Overlord of Sin
104 Apex Cultivation
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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104 Apex Cultivation

"You really think you can take me and mother on? I am not sure about Kara and Daenery, but against us, you won't stand a chance," Reza cracks her neck and punches her knuckles together. She gets in a deadly sexy combat stance. Reza was wearing brown leather gloves and a fur jacket with black combat boots with skin-tight leather pants that looked like a catsuit. Her plump luscious butt was popping out from her leather combat suit. Drakos bit his lip and his lust increased just by looking at his hot sister, she really was the most perfect woman he had ever seen in his life. No woman in his past world even compared to Reza and even his mother Katarina, these women were goddesses!

'I don't how much longer I can wait until I literally devour her body in lust! But I have contained myself and stay focused for the clan battle ahead. Also, a warrior must always have a sharp mind in battle,' Drakos shakes his head and slides his legs back in a kung-fu style stance.

"Hey! Are you actually saying you are stronger than me! That is such bullshit! You are just a goody two shoe knight!" Kara snarls and gritted her teeth as she gets in her older sister's face. They both get on each other nerves.

"Ironic how Reza thinks that Daenery is weak, but that is the total opposite, she is the destructive White Dragon after all,' Drakos looks at Reza butting-heads with Kara and both of them are growling ready to fight each other. Next to them was Daenery who was wearing a white jacket and tight sexy white pants as well as white boots, she looked like a snow goddess with alluring bright crimson eyes.

'Damn she looks good in everything she wears! Too many beautiful girls in this world!' Drakos respected and admired every girl around him right now, he knew that they would diffidently be very worthy followers of his clan, Drakos planned to resurrect the demon clan and create a powerful empire of his own. Even the Phoenix Queen be of use to him, however, he won't use all of them as pawns, he wanted the best for all of his women. But Drakos had a long journey ahead of him if he wanted to tame these powerful women before them, to make them his lovers would be quite the mission in itself.

"I will fight Drakos first!" Reza snarls as she pushes aside her younger sister Kara and walks towards Drakos in a seductive and fearsome way. Her slim hips sway back and forth, showing off her well-toned back dimples from the short revealing combat jacket she was wearing.

"How are you not cold?" Drakos asked Reza as he looks at her revealing combat jacket and massive melons.

'Oh now I know she is not cold, she is super thick and...' Drakos stares too long at his sister's young busty body.

"Y-you pervert! Stop staring at me like that!" Reza snarls and goes to punch Drakos in the face. She was angered that her brother was looking at her body in such a lewd way.

Drakos quickly blocks her punch with his elbow, 'Damn! Holy shit! Such force! If I was normal mortal my arm would be broken right now!' He actually slides back as his hold back Reza's punch, her punch was so powerful that Drakos was now gritting his teeth as he took the impact of his sister's punch.

"You really aren't holding back, I like that, guess that's why I respect you so much," Drakos smirked as he looks in the eyes with his golden godly eyes.

"Uh-uh!" Reza cutely blushed, her whole face was flustered and beet-red. She didn't know what to say to such words of praise by her own brother which she loved!

"You look so cute when you are angry," Drakos teases Reza.

"S-shut!" Reza unleashed the full power of her Phantasm, her scarlet eyes and hair started glowing, a spark of reddish mana starts explodes out from her body. She now turned from looking angelic and cute too fearsome and scary!

'What is this power!? This can't be? Don't tell she is an S-rank Knight!?' Drakos's eyes widened, he had never seen the full power of his older sister. 'I guess pissing her off paid off,' Drakos unleashes his Phantasm to its fullest potential as well, a storm of dark mana swirls around Drakos's body, shadows spin around his body like a twister. His Demon Phantasm was about to be seen by his family!

"W-what is the dark power!? You never had mana this powerful!?" Reza shouted as her eyes begin shaking.

"I told you not to hold back and so won't I. Now let's fight!" Drakos kicks his sister right in the stomach and sends her flying.

"GAAAAH!" Reza coughs out blood as she falls down to the snow.

'She may be a Rank higher than me, but her level is not higher than mine and my bloodline is way more different than hers,' Drakos stares down his sister with his demonic golden eyes, his white hair starts glowing.

"REZA!" Shouts Drakos's mother and Kara as they run over to her side to see if she was alright after Drakos's fierce punch.

"NO! Step aside, mother and sister! This is my fight!" Reza stands back up and spits out blood in a badass way.

"Now you really are going to get it brother!!!" Reza angrily screamed out.

"Good," was all Drakos said as punchs his knuckles together. He wanted to cultivate as much as he could every day, what better way than to battle his powerful sister. He wanted to see her 'true rank'. Or in this case her Final Rank. He would cultivate his Overlord System and his body to its apex!

Daenery glares over Drakos and sees his dark demonic power, 'That power it can't be!? The same darkness that destroyed my village,' Her crimson eyes start shaking with mixed emotions of rage and confusion. 'Don't tell it was him who was there that fateful day when I lost everything!' She gritted her draconic teeth, she didn't want to believe that the one human she loved could the one who destroyed her village, the Dragon Clan. Now things were getting heated.


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