Overlord of Sin
112 Overlord of Sin reboot tomorrow! + HUGE PA TREON DEAL TODAY!
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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112 Overlord of Sin reboot tomorrow! + HUGE PA TREON DEAL TODAY!

Overlord of Sin will be rebooted/remastered tomorrow! Its coming back! More edited and with added bits in each chapter! It will be posted on this same account so everyone can find it![DarknessZ] But join my pa treon if you want to read on ahead [20 advanced chapters already up and more coming daily advanced chapters!

ALSO NETORI SYSTEM GOT REBOOTED! HERE IS LINK:https:///book/netori-system_18189386705628305

Anyways Overlord of Sin will finish on my pa treon your donation will help me actually create my first R-18 manga for Overlord of Sin I will hire artist to write down R-18 scenes and action fights!

PA TREON LINK: https://ww w.pa treon.com/ghostybones

Anyways the starting price is now $5! BUT I SUGGEST THE $7 AND $10 to read on and finish this novel on my pa treon! This novel will finish at chapter 200! So you get about 60 plus advanced chapters! HIGHER TIERS WILL GIVE YOU MORE ADVANCED CHAPTERS AND THERE IS ALREADY A LOT OF R-18 SMUT CHAPTERS UP! CURRENTLY I AM WRITING A FOURSOME MILF SEX CHAPTER ON PA TREON! SO JOIN TO READ!

That means you get daily advanced chapters! There are already like 8 R-18 chapters up on my pa treon hurry and join it will be worth it since you can also read advanced chapters for my other R-18 novels like Netori System and Hentai God System!

The $10 is the best tier as it can get you 30 advanced chapters! There are already 15 advanced chapters up!

Just $10 to read on ahead.

Also you can go for $5 tier but that will get you less chapters.


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