Percy and Nova Jackson and the Lightning Thief
1 Chapter 1 - Field Trips and Visions - Part 1
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Percy and Nova Jackson and the Lightning Thief
Author :Tana365
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1 Chapter 1 - Field Trips and Visions - Part 1

It was a long day for Nova Jackson and her brother Percy. They were on the school bus on the way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Nancy Bobofit, a bully, was throwing pieces of peanut butter ketchup sandwiches at Nova and Percy's best friend Grover and making fun of him. Grover is a small lanky kid who walks with an obvious limp, due to a muscle malformation, or so he says for Nova can tell that he is something more.

POV - Nova

I am siting on the bus next to my brother Percy with Grover to the other side of him. I can tell that my brother is getting irritated at Nancy throwing her food at Grover. All of a sudden, but not surprisingly, Percy jumps up and tells Nancy to stop. Grover pulls him down and says " It's okay. I like peanut butter." I reply with " It still doesn't give her an excuse to throw it at you." I am starting to get irritated too. Thankfully, we arrive at the museum before it can get too out of hand. When we exit the bus I look up to see the sky covered with heavy clouds. All of a sudden I'm hit with a vision.

I'm standing in a large room with a hearth at the center. Surrounding the hearth are twelve thrones. I am standing alone in front of the middle throne that looks like it is owned by the leader of the group. I get the feeling that some thing is missing from the main throne. Once I realize this, I'm hit with the scent of on coming rain and ozone and my vision shifts to a thunder storm. It is raining heavily and I can hear thunder but can't see any lightning. I hear an ethereal voice say "Find what is stolen and see to it to return, your friend Grover will help."

POV - Percy

I've been having a bad day. First, I'm put on probation for yelling at a teacher, then we go on a field trip where Mrs. Dodds is a chaperone. I swear Mrs. Dodds has it in for me and my sister. And then Nancy is throwing bits of her sandwich at my best friend Grover. I start getting really annoyed at her and the fact that no one is doing anything. I start standing up to confront Nancy when Grover pulls me down and says "It's okay. I like peanut butter." My sister, who has been quiet the whole time says, "It still doesn't give her an excuse to throw it at you." I can't help but to agree internally, but I don't say anything.

We finally arrive at the museum and I step out after Grover. I turn around to see my sister looking up at the sky when her eyes go strangely blank. I know that when this happens she is seeing a vision. It has happened several times before, particularly right before something weird happens. Nova confided in me that she is a seer and can sometimes see hints about the future. After she told me this she made me promise not to tell anyone without her permission, though our mom also knows. I walk over to her and ask, "What did you see this time?" "I'm not exactly sure but I know one thing, we need to tell Grover," Nova replies. I ask, "Tell him what?" "About my Visions, silly." "Oh." I say, feeling a bit embarrassed.
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