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Currently, the guests nearby might appear to be bustling with conversation, but in reality, every single pair of eyes had drifted toward them. Lin Que and Yu Shao were standing fairly close and didn't dare to even breathe too loudly as they watched the pair in a standstill with their swords drawn.

Qin Xiyuan was originally suspicious due to Yi Yunmo's looks but became uncertain when she saw Si Yehan's attitude.

The more Lin Que mulled over it, the more dismayed he became. However, he seriously couldn't think of a solution, so he hid to the side and lit a cigarette, spitting out a billow of smoke.

The smoke followed the wind and happened to float toward Si Yehan.

Ye Wanwan was waiting for Si Yehan's response, but her gaze shot toward Lin Que like a blade as she said, "The cigarette, snuff it out."

Lin Que was dumbfounded, the cigarette between his lips. "Eh… huh?"

Ye Wanwan extended her hand to wave away the wisp of smoke in front of Si Yehan before repeating, "Snuff out the cigarette."

Lin Que looked at Ye Wanwan and looked at Si Yehan before finally realizing what she meant. He didn't say anything, but complaints overflowed inside.

Are you for real? Ninth Brother is a man, so do you need to fuss over nothing when he's inhaling a little smoke?

Lin Que resentfully glanced at his Ninth Brother before obediently putting out his cigarette.

Si Yehan naturally saw Lin Que's resentful gaze but didn't reveal anything in his expression. His finger lightly tapped against the glass surface of the bar, his unfathomable, starry eyes silently staring at the girl.

Ye Wanwan said, "Director Si, this way."

She extended her arm toward Si Yehan.

Si Yehan glanced at the girl's soft and delicate palm before slowly standing up and enveloping her small hand with his bigger hand.

Accompanied by the melodious sound of the violin, the two of them stepped onto the dance floor.

On the dance floor, everyone subconsciously stopped their steps and retreated to the side.

These two people were seriously too dazzling. Their motions and steps as they danced clearly appeared nonchalant, but they matched so well that they resembled a passionately-in-love couple.

As everyone was amazed over this, they reflexively peered at Qin Xiyuan and Yin Heng.

People were originally amazed over this golden couple. Now, when they were compared to the couple on the dance floor, they became nothing.

"Tsk tsk, impressive! As expected, it's Eldest Young Master Si who's more impressive…"

"I admit defeat! So in other words, Qin Xiyuan was really lying, right?"

"Say, do you think Eldest Miss got together with Yin Heng because she was rejected and was shamed into anger?"

"Most likely! Where does Yin Heng have the capability? He was nothing but a manager after being in the Yin family for so many years? With that smidge of abilities he has, he can only pick up what Si Yehan doesn't want!"

As the words around them turned more and more unpleasant, the more Qin Xiyuan found Yin Heng found displeasing. She shoved him away and stomped away angrily in her high heels.

She originally got together with Yin Heng to make Si Yehan regret it and humiliate him. Who would've expected the President's daughter to take a fancy to him and cause her to turn into a joke?

Yin Heng staggered from the push, but his eyes remained intently glued to the couple on the dance floor, his expression abnormally dark.

How great an honor it was to obtain the favor of Vice President Qin's daughter? But now, all the honor had turned into humiliation, and he became a clown from the comparison.

On the dance floor, Si Yehan had one hand laid over the girl's hand while his other hand was around her waist but he didn't actually touch her. He was a rather proper gentleman.

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