Overlord of Sin
105 Apex Cultivation Pt.2
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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105 Apex Cultivation Pt.2

*THUMP! WHAM!SLAM!* The sounds of Reza and Drakos punching and kicking each other at insanely fast rate echoes across the snowy forest. They were moving faster than the speed of light! They were fighting so fast that they were teleporting just by running!

"They are so fast!" Kara gasped in awe like a cute wolf pup.

"Drakos you really have gotten stronger! but I never knew you were this fast! My eyes and body can barely keep with your movements!" Reza thundered out as does slide kick at Drakos's stomach.

"You are pretty fast too. I am impressed," Drakos a backflip and doges Reza's fierce sideways kick.

Reza's thick white thighs kick right through a tall forest tree breaking it in half!

*WHAM!CRACK!* Her well-toned thick thighs jiggled sexily with the force of her powerful kick.

'Holy shit if that was my head I would be dead! My skull bashed by my sister's feet!' Drakos's eyes widened as he was impressed by his older sister's' powerful kick.

"You are strong and beautiful at the same time," Drakos complimented her with a lighthearted smirk. He may be the overlord of sin, but to his family and everyone dear to him, he was like any other hero who wanted to protect his women. Well a Dark Hero that was since he didn't really spare anyone's life[Seron the witcher he killed at the academy trail and then he resurrected his body with his necromancer powers thus using his body for his Shadow Army!] 'Yeah I am no hero that is for sure,' Drakos reminded himself of all the people he killed and tortured. He sexually tortured the Phoenix Queen as well, but she was a nympho and enjoyed it, plus she kind of deserved it.

"Y-you think I am beautiful!?" Reza blushes again at her brother's words and lifts up her fist in a boxer's stance with her face fuming red. 'No one has ever called me beautiful!' She bites her lips and thinks about how kind Drakos was being to her, everyone viewed her as a powerful chivalrous knight rather than a young woman. Drakos thought of her as both!

"This fight will be with no weapons, we all going train our bodies first," Drakos cracked his neck, "Damn your punches and kicks really do hurt though. You take Beauty and Bronze to a whole nother level!" Drakos laughs to himself. Right now he was enjoying being with his family, elf maids, and Daenerys. His harem was slowly getting bigger!

" W-what's that's suppose to mean! Uggh! Forget it!" Reza unleashes the power of her Phantasm to its Apex Form. A tornado of swords made her reddish mana forms and spins her body in perfect unison. These swords were mostly knights swords made from the power of Reza's Phantasm.

"Hm I fighting with no weapons, but I forgot you have the power to summon multiple weapons at once! Your Phantasm oreally is something else," Drakos snaps his finger and summons his main Phantasm weapon [Storm Slayer] the giant battle-scythe ax forms on his right hand, a shroud of blackish mana spins around his entire body.

'Out of all the weapons I have in my Overlord System, [Storm Slayer] and my [Phantasm Gun] are my most powerful Phantasm Weapons,' Drakos directly at Reza, "I guess we will battle each with our Phantasm!" He thunders out as he slams down Storm Slayer in the snowy ground below.

The ground starts shaking and splits in half! "I told you I am going to hold back!" Drakos slashes Reza with Storm Slayer and she grabs one of her Phantasm Knight swords and blocks the insanely powerful demonic battle-ax!

"How did you get this powerful!? What is this power!" wReza legs slide back and her arms tremble from all the force and power of Drakos's attack.

"No talking. More fighting," Drakos glares at Reza with eyes of blood lust. He was done messing around, he was going to cultivate to the apex! Both of thier epic Phantasm clash!

"You two have really have grown up!" Katarina looks at her son and older daughter proudly with a motherly smile.

'I just hope you are safe Logan. We will find you and make those bastards pay for capturing you! You are the leader of the Hell Wolf Clan I know you can fight, you won't let anything stop you. Soon Drakos will be next in line to be the king of the Hell Wolf clan,' I want you to see him grow up and get stronger!' Katarina dearly holds her heart as she sees Drakos and Reza fight. The real cultivation begins.


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    《Overlord of Sin》