Overlord of Sin
101 New day pt.2
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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101 New day pt.2

'The White Dragon's level and rank are so high that my system is having a hard time reading it, meaning she is around an S-rank and higher than a level 100, but how the fuck? I am a C-Rank.So is my level and rank not what they seem to be? Because I was able to fight head to head with the White Dragon, maybe she was holding back her power against me?' Drakos for the first time since being reborn had a face full of confusion and shock of such a powerful woman.

"What's wrong? Did I do something wrong!? Is something wrong with my face!? Does my body look weird!" The White Dragon shouts with a worried flustered cute face. She squeezes her buxom soft breasts and looks at her plump juicy butt and also looks in the mirror to see if anything looked displeasing to Drakos. She thought that something was wrong with her body.

"It's nothing. Let's just all eat breakfast and then get straight to training," Drakos said, he was still thinking about how high the White Dragon's rank was and powerful she was. She may have been way more powerful than the Guardian of the Phoenix Kingdom[The Wall] the 400-pound giant who was all muscle and no brawn. A beast in human form.

Drakos sits down with his family and The White Dragon at the dinner table.

Ryuu the blonde-haired and emerald-eyed forest elf and Elanah the white-haired and violet-eyed moon elf both start cooking a delicious meaty feast for Drakos and his family. They made fried eggs, thick bacon, and lots of fluffy bread. Drakos's family and The White Dragon all chow down, so does Drakos, he enjoyed the chill moments right now as they talked about thier lives and also this gave the White Dragon time to introduce herself as Danaery, the new name Drakos gave her. Drakos whispered the name in her ears before she started to introduce herself.

"Just don't ever reveal your Dragon Powers at all to my family or anyone else, hide your draconic powers for now, also use the name Danaery," Drakos whispered into her ear, she slightly blushes as a calm sharp voice rings through her ears.

"So what is your name?" Katarina asked The White Dragon.

"My name is Danaery I come from the Storm Clan[That was a made up clan]. I am studying to become a mage, and I plan to be with Drakos forever!" She said as she hugged him and smothered his face with her massive milky boobs, they felt super soft and pillowy against Drakos's face, he didn't mind the attention he was getting by the beautiful white-haired dragon girl.

"What!? That won't happen! Not on my watch!" Reza shouts as she gets in the White Dragon's face. Her sisterly instincts were kicking in. She looked really cute and fierce right now as she gritted her teeth, her scarlet dangles over her now glowing young crimson eyes. Reza was around 17 years old now. She really cared about Drakos and did indeed love him, as a brother, of course, she felt like she had to be the perfect big sister for Drakos and protect him at all times.

The White Dragon stares down Reza as well as they both butt-heads. growling at each other. The White Dragon looked like she wanted to rip off Reza's pretty little head with her bare hands.

"Why should we trust you! I will keep a close eye on you!" Reza pokes The White Dragon on the chest. Reza may have looked petite and gorgeous like a maiden, but she had some muscles around her body mostly her arms and thick sexy long legs. She really poked the White Dragon hard with her slim well-toned arms

"Don't fucking touch me!" The White Dragon slaps away Reza's hands, she almost broke Reza's hands with how powerful her strength was! Muscles can be seen all around The White Dragon's biceps.

"Danaery and Reza that is enough! You have to work together as a team if we are going to beat the Phoenix Kingdom in the Clan Battle!" Drakos slams down his hand on the dinner table. He really needed them to work together if he was going to go against the most powerful mages, warriors, and cultivators of the Phoenix Kingdom.

"Hmph! Fine! But I still don't like you!" iDanaery points at Reza.

"The same goes for me! But I will follow what my brother says," Reza said as angrily crossed her slim arms.

"And I will follow my master's orders as well," Danaery added in with a cute smirk as she cutely kissed Drakos on the cheek.

"Arrrrgh!" Reza's face fumes up and reddens as she gets flustered and mad that Danaery kissed Drakos in the cheek.

Danaery gives Reza a sharp condescending glare as she kissed Drakos in the cheek.

"Oh, my," Katarina said with furrowed eyes.

"Good," Drakos then sips more coffee and scrolls down his Overlord System, 'Hm interesting seems like something pooped,'


Dungeon Quest- A dungeon has appeared on the outskirts of Frost Forrest located near the Phoenix Kingdom, 'How ironic that the Phoenix Kingdom has a winter region,'

[Rewards]: The treasures inside and an exp boost!

Drakos stands up, "Alright everyone lets go outside. I am going to choose who will be joining me for the Clan Battle against the Phoenix Kingdom,"

"Alright!" All gorgeous maidens shout.

Reza, Danaery, Kara, and Katarina all go outside of the large wooden cabin.

Drakos goes to leave as well, he packs up all of his combat gear into his Spatial Ring.

"Wait, Master Drakos, this is for," Ryuu secretly whispers into Drakos's ear as she hands over a floating golden glowing letter in front of him. In the middle of the letter was a glowing red sigil, it must have a magical letter that was embedded with magic. Drakos opens the letter and reads the contents inside. Even Ryuu seemed on alert on who sent the letter to her, she like everyone in the house wanted to protect Drakos, she had always cared for him ever since he was a child, she was her protector when his mother was gone away on legendary missions.

Message[ "I want you to meet alone in private at my chambers in the Phoneix Castle, bring no one," echoes the Phoenix Queen's voice. Only Drakos could her voice, not even Ryuu can't even though she was a master in magic both human and elf magic she had studied for countless years. But the message used to forge the letter for the Phoenix Queen was mostly done by her Arch Mage which was in a different league than Ryuu, after Ryuu specialty was something for more powerful and it had to do with swords!

"What was in the letter?" The gorgeous blonde-haired and emerald eye elf asked with worry in her angelic pale face.

"It's nothing," Drakos quickly as he walks outside.

'Damn what does Cerri want? Should I really meet her? After what I did to her? Fuck, I hope she is not pregnant... I don't need any more problems, then again I do kind of need her for my master plan, " Drakos sinisterly smirks. He was becoming an Overlord of Sin.


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