Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet
1332 Life’s like a play and completely relies on one“s acting skills
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Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet
Author :Jiong Jiong You Yao
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1332 Life’s like a play and completely relies on one“s acting skills

Big Dipper thought for a moment before sincerely saying, "Sis Feng, I heard that the Martial Arts Union is about to make trouble for you."

"Oh?" Ye Wanwan was startled. She didn't do anything—why would the Martial Arts Union come to make trouble for her?

"We don't know why yet… But getting the Martial Arts Union's attention definitely isn't good… The rules of the Independent State prohibit the entry of outsiders. If you take in those people, I'm afraid it won't end well," Big Dipper replied.

Ye Wanwan naturally knew the Independent State's rules, but didn't Bro Flattop of the Fearless Alliance always ignore the rules?

"Also… Sis Feng, those six people might be decent in the outside world… But they're trash in the Independent State… especially our Fearless Alliance. What can they do? They're a waste of rice!" Big Dipper kept trying to persuade Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan didn't refute Big Dipper's words.

It wasn't until arriving in the Independent State that Ye Wanwan truly understood the saying: "However strong you are, there's always someone stronger."

For example, Liuying was the head captain of the Si family's hidden guards in China, so he was quite capable. But that was only in China; his strength was utterly insignificant in the Independent State.

"Take your leave first and let them enter," Ye Wanwan told Big Dipper.

"Hold on… Sis Feng, there's something else. Wen Ziran is about to come back…" Big Dipper said hesitantly.

"Wen Ziran…" Surprise rose in Ye Wanwan's heart.

After entering the Fearless Alliance, Ye Wanwan crammed information about all of Bro Flattop's interpersonal relationships, so she had heard about Wen Ziran.

Wen Ziran was Bro Flattop's sworn elder brother…

Rumors said he was an utter lunatic and degenerate. His ill reputation rang far in the Independent State.

Based on Ye Wanwan's understanding, Wen Ziran and Bro Flattop, Bai Feng, had an extremely good relationship and were close like a biological brother and sister. After Bro Flattop went missing, he caused a series of commotions but didn't obtain any information about Bro Flattop.

"I got it." Ye Wanwan nodded.

Another person greatly familiar with Bro Flattop and also someone not to be trifled with…

Ye Wanwan sighed inwardly. Life was really like a play and completely relied on one's acting skills. If this continued, she would get an Oscar soon!

Now though, she could only think of an impromptu solution whenever a challenge arose. No matter who Wen Ziren was, she had no choice but to keep acting.

Shortly after, Big Dipper turned around and left the office.

A moment later, the five-member mercenary group and Liuying slowly entered the office.

"Lock the door." Ye Wanwan told Bearded Man.

Bearded Man quickly locked the office's door from the inside.

"Master… what's going on?" Little Lolita looked at Ye Wanwan with confusion written all over her face.

Why did Master pretend to be unfamiliar with us earlier… Also, how did Master turn into the president of the Fearless Alliance?

"Let me ask you first," Ye Wanwan asked the mercenary group, "How did you come to the Independent State and how did you know I was in the Fearless Alliance?"

"Uh… Emperor Ji told us," Little Lolita answered honestly.

"Ji Xiuran?" Ye Wanwan was startled by Little Lolita's answer.

"We were brought here by Emperor Ji's people from China…" Old Jiang explained.

"Emperor Ji also told us… you were in the Fearless Alliance, Master, so we came here," Little Lolita said.

Ye Wanwan frowned deeply as she sunk into contemplation.
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