replied with his golden eyes serouisly glaring at her.

"Hmmph! Fine I will leave you alone master, but I don't trust that beast!" Aqua snarls as she walks away with a cute stomp. "Just get out of here already!" The White Dragon snarls as she shows her draonic fangs.

"Whatever!" The blonde-haired forest elf really was angry, her aqua eyes were glowing with malice for the White Dragon.

"I shall be going as well. I will wait outside with this annoying elf," Moon said in annoyed voice as she walks out the door. The Wolf Girl assassin really didn't want to follow Drakos's orders, that ruined her pride as a wolf!

"Okay so what do you want to talk about?" Drakos asked the White Dragon.

"About our past," She muttered as she cutely pokes her fingers together.

Drakos makes a cup of tea for him and the White Dragon and they both sit down to talk.


To make things easier.

Ryuu is the forest elf maid with blonde hair and emerald eyes.

Elanah is the dark elf maid with tanned skin, white hair, and violet eyes.

Aqua is the elf assassin who tried to kill Drakos she has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Three elves from different elven clans.

There is three different elf clans that you soon will know about.


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