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The producer was briefly startled. He reckoned Jiang Yanran had probably dragged a friend over in a rush to help her discuss her contract because she wasn't signed with a company and didn't have a manager.

It was a bit of a taboo for artists to discuss their own resources and contracts in the entertainment industry, so Jiang Yanran couldn't negotiate her price or terms.

However, wasn't it too rash of her to get such a young girl to discuss this?

This was why he hadn't wanted to cast fresh new talent. The negotiating part would be too troublesome.

He had no alternative though. Director Peng uneasily relented and chose a female lead who satisfied him, and they could finally start shooting after waiting for more than half a year. Everyone nearly cried from how joyful they were. He had to progress with the discussion regardless of how troublesome it was.

The producer couldn't help but suggest, "Miss Jiang, I suggest you decide for yourself so that things go faster."

He would rather directly discuss it with Jiang Yanran instead of discussing it with someone inexperienced. It would save him the trouble of having a three-person negotiation.

Jiang Yanran shook her head and said determinedly, "I don't understand these matters. You can just talk with my friend. I'll listen to her completely!"

Ye Wanwan couldn't help chuckling. Wasn't this child too honest? Wasn't this child afraid she would sell her out?

Ye Wanwan could understand the producer's concern. She simply looked too young, so he didn't consider her reliable.

The main point was that she didn't expect the director and crew to make a decision so quickly and wanted to discuss the contract on the spot, so she had no choice but to represent Jiang Yanran with this identity. "Yanran just finished her exams, and it happens to be summer vacation now, so Yanran can enter the film crew at any time and will have enough time to shoot the film. Neither you nor the director have to worry about this. As for the compensation, it will be in accordance with standard practices. Yanran is still a newbie, after all, so we won't demand an exorbitant price. However…"

Ye Wanwan swiftly stated all the problems clearly and distinctly then listed all the questions they wanted to be answered on their side. The producer became more and more surprised as he listened to her.

This… this level of negotiation, experience, and comprehension of insider information—how did a student accomplish it?

A moment later, the producer had a drastically different expression as he looked at Ye Wanwan. "Miss Ye, may I boldly ask how old you are?"

"I'm a first-year student at Imperial Media University," Ye Wanwan answered.

Although she would get her diploma today, she still hadn't obtained it yet.

"Miss Ye is truly fearsome. How are you so knowledgeable about the industry?" Producer Wang couldn't help but ask.

"I'm interning at Age of the Immortals, so I am somewhat acquainted with this information," Ye Wanwan offhandedly replied before turning to Jiang Yanran. "Did you hear what we discussed just now? Bring up any problems you have right now so we can discuss them as soon as possible."

Jiang Yanran's gaze at Ye Wanwan was brimming with admiration. "I don't, I don't! Your decisions will do!"

She was in utter disbelief that her idol was discussing her contract for her! How could she have any problems?!

And so, with extreme efficiency, Ye Wanwan managed to settle the majority of the contract and the shooting time with the crew on the spot.

As Peng Yuanhu looked at the contract that the producer handed him, his furrowed brows finally eased. "I can finally shoot this film while I'm alive…"

"That's right, Director Peng! Congratulations!" Everyone else was also very excited.

Peng Yuanhu walked over to Jiang Yanran. "Miss Jiang, I'm very happy to see outstanding new talent like you and am also very glad that you participated in the audition today! I hope we can work well together!"

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