Please Remember Me
26 Chapter 25
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Please Remember Me
Author :Vainerd
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26 Chapter 25

"Wait a second..." She said. "You say married... Really?"

"I know it's anticlimactic, but still... Will you marry me?"

"...How could I say no to that..."

"Then it's set."

She look at me weirdly, and burst out laughing. "Hahaha!"

I just smile from looking how cheerful she is.


We held the wedding at a hall near the hospital, in case something happens to her. luckily, that's not the case. Our parents were there at the wedding. including Gwen.

During the wedding party, everyone were searching for me because I ran outside. I do that because I'm really not good with crowds that much. The night is really beautiful. The moonlight are shining brightly. Under the shine, there's a beautiful young woman. That's when I realised that is Gwen.

"Gwen!" I call out her name, as she just stare at the moon from a bench, not so far from the hall's main door.

"Hey there." She said. It's weird because she always seems cheerful, but not tonight.

I sit beside her. We just stare at the moon together without a word. "The moon is beautiful, right?" She said.

"Yes, it is..."

"... So you're married..."

She look down. She tried to cover her face, but I can see her crying. "I'm sorry... I'm sorry... I'm not supposed to be like this... I know it... It just... My tears, It won't stop..."

I put my arm around her shoulder, sharing my warmth with her. "It's okay Gwen. I understand." I whispered to her ear.

"Don't do this... It'll make me fall in love with you more..."

"I can't just let my sister cry right?"

"I'm finally lose to her, huh? I know it'll happen, it just when it happened... It's really hurt..."

We stay like that for some minutes.


Then, we enter the hall together. Gwen said she want to eat to her heart's content. I just could smirk on that. She go her own ways while smiling. I walk around some more and then I found my old friend. He's half American and Germanic.

"Hey Adam, long time no see."


"What's that? are you not happy to see me here?"

"Well it's just..."

"Oh! don't worry. I'm not into her anymore. I have my own wife here. Soon, I will be dad, you know?"

"Wow. Congrats! It's must be good right to be a dad?"

"Not at all! I'm scared to death, thinking about how to raise my child, what he or she need, all that stuff made me had a headache."

"Haha... I'm sure you will be a good dad."

"Thanks...That made me calm... I guess... Anyway, may you have a good life together until death apart you both."


If that's the case, then we will be apart soon.

Then I see Ana waving and calling me.

"Go, Don't make your bride waiting."

When I arrived in front of her, she ask,

"Hey, what both of you talk about?"

"Nothing. just about life." I look at her straight in the eyes. "Ana..." I added. "I'll always love you. Not even death can tear us apart."
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