Part Wolf
59 Chapter 59: Resisting desire
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Part Wolf
Author :obsessedWithWolves
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59 Chapter 59: Resisting desire

Zack's POV

When he had woken up an hour ago, he was lying on the cold floor along with a very tired looking Elize near a pool. Her eyes were almost closing when the slightest movement of his arm woke her up. She rubbed her eyes and looked at him with a relieved expression.

"Are you awake?" She had asked.

"Hmm. Where are we?" He remembered asking.

"Good. Now let me sleep." She replied, ignoring his question.

Without waiting for his opinion, she dozed off, using his arm as a pillow. It was with much effort that he carried her in his arms without waking her up towards what seemed like a connecting room. Upon entering it, he was stunned for a moment as his gaze landed on the strange white rocks that emanated a pale warm glow. He stood there awestruck at the pristine architecture that surrounded them.

"What is this place?" Zack mused aloud.

That was when the sound of flowing water caught his attention. As he looked towards the direction of the sound, he spotted a wide corridor. Zack's brows shot up in confusion. The last thing he remembered was lying down on the bank of the stream as a sort of heaviness settled on him. He remembered the pain from his torso as he clutched on to Elize's hands tightly. Strangely he hadn't felt any pain after waking up. Upon feeling around earlier, he hadn't been able to find even a trace of the wound. Self healing was one of the advantages of being a werewolf. But he was sure that even his fast healing mechanism wouldn't have been able to heal such a deep wound in that short of a time.

"Mm don't go.." Elize murmured.

Zack looked down at the troubled face of his mate. Her chest was slowly rising up and down peacefully. She was certainly sleeping. Was she sleep talking then? He thought with a smile. Elize moaned, her brows creasing at the same time. His heart went out to the beautiful creature lying in his arms. She looked so beautiful, lying in his arms. Her hands suddenly went around his neck, clutching tightly as she snuggled closer. Zack knew that he had to find some place warm for to lay her down. She would be shivering with cold in a while, especially with her hair as wet as it was. He looked around the place, scanning for a cozy corner.

His eyes had landed on a wide horizontal slab of stone which was decorated with a cozy looking cover. Relieved at finding perfect spot, he lowered her body onto it, covering it with the perfectly white furry blanket. As soon as she was put down, he tried to detach himself from her but to no avail. Elize had a hand firmly wrapped around his neck which she was unwilling to let go even in her sleep. He had no other choice than to lie down with her. It was only after his mind cleared from the initial shock of waking up at a strange place that he understood his mistake. Hence from the past one hour he was going through self inflicted torture.

"Mmm don't go.." a sweet voice muttered beside him.

Zack chuckled at the sight of his mate sleep talking. Her beautiful face was crunched in an annoyed expression. Her wet lips were pursed together like a little child. He couldn't help but smile at the innocence on her face.

"Shhh I'm right here." He whispered into her ear.

Under his coaxing hands, the creases on her forehead flattened. Her face finally rested in a peaceful expression as his warm finger tips caressed the contours of her brows. With a content sigh Elize snuggled closer to his chest, smiling in her sleep. Without a warning, her right leg pushed in between his, sending an uncontrollable feeling of desire into his system. Zack bit down on his lower lip, trying hard not to moan from the pleasure waves traveling towards his core. His member was throbbing with pain from being erect since the past hour, ever since he was awake.

Her scent was already driving him mad, it had somehow changed to a maddeningly persistent allure ever since the day the witches had cast the spell on her in the pack house. For some reason, he wasn't able to control his urges even while being conscious of it. Her naked body rubbing against his, even in sleep was making the situation worse.

Zack didn't dare to move from his position in the fear of waking her up. His throbbing member pushed against her abdomen, slightly wetting her skin with his pre cum. Elize slept soundly without a bother, as if the hardness straining against her wasn't there at all. Her bare breasts rubbed against his chest, grazing against his smooth skin, sending intense pleasure waves down his spine. Zack's teeth elongated, cutting his lips as his wolf tried to push through unable to resist the temptation. The metallic taste of blood filled his mouth as he forced his instincts to back down.

Despite the pain, he held on, wrapping his arms around her in a warm embrace. The deep dark circles under her eyes was already starting to fade. She had been talking in her sleep for a long time now. As she had settled herself into a deep sleep, he didn't want to do anything that would disturb it. Zack licked the ends of his sharp protruded teeth, focusing on the pain to distract himself. Seeing as how less of a help it was, he looked around the room for the hundredth time.

Suddenly, Elize's leg fell off of his body, detaching herself from him. Zack sighed, relieved at the respite. He slowly got up from the surface, careful not to disturb her slumber. Drawing the blanket over her shoulders, he inched across the room. Seeing that he was a safe distance from the huge slab, he finally let out a muffled cry clutching his member in his hand. He looked down at the pitiable thing, almost turning purple with all its liquid held in. He needed some sort of relief. Looking around, his gaze landed on the pool in the adjacent room. His eyes lit up as he realized the one source of cold that could deflate the rock hard protrusion between his legs.

Zack hurried over to the water body and peeked into it. A soft white glow was emanating from it. Knowing that he had no other choice, he slowly stepped into the water, pushing aside his doubts. As he lowered himself into the pool a strange warmth enveloped him, easing his pain. He rubbed at his hardened member with relief. He could already feel the blood flow returning to normal. He leaned back on to the steps as relief flooded his system. Although the water was not cold, it was working wonders on him. The warmth of the water was slowly getting to him, for some strange reason it felt like it was the perfect place for him to drown himself inside his mate. Images of his naked mate flashed in his mind. Zack moaned, unable to hold himself in.

"You look so good touching yourself like that." A sweet voice whispered into his ears.

Zack turned around, startled. Elize stood at the edge of the pool, a seductive smile on her face.


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